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"-You will never be an expert, Harry! You are unable to say sincerely "I don't know!"and not a word more. Real experts have more words for "I dunno" than Eskimos for snow and Tuaregs for sand!" (from Arthur Miller's unwritten play "The Silence of a LENR expert")

LENR-land: what is more characteristic for you, the outer war between believers and deniers, or the inner battles between knowers and learners?

But. let's start my New Year's arrival discourse- short:

I predict that there will be many interesting, important, positive LENR and LENR+ discoveries, achievements, failures and triumphs next year and I will do my best to 
tell you what I think about them- inviting you to think freely, independently, in your own way- the same things!However if you think differently- this creates good reasons to communicate. My main bet: LENR will prevail on more scientific technological fronts. 

This is not more festive- I hope LENR will become reasonable and will stepwise cease to patronize and teach LENR+. Size matters, you cannot study the anatomy of elephant using mice as model. And there are more species in the zoo of LENR.

Found today Russian journal enthusiastically greets the victory of Alexander Parkhomov: (author Nikolai Filipiev)

Victory! Rossi's LENR process was reproduced by Alexander Parkhomov! Everything was confirmed. It is possible! (December 26)
Yesterday I celebrated a victory. Not my victory. The winner is Parrkhomov,Alexander Georgevich. He and his experimental set-up have reproduced completely the LENR process of Rossi and thus have established the possibility to repeat this experiment in any good quality laboratory of physics,
The achievement was presented at the seminary of N.V. Samsonenko at the Russian University of the People's friendship and commented by Yu. N. Bazhutov one active participant and author of the method of measuring the energy released in the process.
With the permission of the author his paper is published in this journal (the Russian one)
without comments first.

A gate has open for to study Parkhomov's publication and to communicate in the future.
His paper- for example: 
"Cold nuclear transmutation, strange results and attempts to explain them."  contains some new ideas. You could try with Google Translate the last part- "Cold transmutations without nuclear reactions" Sorry, this year I have no more time for it.
A good global vision of the recent evolutions, good for reinforcing your memory....

Atom-Ecology has found a realistic analogy for the first Parkhomov experiment:

MFMP trials to reproduce Lugano Hot Cat- simply captivating:
It's just a new start!

Lewis Larsen's aesthetical slides:


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LENR INFO FOR December 30, 2014


The first step is the hardest. (Marie De Vichy-Chamrond)

An expert technology project manager well knows that the next steps have to be labeled: 1a, 1b, 1c...1n and so on...)

True for LENR too... Let's do the first step(s)!

Shadow of events

Sensationalism was one of the invited fairies at the birth of Cold Fusion, and this is not so bad as many believe. To do regular science with wet PdD is an ordeal, you must be very deeply motivated to continue with bad reproducibility due to reasons you do not understand. As the following document shows, cold fusion attracts attention only when it is spectacular, in a sense or other. In 2014 the Lugano experiment and Bill Gates's visit at ENEA- have "done it":

8 clean-energy stories that brightened our world in 2014     

1. Power output of potential cold fusion reactor baffles scientists

2. Bill Gates investigates cold fusion

As far I know, Bill Gates has donated a totally unknown  sum of money to ENEA  and we will not know this earlier than ICCF-19. What was done with this money, we will know perhaps at ICCF-20 (Japan, I guess). I would better invest in the MFMP group- hope to get some money in 2015 by selling an 120 years old house.

Parkhomov's method must go viral!

By the way, I had a great Russian night today, listening at the Shalyapin Festival - at MEZZO TV- from the Opera of Kazan- really highest class opera singers, an enchantment.
Being LENR focused, in meantime I have imagined how the Parkhomov set-up will be tested
worldwide- and at the sad arias as:
I became worried due to the risks- safety first again!

The author has sent to ECat World a detailed  granulometric analysis of the nickel powder used in the test- micrometric not nanometric, he has a fine instrument for this.

Nickel Grain Analysis from Alexander Parkhomov

Obviously, Mike Ivanov has designed the action in more detail than  me:             Hot Cat – Do It Yourself Suggestions (Mike Ivanov)

Years end Rossi interview
Vessela Nikolova publishes and exclusive interview with Andrea Rossi:
Well done, professional report- read it please!

 16) What do you think of the replication of the ‘Rossi Effect’ made with a calorimetric system by the Russian scientist Alexander Parkhomov?
“It is possible that, with the data published by the Third Independent Party in the Lugano Report, a replication of the effect is made. I do not know the particulars, therefore I cannot comment; but, if true, congratulations to the Russian Scientist”.
Rossi seems to believe that standard physics will explain LENR, I believe it is not so, hopefully 2015 will bring an answer.
Coincidence: yesterday I wrote about LEAN LENR RESEARCH and today Tanmay Vora who has inspired me many time, for example with VUCA- announces:
Book Announcement: Implementing Lean Six Sigma in 30 Days  I have stated many times that Management is one of the main sources of the modern, realist and pragmatic philosophy

To think about this (parents, grandparents):

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"Everything should be as simple as it can be, but not simpler.” (Albert Einstein)
(Actually, for research, 'simple' has to be understood as 'economical', effective-efficient.)

