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Inside crimes against scientific and technological progress are less effective than outside crimes- as outside crimes political or spiritual ones.
What will be the verdict of the History of Science for the savage oppressors of Cold Fusion- from the first 3 years after the Press Conference?
When the E-Cats will be on the market, will those who asked to shut-down-Rossi punished in any way?
Things are too fluid and ambiguous in science, the worst things are done in the name of some form of idealism, structural or functional petrified reactionarism is everywhere, not only good and evil but truth and lie are Siamese Twins Gary Wright
will brag to the neighbors with his newest E-Cat Model 11saying its in part his merit that it is so clean.


1) The Cold Fusion Horizon


 2) From Rossi's Blog

April 4, 2016 at 1:43 PM


Will the report be first released as:

A) A Press Release
B) A Journal of Nuclear Physics Publication
C) both A and B
D) by another method

Andrea Rossi
April 4, 2016 at 6:54 PM

This will have to be decided by all the involved parties.
Warm Regards,

3) Industrial civilisation won’t be able to wean itself off fossil fuels painlessly
Written by Contributor, Apr 4, 2016

4) Exposing Defkalion Version of Rossi E-Cat:

6) Now on the LENR Forum:

Professor Sveinn Olafsson of Iceland has shared this presentation of his and Professor Leif Homlid’s work with Rydberg hydrogen and ‘cold fusion’.
7) On the LENR Forum:
Will the Cold Fusion energy become a reality before the end of 2020?

8) Market Analyst: Saudi Arabia may Invest in LENR


( on vortex) a Cold Fusion story

Kevin Young
Just an interesting tidbit to add: When Pons and Fleischmann made their announcement, I was a 17-yr old high school student in Salt Lake City. With a strong interest in chemistry, I followed their demise but felt that they were being dismissed as much by envy as by real results–if it had taken them years of effort to produce their results, why should a physics lab be able to dismiss it in a few week’s time? I looked up Stanley Pons in the phone book and noticed he lived only a few blocks from me, so one day I walked over and knocked on his door. What came next surprised me–I saw a man who was truly afraid. He looked like his mind was racing and he was confused and frightened. He said he had been receiving death threats, and threats on the lives of his children. “I have to leave the country!” he said. He could not confirm it, but suspected the death threats were tied to oil companies. He talked a bit of his research and said yes, they had several units that had been producing excess heat, “but I have to leave!” And he left shortly after–disappeared basically. 
I have been keeping “one eye open” on LENR research ever since–my brief encounter with Pons left me convinced they had something real. I think Brillouin Energy Corporation will be the group to deliver something that runs long enough and reliably enough to show the world. I don’t know how much active suppression there has been compared to simple skepticism, but hopefully we will soon have the paradigm shift that we have been waiting for.

OTHER:  Link to Holmlid's presentation sent by AXIL, the same as 6) :

Solar energy
Blinded by the light
Two big potential bankruptcies cast a shadow over the solar landscape

Thanks to Ron Kita:
New state of matter detected in a two dimensional material


How to Build a Passionate Company


  1. When A.R becomes rich it would be good
    of him to give Pons the 100000 that F&P
    invested from there own money for the
    CF. research.

  2. Maybe Gary Wright got caught up in the system.Here is a comment from EcatWorld.

    Yes, exactly so. This is going come as colossal shock to our collective "mindset." That such a technology is even possible when we were told the opposite for so many decades. I come from mainstream academics, sociology, and I can tell you the pressure to "tow the party line" there is intense. If you were to pursue such a topic as Cold Fusion in the hard sciences you'd be told that it would jeopardize your career. You would told by your mentor that It's a dead-end topic and you'd never make it to a tenured position. And you do want tenure, don't you? It's a type of mental blackmail: real control over your imagination and creativity.
    But then you have to wonder how Bob
    Greenyer did not.

  3. A fair amount of paranoia in play, I can see.

  4. Mr Gluck:

    According to LENR/Rossi supporters, in a few days/weeks/months the announcement of the possitive e-cat results and the following commercialization will start a revolution in Human Society.

    According to "skeptopaths" like Gary Wright, Rossi will stand for the next years in a continuous R&D stage, making new claims one after another, because it's the best way of getting funded.

    Following the last 5 years of E-cat saga, What would a impartial person expect to happen in the next two years? How many "Warm Regards" from Rossi are still left until the Energy Revolution is unleashed?

    If you don't mind, in 6th of April 2017 I will make again this question to you.

    1. Dear Francisco,
      I like the question and with your kind permission I will answer in the Editorial of tomorrow(if nothing specuial happens)