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For LENR it is slack season; the things are going step by step and this necessarily involves some short episodes of LENIN's classic "one step forward, two steps back".
In contrast with this state of facts, I am enchanted by the incessant fast growing of Nanoplasmonics a still new scientific-technological discipline that is part of the foundation of LENR+ even if only few scientists, thinkers, entrepreneurs are aware of this. now.

I am pleased that my blog has mediated the direct meeting of two people I admire
for their knowledge and mental energy having "very" opposite views  and modes of thinking: Abd(ul) Rahman Lomax and  Axil; please read and follow their discussions at Comments, despite the rather high dose of parallelism from them- I wonder what will they discuss next year this time. 
For me as blogger it is not relevant that I am on Axil's side- audiatur et altera pars!
Comments at: still coming!

No news for Cold fusion, but news- catastrophic- for Hot Fusion.
Energy Research
U.S. fusion effort melts down
Adrian Cho

Dysfunctional, broken, in complete disarray: That's how numerous insiders describe the United States' research effort in fusion, which aims to generate energy using the same process that powers the sun. A rift has opened between officials in the Department of Energy's (DOE's) Fusion Energy Sciences (FES) program and the research community it supports. Many scientists say Edmund Synakowski, DOE's associate director for FES, and his staff operate opaquely, but the community itself has a reputation for being unmanageable. The discord has muddled an effort to draw up a strategic plan for the program, due in Congress next month. It could jeopardize the program's already strained $505 million annual budget.

Science 19 December 2014:
Vol. 346 no. 6216 pp. 1436-7

Unfortunately I have no access to the complete text, but I doubt it could be captivating. "Schadenfreude" is in the Wikipedia  however I don't think this disaster is good for cold fusion in any way. It is no strong, quasi causal correlation between 
LENR and major economical events. I also do not swallow the very well written paper on Vessy's blog.  :
Why the E-Cat is responsible  for the fall of the oil price: 
I think that LENR + (+Rossi ans DGT)  is still not an important geo-economical factor 

What follows is surely very good for LENR, but it does not make it less complex:

Quantum physics just got less complicated: Wave-particle duality and quantum uncertainty are same thing

I think Axil says here something related to that:

"When two quantum mechanical items are connected electromagnetically, they will tend to become entangled. In LENR, entanglement is important. The orderly transfer of energy occurs under entanglement. A spherical EMF wave(a SPP soliton) reaches out and influences proximate subatomic particles under its zone of influence. The spherical wave and the proximate subatomic particles under its influence share properties including quantized energy and the levels of those properties become equivalent during the entanglement process."

I missed this on Rossi's JONP:
Wladimir Guglinski

The experiment proposed by Guglinski is VERY expensive; however it is a smart comment:
So, anyone who is trying to explain cold fusion thinks that there is need only of proposing the nuclear reactions, and the energy produced in each of the reactions.
Nobody wishes to realize that there is need to understand the cold fusion mechanisms occurring in the phenomenon.
It is like to want to understand how the planets are attracted by the Sun, without to know the existence of the gravitation.

Any logical step toward understanding complexity of LENR is a step forward. All you have to do is to add: otherness, diversity, metamorphosis, dynamicity- and a lot of creativity to this vision.

It is always very useful for a LENR-ist to read about the Scientic Method: "

OTHER HBR- is one of the highest quality publications worldwide nad I aleeays wnted to read it but could not afford it. The psychology paper that follows is about good thinking. rational and pragmatic:

Rats can be smarter than people:
Rodents don’t try to force data to fit rules that don’t apply

Just don't take it as personal or too seriously. Think!



  1. If you are going to refer to comments, Peter, I suggest you link to where they are:

    That's on the right, for 2004, December 18.

  2. "I think that LENR + (+Rossi ans DGT) is still not an important geo-economical factor"

    You are one of the few (still stunned) who do not understand that DGT are just cheaters.
    Forget them, it was a scam.

    Also this winter is cold you continue to pay gas to get heat. Are you (the gullible man) still waiting to replace your burner with something like the fake DGT "reactor"?

    1. Dear Anonymous,

      are you absolute certain about everything you say?
      Wish you all well, especially for Christmas.


    2. Yes about DGT, I am sure.