If the Lugano experiment is for real, then it was invented  a form of LENR some 20000 times (and more!) powerful (or dense)  than the initial form of LENR discovered by Fleischmann and Pons. disturbing is this word in this context! There are few experts in measuring heat

around 1000C and the Lugano team has used a method that seems too tricky and complex tp deliver certainty. The Swedish-Italian team seems to have acquired Rossi's bad habit to do and to not do things (the good ones) in the same time. They have refused a dialogue about the essential questions, have promised to answer in the scientific literature but till now this did not happen. They seems to be made KO, cognitively by the isotopic shifts probably seen as a practical joke of Mother Nature.
The spearhead of LENR research, the bold MFMP group diligently prepares a as-close-as possible-reproduction of the Lugano experiment - however they are aware of the possible bad effects of many known and unknown unknowns.

Surprise! The Parkhomov experiment came with a strong "Deus ex machina" effect- and is not seeking total reproduction. On the contrary, beyond the basic cell, Parkhomov shows us a fine example of inventive " lateral thinking"in reproduction- or because he is Russian, TRIZ thinking- see please:

Translation of the Parkhomov paper 

Google Translate did it well, I tried to do it fast but for me e-mails have priority I am living in the present- anyway, Stoyan Sarg made a perfect complete translation (Lugano part 10 pages or slides + original part 9 pages/slides). Yesterday the author has sent his own translation to E-Cat World:

Alexander Parkhomov Provides English Translation of his ‘Hot Cat’ Report, Comments

He has started a FAQ- answered some natural questions

NOTE: I have not translated the part about the Lugano experiment but this shows how well Parkhomov understands the experiment- it is my duty to offer you the following in English:

"One gram of lithium-aluminum hydride delivers 0.105 g hydrogen (or 1.7 liters at normal air pressure)

If the internal diameter of the fuel cylinder is about 2 mm, the volume is about 2 mL. Then 100 mg of lithium-aluminum hydride deliver about 100 mL at normal conditions (air and temperature). If this 100 mL are compressed to 2 mL, the pressure rises to 50 atmospheres. Additional rise in pressure contributed by the heat. For this reason the pressure of the Rossi’s sealed reactor may reach about 100 atmospheres. At the temperature of working Rossi’s reactor the nickel mixed with the liquefied aluminum and the hydrogen in fact appears in the gas environment of lithium and hydrogen. The residual air reacting with the hydrogen, lithium and aluminum in fact makes a small quantity of nitrogen, ammonia, nitric oxide and oxides of lithium and aluminum."
Small, but hellishly complex and! Anything can happen there, but as the analyses of ash show, even more happens, and we have to find out what. Parkhomov has increased the degree of the certainty of a huge release of energy.

What is the significance of the Parkhomov experiment?

a) At the surface.

A good writing about this is:

The Significance of the Parkhomov LENR Report:

Frank Acland wisely concludes:

"I think the Parkhomov experiment  could be a catalyst that will start a much more serious look at the E-Cat now, and wheels will now start turning in various venues to continue experimentation and research in this fascinating field of LENR."

Andrea Rossi is polite, diplomatic, seemingly contented, but not enthusiastic:

Andrea Rossi
December 27th, 2014 at 8:57 AM
Thank you for the important information.
I do not know the particulars, therefore cannot comment, but it is possible that the so called “Rossi Effect” is replicable after the data published in the Report of Lugano.
Warm Regards,

What is he thinking about the revelation that the Rossi effect can be obtained- at least

at very high temperatures where aluminum melts and lithium boils- with a mixture of two substances, one a nice metal and the other a nasty reducing agent- take care with it! See: 
Material Safety Data Sheet
Lithium aluminum hydride MSDS

Due to my professional destiny in the chemical industry I had many times more techno-affairs with strong oxidizing agents than with reducing agents. Peroxydicarbonates, initiators, do you remember me?

b) In depth significance of Parkhomov achievement

Due to my long experience with the communist society, research made in conditions of extreme austerity, brutal dominance of the political  authority over reason and logic- I understand perhaps much better than my Western friends why has Parkhomov succeeded so fast. Research is not a prioritary activity in the vision of leaders anywhere; post-communist research still suffers from scarce resources  and stimulates researchers to do more with (very) less, to cope with hostile circumstances.

I am absolutely convinced that Pakhomov  understands and knows and applies 

The principle of the Chief Engineer

In this case he has done it masterfully! This is his non-secret, secret.

