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Exponential Progress, Incremental Understanding, Auto censored Communication
for the HotCat

Actually, E-CatWorld says about this: 
Exponential Progress’ being Made in High Temperature E-Cat R&Dhttp://www.e-catworld.com/2014/12/23/exponential-progress-being-made-in-high-temperature-e-cat-rd/
citing the following answer message from the blog of Rossi

Andrea Rossi
I will answer to this question after the R&D we are making on both of them will have been completed: for the low temperature the R&D is on course by means of the 1 MW plant delivered to the Customer of IH, for the Hot Cat intense R&D is on course by means of new prototypes upon which we are making exponential progress by the day. Within about 1 year we will have consolidated data. I deem meaningless to give transitory data.
Warm Regards,
Fragments of truth needing interpretation, contradicting the previous total focusing on the 1MW plant(s), similar a bit to e-sybillinic oracles- but, I am convinced, in retrospective, even in the early LENR+ Era, these pieces of information will become very valuable. Now they are encouraging in the midst of many uncertainties e.g. those related to the color-temperature-heat relationships for the Lugano experiment.
It would be a good idea of the Professors to perform a third, a fourth etc. Hot Cat test. The results from the 1MW pilot plant will come very slowly.
I doubt that the Testers are indeed in such a cognitive vacuum regarding the reactions that take place in the core of the HotCat, however NOT continuing the experiments would be against the implicit-tacit Hyppocratic Oath of the Researcher.elementary professional ethics. And, something even worse considering the interestingness of the Universe and the human curiosity. 
List of Top 10 Countries Most Interested in LENR

Read it please and compare it with my list of pageviews per countries for the integral history of the EGO OUT blog (Dec 2010- today midday) but take in consideration, that Georgina my successful blog associate has published 48 posts- not related to LENR in any way, from a total of 498:

Entry                                  Pageviews
United State                        110990
Romania                               24229                            
France                                  16051
Germany                              15498
United Kingdom                   12579
Italy                                       12366
Russia                                     9847
Ukraine                                    8171
Canada                                    5232
Sweden                                    4834

Total pageviews             327692
Daily average approx      220

A small blog, not popular but I can write exactly what I think, how I can think
and that's great for me- do not ignore my personal history- living in a communist
country was disturbing- to go the obstacled way.

A pleasant, instructive LENR pro-Rossi reading.

Interview with Mats Lewan: why the E-cat works
A dialogue between two young, good journalists- good lecture!

A very nice idea connecting LENR and opera
Seeplease the comments to:
Daniele Passerini has tranposed the lyrics of one of the most marvelous
tenor arias in the LENR-ese language: "Nessun Dogma" combining in a way Einstein and Puccini.
The music is unique: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VATmgtmR5o4

however "Nessun Dogma" (also a collection of books for free minds) is a far ideal for LENR terrorized by external dogmas and crippled due to internal dogmas.

Everybody tries to break the Coulomb Barrier

A Hypothesis for Consideration on How the Coulomb Barrier may be Permeated at Low Energy (Guest Post): 
Good logic in this hypothesis, but the correctness of the premises will decide what is this worth- and what are the actionable parameters.It is better for us to NOT accept LENR gurus
Putting Scientists on Pedestals May Discourage Students From STEM Fields: 

Next year there will be a good crop of technical certainties coming from LENR+


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