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Septoe 21. 
In need, solidarity becomes liquidarity even gasidarity.


When Cold Fusion has appeared it was very soon seen it is heretic science and it is, in principle, a danger to the hungriest money eater Dragon, Hot Fusion.
THEY have tried to kill it fast. THEY is difficult to define and during 27 years plus, it has changed many times, what remained constant is the deadly hostility against the dream of Fleischmann and Pons- a powerful source of energy seemingly nuclear working in accessible conditions.
Cold Fusion, PdD a la founders has miraculously survived because it indeed works- even if not a manageable way and many heroes made great sacrifices to prove it- and, paradoxically due to a virtue of it that, in Orwellian Newspeak would sound as 
"Weakness is strength". Who will use great forces to kill an energy source that peaks at 1, 10 or 100 Watts and cannot be considered a battery?
Things have changed in 2011 when Rossi came with claim of having invented an energy source generating kWatts of energy. The enemies were more aggressive and even organizations aiming to stop or shutdown Rossi were created- and this in the condition of to a total  absolute denial of the fact that his generators work, no, they do not give even traces of excess energy and everything is just some magical techno-trick. However it is incredible Rossi has survived despite the nothingness of the E-catsand continues to claim that his E-Cats are working.
Just now a wonderful opportunity has appeared to shutdown Rossi his dispute with Industrial Heat that after 3 years of collaboration has suddenly declared the E-Cats ar good for nothing, The issue is revolving around a 352 days test of Rossi- and goes efirst to the Court. THEY- now including LENR purists and anti-technologists, a fine 5-th column in the LENR community are trying to organize a LENRDammerung- twilight of Rossi LENR. I hope Rossi's technology will survive and due to its strengths, not its weaknesses as it happened in the first years. 
A question to you: what will remain from LENR, if THEY succeed ? How will look the Brave New Rossi-less LENR world? (to be continued)


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  1. Peter
    I hope the Judge has learned something
    about the Ecat so they can direct the Jury.
    Or they might start going mad trying to
    sort it all out.

  2. Dear Peter,
    with the acronym LENRDammerung you think at "Twilight of the Gods (Richard Wagner)". For LENR especially the e-CAT that composition "Also sprach Zarathustra (Strauss)" fits better:
    1. Einleitung, oder Sonnenaufgang (Introduction, or Sunrise)
    2. Von den Hinterweltlern (Of Those in Backwaters)
    3. Von der großen Sehnsucht (Of the Great Longing)
    4. Von den Freuden und Leidenschaften (Of Joys and Passions)
    5. Das Grablied (The Song of the Grave)
    6. Von der Wissenschaft (Of Science and Learning)
    7. Der Genesende (The Convalescent)
    8. Das Tanzlied (The Dance Song)
    9. Nachtwandlerlied (Song of the Night Wanderer)

    Thx for your work.