See please how well this combines with:

A fundamental truth in technology is that useless things are worse than even harming things, outright errors- from errors you can learn, useless things are "pure" waste. 

However, fundamental truths find their way to practical applications even in the most favorable cases.

For industry we have:
Lean Manufacture

Also for research it will be also very reasonable to make more with less exampl:
Lean Research  I have taken the Motto from this; perhaps we have to rethink LENR research completely. Kitco Company continues to convince us that the world's richest man wants to invest seriously in cold fusion LENR but the strong emphasis is on palladium. What can result from a Manhattan Plan for PdD, can a few billions of US$ change its fate- I simply have no idea. But even Gates cannot buy more palladium than it  exists worldwide.


The first study published now only tells, yes, the Lugano experiment produces excess heat- not more not less, but quite enough for the first step. Experiments coming will show how much excess heat can be produced and then, how this energy is produced.
I have read volumes of critics of the Pakhomov methods in these three days. I think 
mainly minor things are taken as decisively important. All the errors added do not out in doubt the conclusion of the study.
I so well remember how professionally has optimized 20 years ago Dennis Cravens  the CETI Cell and set-up- so bad the spell of the cell was lost later, not Dennis' fault.
He has reduced all the heat losses, perhaps he could do the same thing now with the Pakhomov set-up. An extra -reason for this is that I know, feel, want that the


We are living now a decisive moment of the history of LENR, more precisely we have the practical possibility to make it determinant. We must make Pakhomov go viral!!!

It is usual to say that the Fleischmann-Pons press (not Web) conference was a great error and it has done a lot of harm. This is untrue. Imagine the alternative, the Fleischmann Pons paper No 1 is published as usual with peer review in the Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry, without noise, a few electrochemists try to do something similar and learn that it is difficult, and only after a long time, up to 5 years, if, the idea is taken seriously. With the Press Conference, cold fusion went viral (despite the fact that the concept still has not had this name), a world wisde epidemic started, every body and his Uncle and his Nephew  from the North to the South and the East to the West Pole has acquired palladium and heavy water and tried to reproduce  the F&P experiment. April-May-June 1989 - were terrific times,
Everests of hope followed by Marians Trenches of disillusionment in fast alternative.
The far echoes of this period have contributed to the survival of the idea in the coming misery.
NOW- the same thing can be done- the only impediment to the Pakhomov experiment to go viral is the alumina reactor. If a person with skill and entrepreneurship start to manufacture and SELL such reactors- in my vision for any 4 ones with the nickel- lithium-aluminum hydride charge 1 without charge as reference- till the end of 2015 more than a thousand labs could verify the effect.
any success reported will generate tsunamis of enthusiasm and new experimenters. 
We must learn from Pakhomov, to make good research with what we have or can get easily!

Context information

In this document the author complains that the Lugano event hadd no impact on the press (media):

The Media Enigma in LENR/Cold Fusion
With the support of our journalist friends perhaps the Pakhomov-going-viral action could reverse te situation.

And this comes from a Pandora's Box Blog- it is about the woes of LENR in Russia
Россию собираются душить холодным синтезом
Russia wants to suffocate cold fusion:

I will find out more about this, later.


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Only the original part is translated; the images in English are borrowed from Nikita
Alexandrov (thanks Nikita!) 
I have written to the author a friendly message and I hope he will answer after weekend- or perhaps he is a workaholic?    

Page 11

The construction of the author’s reactors.

For the manufacture of the reactors, we have used tubes of Al2O3 ceramics of length 120 mm, outer diameter 10 mm and inner diameter 5. Electrical heaters are wound on the tube
Inside the tube it is introduced 1g Ni + 10% Li[AlH4]
The outer surface of the tube is in contact with a thermocouple.
The ends of the tube are sealed with thermoresistant cement and similarly the entire surface is coated with such cement.

Photography of the reactor prepared for this experiment


Measurement of the released heat.

The method used by the experts for testing Rossi’s reactor based on thermal vison is a bit complicated. In our experiment we use a method for heat determination based on the quantity of th evaporated water.This method was worked out and many times  verified in the experiments led by Yu. N. Bazhutov.


The reactor is inside a closed metallic vessel. This vessel is immersed in water. After boiling apart of the water is removed in form of steam. By measuring the loss of water knowing the heat of evaporation we can calculate the released heat.
The heat loss through the isolation can be calculated based the speed of cooling after the functioning of the reactor.


