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LENR interviews

From Vessy's blog                                                                                                             n         An engineer interviews Rossi on an Italian web TV:                                   
My impression is that Rossi -  in part under the influence of Focardi , in part a s a victim of group think- does not read EGO OUT and still thinks the NUCLEAR PHYSICS alone is able to solve the problem of LENR+. I have tried to convince persons who are in contact with Rossi that this is an error, but it seems- no communication, no sucess!

However Rossi says that the E-Cat reaction is NOT necessarily fusion  so he starts to get the idea!. 

Andrea Rossi
December 13th, 2014 at 7:28 AM

Frank Acland, Wladimir Guglinski:
I forgot to answer to the question 4 of the Frank Acland’s comment, sorry: I answer in seconds while working…
Answer: as you have read on the Report of the ITP after the Lugano test, energy comes substantially from isotopical shifts, which is not a fusion, at least for what concerns the final results.
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Watch for some smart comments here:

 The much expected interview at the Italian Radio of Bo Hoistadt- tester of the Hot Cat at Lugano - the first part can be listened at:

Duration 6'06" interviewer  Maurizio Melis, Bo speaks in English- translation in Italian. Clear sound; Bo says yes they have observed those isotopic shifts, heat release is commensurate with the isotopic shifts and that the sample of ash was taken by the testers, not by Rossi. Fine but then what they have done with the it, was it completely analyzed as I have asked here:

A bit of inspiration

Innovation 101: The Value of Innovation

The nastiest controversies between Homo discontentus and Homo bureaucraticus
regarding the participation of the highest form of energy that is, creativity- human creativity in improving what Nature has created  :

WE also have a good supply of Homo bureucraticus so my idea that LENR is a natural Synergy
and that LENR+ results when we add human creativity to the original synergy- will remain heretical for  few months or years- but I do not care.


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