The Reactor during working

The covers with thermal isolation and of the vessel with the reactor are taken down

Experimental set-up and instrumentation

From left to right: the power supply of the reactor, the counter of the Geiger instrument, ampermeter, signal amplifier for the thermocouple, the temperature indicator of the reactor, computer recorder PCLAB-2000, digital voltmeter. On the cover a Geiger counter SI-8B, on the side surface dosimeter DC-02.
In the background - a computer that registers the temperature in the recorder mode for temperature and the Geiger counts

Measuring the temperature during the heating process (p16)
The power used for the heaters increases in steps from 25 to 500 W.
Temperatures over 1000 C were achieved in 5 hours of heating.
On the same diagram it is shown the count rate of the Geiger instrument Si 8B which reacts to alpha, beta, gamma and Rontgen radiations. It can be seen that during the entire heating process the radiation level is not different from the background.
A very small increase can be observed near to 600C and 1000 C
Further investigations are necessary to investigate if this aleatory or follows a law.
.The dosimeter DK 02 has not shown increase of dose during the experiment in the limits of the errors of measurement.(5mR).

Here you can see more in detail the modification of temperature for heating with power levels of 300, 400 and 500 Watts. It can be seen that for unchanged powers of heating it takes place a stepwise increase of temperature, especially intense for the last part.

Toward the end of the part with the highest temperature it appears an oscillation of temperature. This part ends with the stop of heating due to th burnout of the heater. After that for a duration of 8 minutes the temperature is maintained at a lvel of almost 1200 C and only after that it starts to fall fast. This shows that in this time in the reactor it takes place the production of heat on the level of kWatts without  electrical heating.
Thus even from the graphic of heating it is obvious that  the reactor is able to generate much heat over that of the electrical heater

Determination of the heat released and the thermal coefficient (COP)

Calculations were done for three regimes of temperature- near to 1000C, 1150 C and 1200 -1300 C.

At the temperature of 1150 and 1200-1300 C the production of heat of the reactor is considerably greater than the energy consumed. During functioning in these regimes  (90 minutes) there is produced almost 3 MJ or 0.83 kWhours of energy above the consumed electric energy.

Experiments performed with an thermogenerator analog with Rossi’s, charged with a mixture of nickel and aluminum lithium hydride, have shown that at temperatures around 1100 C, this reactor produces more energy than it consumes.


Yesterday, in connection with the great complexity of the heat measurement techniques of the Lugano HotCat experiment  I wrote: "I am amazed how heat measurement as at Lugano via white incandescence is so black magic- this will need a supplementary confirmation and this will be done in the US. 
It was done, however in Russia by a physicist. Alexander Gheorghievich Parkhomov and is clearly cutting Gordian Knots style a very simple measurement based on the quantity of water evaporated.

The paper in Russian is here:

and is presented -as usual at Frank Acland's fast blog:

This is the structure of the paper, very clearly written, I am just translating it but I guess others will do it faster. If you have questions re the text, please ask I will try to answer and explain as fast as i ca. Really interesting stuff.

By Parkhomov, Alexander Gheorghievich

The first part, pages 1 to 10, refers to the LUGANO Experiment

Description of Rossi’s high temperature reactor.

Short description of the experimental procedure…

Rossi’s reactor during the time of testing

Determination of the quantity of heat produced during the experiment

The results of the measurements and calculations made  during the working period of the Rossi’s experiment.

[ the known isotopic shift results]

What happens inside the Rossi reactor at high temperature.


The construction of the author’s reactor(s)  (p11)

Measuring the released heat (p12)

The reactor during the working time (p13)

Experimental set up and instrumentation.(p14-15)

Measuring the temperature during the heating process (p16)

Determination of the heat released and the thermal coefficient (COP) (p17)

Conclusions (p18)
Experiments performed with an thermogenerator analog with Rossi’s, charged with a mixture of nickel and aluminum lithium hydride, have shown that at temperatures around 1100 C, this reactor produces more energy than it consumes.


a) This paper is just a first phase of a study, 3 fast experiments confirmng excess heat.
b) The existence of an internal heat source is also shown by an 8 minutes not-cooling episode
c) What has to follow is more exact measurement of heat in long range experiments and isotope shift studies fuel to ash.
d) This result gives an extra degree of freedom to our MFMP youngs to focus on NiH essentials with Piantelli.
e) Because I read Russian- I will try to get in touch with Alexander and to discuss about his plans and his LENR thinking. 


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LENR EXPERTS COMING! December 26, 2014

 I believe in experts, I know they are vitally important for industries, technologies and other creative branches of human activity, they are sometimes able to solve the most wicked problems, they can stop destruction and convert bad things in good things- and we need them so much! I have a straightforward reason to believe in experts I have met, say a dozen of them during my 40 years of work for the chemical industry. Some of them have helped me to get deep understanding and to change my mode of thinking and use new methods of research.
Experts have more than knowledge, they also possess wisdom and can rise to the highest step of the DIKWP scale- prediction. 
Their arsenal of expertise is about (let me repeat it, please):
KNOW WHAT + KNOW HOW + KNOW WHY + KNOW WHY NOT, all these in synergy i. e. working together and combined in a synthesis.

Are there experts in LENR? For all of you who have followed the evolution of the field, the answer is a sad, angry but not desperate- STILL NO! We have a few admirable erudites who know everything that has happened there, but there are troubles with interpretation and understanding. There are no infallible recipes for intense and reliable heat excess, experiments go as they wish. Many explicative theories are known, most of them beautiful but not this is the most desirable virtue 
of a theory. They are tasty, say ugly facts. Prohibitive theories saying what we are not allowed to do appear more as empirical taboos than logical constructs.
Common in all experts I met: they were travelling a lot, worldwide, communicating full steam,, combine open mindedness with acerbic critical thinking, accept errors more easily than useless actions, can say "I don't know" with charming easiness..

We, in LENR have no LENR experts but we have LENR gurus- it is excellent that a lot of experts in other areas- for matter, energy and information have joined us.
But we have not our own real experts in positive; no wonder because no expertise
can be created or survives to genuine VUCA situations or in deep crises
- think about what says N.N. Taleb about experts in not-completely-manageable systems as economies of countries.
Experts deliver certainties, freeze volatiles, master complexity, remove ambiguities-
when everything goes well- they are killers of VUCA.

Yesterday one of our friends has published a rather classic writing widely circulated
about major prediction blunders: 
The next time you read an "expert opinion", think about these!!
EXAMPLES OF GETTING IT WRONG- 25 are enumerated. a shorter variant is thsi:

Sometimes the experts are idiots. So just go, be awesome:

You can also read this, on your way toward becoming and expert in experts.

The paradox of human expertise: why experts get it wrong

I think all those blunders of supposedly very intelligent people have not much to do with real experts and even less with LENR. However something that  has happened today has determined me to think about experts.

As you remember yesterday E-Cat World has told us about the generous offer of Prof Piantelli to collaborate closely with the MFMP (in a first form the offer was made at October 20, this year) See today more details and good things here:

Piantelli on The Beginnings of Nickel-Hydrogen LENR Research — and a Fundraiser for Project Fedora

I am really happy to see this, if there is a single real expert and genuinely great scientist in LENR, then this is Franco Piantelli. He has discovered the NiH effect, has developed it, up to a certainty of the heat release you will know.  He was very opressed for long years but he never gave up and a living treasure of wisdom.
Have you read these old papers?:

This collaboration is in the very spirit of an unique precious Ego Out-

However, in this case Hank Mills is  not contented and asks:
Please, MFMP, Stay Focused on the E-Cat

No, dear Hank- this time you are not right, perhaps you don't know well Piantelli and his lab.
And please think with empathy about our young MFMP colleagues:

a) they will receive fundamental Ni-H and research and lab techniques expertise, they are young and they will be our future experts- and the way is so long! I am amazed how heat measurement as at Lugano via white incandescence is so black magic- this will need a supplementary confirmation and this will be done in the US;

b) old post career researchers can focus on impossible tasks as fast reproduction of the Lugano experiment; take in consideration that it would be a fatal error to send/let MFMP to do research ONLY on the very far right side of the Medawar Zone (see on the web) Doing only quasi impossible tasks in the uphill direction is waste of human creativity
MFMP has a mission- I would define it as to give us certainties and Piantelii cn help them the best.

Dear Hank, please rethink your position the future is more important than the present,


See these messages on his Blog:

Andrea Rossi
December 25th, 2014 at 3:08 PM

Tommaso Di Pietro:
The Customer we have delivered the plant to has been granted from us a specific performance that is exclusively measured from him by means of the ratio between the electric energy that the plant consumes and that he pays and the thermal energy necessary to his production. What the Customer cares of is how much costs to him make his producton using our plant : if the cost is
much lower as expected, the Customer will be satisfied and the test will be positive.
Separately, our Team will take from the plant operation all the data necessary to complete program of R&D using the more than 100 computers that not only regulate the operation of the plant, but also supply the data we want to improve the technology.
Such R&D endeavour is made by our internal scientists and technologists.
Being in a commercial phase, the sole independent party that makes the final verdict is the Customer.
Thank you for your question.
Warm Regards,
Tommaso di pietro

Andrea Rossi
December 24th, 2014 at 4:02 PM

All the data regarding the operation of the 1 MW plant will be published after the end of the test. As I said many times now, I cannot give any data before that.
Best wishes for the New Year to you and all our Readers,


How often does one have to kill the Cat?

2014 in Energy: The Year in Energy and Climate Change:

It happens that the smartest expert I ever met lives in the town where  ICCF-19 will be organized, perhaps I will succeed to see him again, 10 years after his nice invitation to Padua.
His name is Francesco Carlin expert in suspension PVC, I have to reconnect with him.  

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SHARED LENR GOOD EVENT, December 25, 2014

Dear Readers- it happens this is post No. 500 on my Blog. I don't care for Numerology but it seems fine for 4 years of existence; I apply the Ego Out principle (see the first post) in practice

I well know it is Christmas, serious work is not exactly what we need just now; let's better focus on joy! However, the following news is a  special reason for joy and I cannot wait telling you that I am enchanted- I see how the future of LENR gets access to what is the most valuable, most fundamental scientifically in our field. Bravissimo Piantelli, bravissimo MFMP!

MFMP to Work with Francesco Piantelli in Project Fedora 

I am three years younger than my Italian friend but mature enough
to also buy such a trendy hat! 
There are 3 papers about Prof. Piantelli on this blog.
A nice present for true LENR-ists - a hopefully good discussion between our Francesco Celani and the skeptic Stefano Bagnasco, I hope constructive. Thanks to the Italian neorealism- films from the '60-ies, '70-ies I understand well the language.
Forza, Celani!

Not LENR but useful

Learning how to learn:

The lesson you never got taught in school: How to learn! 
101 best websites for writers 
How electrons split: New evidence of exotic behaviors Electrons split into electrical charge and magnetic moment in a two-dimensional model, a study has shown for the first time. The discovery marks a new understanding in the discovery of exotic materials such as high-temperature superconductors. 
Heroic research- I remember the days when the bedbugs were killed with in-situ generated HCN; then DDT was invented but still not accessible. Bed bugs an almost unkillable life form...but now we know their aggregation phromones- e finita la commedia! Putting bedbugs to bed forever


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THE SHARED FLAME OF LENR, December 24, 2014

Today it is a very special day- it has to be for religious and more secularist people alike: a day
of active peace, of creative harmony, of the best and most human feelings. 
I want to contribute to these good things however my time is over, I cannot start a new lab, I have as much persuading power as a toothless lion, I am a defenseless victim of the Cassandra Syndrome- but I am not complaining- I have a blog, a voice, a mission I love and enjoy.
When I wrote mission- I thought about the self-assumed infinite and impossible task  to support the new energy source that has started as Cold Fusion and will finish as a multitude of technologies having in common the really NOT platonic interactions of Hydrogen and Metal.
These technologies, despite their chaotic, uncertain present have a great future- unfortunately
not more my future I am sad but I well that the impossible alternative would be worse. So dear LENR please flourish in the coming petergluckless world, conquer that world!
What can I offer you, LENR? Ideas, principles are temporary and perishable- but perhaps an analogy would be a good gift, a stimulative metaphor with explicative expressive, exegetic, exploratory functions and virtues, will be OK?!

From the spiritual niche of my memory, under many layers of secular facts and values- a story came out, trying to convince me that it is the best for  LENR in the true spirit of Christmas:
"THE SACRED FLAME"  by Selma Lagerlof. Strange, because it is an Easter tale but it is about a transformation of vital importance of our LENR community. By  the way our favorite (and unique) classic music TV, Mezzo usually offers Cavalleria Rusticana around Christmas
and the Nutcracker in Spring time.
If you happen to not know it or you have forgotten it (I have sent tons of facts in oblivion just for remembering forever milligrams/carats of jewels as this one) - you can read it in many places on the Net but perhaps the best is to combine text: with audio:

The story starts with

"A long time ago, at the turn of the twelfth century in Florence, Italy, there was a knight named Raniero di Raniero." Nasty times - by the way you remember my septoe: "The 21st Century is the 12th, resurrected" this is true, we can understand easily the story. This Raniero was nasty too a man of great courage and a warrior of first class, however violent, a real bully, troublemaker, undisciplined- a difficult case, socially unfit,  a man of conflict after conflict. No wonder that after some blunders made by Raniero his beloved wife  lets him alone and goes back to her father. Raniero thinks if he will make deeds of great courage, she will admire him and come back. Eventually he participates at a Crusade, Jerusalem is reconquered by the knights and the story converges to putting Raniero in the following situation: he has to bring home the sacred fire to the Madonna's altar in Florence. A hyper-difficult task of logistics, I would say- the flame is so sensitive and has to be protected with so much care! A long adventurous travel and Raniero must change radically his behavior and then his character is also changed, protecting the sacred flame is his determinant task.. Selma Lagerlot is a wonderful story teller- I remember reading this book a few days before we had to sell our library because my father was taken by the Securitate- just as an example and we had no money for food.
I think the spiritual metamorphosis of Raniero is simply wonderful and the Sacred Flame is, with some adaptations a symbol for the general context of our LENR problems too.


Good education, politeness and Netiquette hides many things, but actually and collectively our LENR community is as conflictual as pre-Crusade Raniero, the external hostility against us is reflected by intense intra-group hostility rivalry, theory is theory's wolf. dogma eats dogma for dinner, alpha characters dominate but each want to dominate even more.
Very rarely you can see examples of reconciliation, dissensus is stronger than consensus. 
You will say, I am exaggerating and you are right, however the truth is that there are indeed too many conflicts in LENR-land; each researcher is running with his own flame and so many flames are thus extinguished. Palladium fans try to demonstrate that Ni-H systems do not exist, LENR-at-the-surface people are violently ignored by the LENR in bulk faithful, nobody accepts Widom - Larsen (or now it's Widom and Larsen?), Old Paradigm warriors  are mentally programmed to believe that New Paradigm technologies in statu-nascendi are all fakes and cobra-oil.
 LENR's best journalist became a teacher of conflicts, as aggressive as the hormonally impaired honey badger not much greater than a tom-cat who will not hesitate a second to attack a panther or a lion. LENR+ groups have similar behavior.

I am a bit more peaceful, knowing well that the Old Paradigm will never die just fade away.

We need a new flame , more powerful, heat and light. It is like fire, hotter and cleaner than fire but NOT fire. My heart of technologist and evolutionist hurts when I think that we use so much destructive burning-and if if we put a piece of wood on fire we simplify, destroy such a wonder created by life as cellulose and lignin and other complex macromolecules to lowly carbon dioxide and common water.
We will use a more constructive, more natural flame in processes based om synergy. And our actions will be also based more on synergies, real collaboration
and Friendship. We all, a composite XXI-century Raniero di Raniero, we must recognize that our Ordeal must end and we have work together.

I am happy to announce that his is not idealistic wishful thinking, more such events took place and will come- see please this first, very significant one. My thanks go to the scientist who 145 days after the Fleischmann Pons Press Conference has discovered the Ni-H system; it was LENR's first step toward its bright technological future.I am also thankful to those who prepare this Future as managers and industrialists part of the relay carrying our Flame. 

Piantelli’s Nichenergy Joining LENR Cities Ecosystem

This is also good news, but still needs confirmation:
Bill Gates sponsoring palladium based LENR:

Also see please:

Tanmay Vora asking us to describe 2014 in 5 words- let's do it, my good LENRist friends:
Let's do it!

A good problem solving paper:
How to Solve a Problem In 3 Steps -- Define It, Redefine It, Repeat

Tuesday, December 23, 2014


Exponential Progress, Incremental Understanding, Auto censored Communication
for the HotCat

Actually, E-CatWorld says about this: 
Exponential Progress’ being Made in High Temperature E-Cat R&D
citing the following answer message from the blog of Rossi

Andrea Rossi
I will answer to this question after the R&D we are making on both of them will have been completed: for the low temperature the R&D is on course by means of the 1 MW plant delivered to the Customer of IH, for the Hot Cat intense R&D is on course by means of new prototypes upon which we are making exponential progress by the day. Within about 1 year we will have consolidated data. I deem meaningless to give transitory data.
Warm Regards,
Fragments of truth needing interpretation, contradicting the previous total focusing on the 1MW plant(s), similar a bit to e-sybillinic oracles- but, I am convinced, in retrospective, even in the early LENR+ Era, these pieces of information will become very valuable. Now they are encouraging in the midst of many uncertainties e.g. those related to the color-temperature-heat relationships for the Lugano experiment.
It would be a good idea of the Professors to perform a third, a fourth etc. Hot Cat test. The results from the 1MW pilot plant will come very slowly.
I doubt that the Testers are indeed in such a cognitive vacuum regarding the reactions that take place in the core of the HotCat, however NOT continuing the experiments would be against the implicit-tacit Hyppocratic Oath of the Researcher.elementary professional ethics. And, something even worse considering the interestingness of the Universe and the human curiosity. 
List of Top 10 Countries Most Interested in LENR;postID=5754273420018807786

Read it please and compare it with my list of pageviews per countries for the integral history of the EGO OUT blog (Dec 2010- today midday) but take in consideration, that Georgina my successful blog associate has published 48 posts- not related to LENR in any way, from a total of 498:

Entry                                  Pageviews
United State                        110990
Romania                               24229                            
France                                  16051
Germany                              15498
United Kingdom                   12579
Italy                                       12366
Russia                                     9847
Ukraine                                    8171
Canada                                    5232
Sweden                                    4834

Total pageviews             327692
Daily average approx      220

A small blog, not popular but I can write exactly what I think, how I can think
and that's great for me- do not ignore my personal history- living in a communist
country was disturbing- to go the obstacled way.

A pleasant, instructive LENR pro-Rossi reading.

Interview with Mats Lewan: why the E-cat works
A dialogue between two young, good journalists- good lecture!

A very nice idea connecting LENR and opera
Seeplease the comments to:
Daniele Passerini has tranposed the lyrics of one of the most marvelous
tenor arias in the LENR-ese language: "Nessun Dogma" combining in a way Einstein and Puccini.
The music is unique:

however "Nessun Dogma" (also a collection of books for free minds) is a far ideal for LENR terrorized by external dogmas and crippled due to internal dogmas.

Everybody tries to break the Coulomb Barrier

A Hypothesis for Consideration on How the Coulomb Barrier may be Permeated at Low Energy (Guest Post): 
Good logic in this hypothesis, but the correctness of the premises will decide what is this worth- and what are the actionable parameters.It is better for us to NOT accept LENR gurus
Putting Scientists on Pedestals May Discourage Students From STEM Fields:

Next year there will be a good crop of technical certainties coming from LENR+


Monday, December 22, 2014



It is Monday, but due to the proximity of Christmas, today is actually a supplementary Sunday
for many and therefore my duty, as blogger, is to offer you an easier lecture. I will comment re some remarkable but short sentences.
Around end of year, you can have fun with calendars- and my long time favorite is at  In my INFO KAPPA Romanian language newsletter I had a standard column of motivational literature, translations of papers and presentation of books selected mainly from the American management-business-psychology writings. I have enjoyed many of these; however due to my negativist-realist-pragmatist mentality I opted for the site presented above. Paradoxically, the statements that call itself demotivatonal are the most stimulating and inspirational for me. I apologize to all my readers who already have bought this elite quality calendar. A few examples from the 2015 calendar- in sharply LENR-focused vision:

In 1989, even if our worst nightmares, we, first-day cold-fusionists, could not imagine that the way to commercial applications will be so long and that we will be obliged to swallow such a huge quantity of disappointments. 5-6 years maximum, we thought...

Some things can not be overcome with determination and a positive attitude.

When you try to do the impossible, it is fine and noble to be decided and positive, but it does not help much in achieving what you want  (please also see one of A.C. Clarke's quotes- coming)

The courage to ignore the obvious wisdom of turning back.

Classic LENR Pd/D faithfuls will never turn back- or to LENR+. Our scientific field will be kept in its cradle still for very long time.

At some point, hanging in there just makes you look like an even bigger loser.
At some point, hanging in there just makes you look like an even bigger loser.

This one is specifically about me, my aggressive trials to convince people about the difference between LENR+ (good) and LENR (weak), about the 6 Pillars of LENR+ especially about the Otherness of LENR+, about the priority of technology and other similar things generally ignored. Elforsk and Vessy's Blog and many other's  have even not answered to my friendly messages trying to convince them that the present vision of LENR has to be changed radically
It is possible I am persevering in error, but I intend to still hang there a bit. 


Gregory Goble in
says: "The future of LENR energy was delayed and then catalyzed by Rossi it was ready to go well before then.
In his paper, Gregory does not speak more about Rossi- however his statement is generative of ideas and of questions.
First, why has Rossi first delayed the future of CF? Has he displaced an other, much better but less sensational solution, has he knocked out a better technology being in a similar stage of development as his?
If you want to imagine a Rossi-less perspective and future of LENR, go to Steve Krivit;s New Energy Times- quite discouraging and demotivating not as the jokes above.
I think that as usual Rossi has a Pareto like contribution to the future of CF, 80% good even game changing, 20% bad due the delays caused by the weaknesses pf his technology and the excessive strengths of his personality.
(if you have not read yet my Pareto essay: please do it now, it will be very useful for your understanding and problem solving skills).

Anyway Rossi first catalyzed and has shown a new way, and only after that has delayed the future.


A reader has asked Rossi about stripping off neutrons in the E-Cat, adding: " This is not only miraculous, to quote Sir Arthur C. Clarke:“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”
OK, what could Rossi comment to this piece of wisdom of the brightest genius who had supported generously cold fusion, up to his  end.
Rossi said he is sharing Sir Arthur's opinion and not something like this: "Magic? That's a bit exaggerated, I think, I understand 95 % of the E-Cat process now, what has magic to do with it?"
There are some unanswerable and some one way questions- in research too.
By the way, Arthur was a technologist and I have promissed him somewhere in 2000
he will see a CF technology. I made the same promise to myself....and I am scared
I will not keep this promise too.

I may add to this discussion two quotes by Clarke:

"Magic's just science that we don't understand yet.” 
This explains what he said about technology.

The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them into the impossible.” I think we already had been going/staying too deep and for too long in the impossible (LENR to technology); we must come out and try to do the possible (LENR+ to technology).


The prestigious Breakthrough Energy  Movement declares openly:


I must accept my part of this diffuse collective guilt- slowness in thinking is my greatest personal sin.


P.S. Brillouin theory about Lugano results and how the Coulomb Barrier can be penetrated remain for tomorrow.