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It is Monday, but due to the proximity of Christmas, today is actually a supplementary Sunday
for many and therefore my duty, as blogger, is to offer you an easier lecture. I will comment re some remarkable but short sentences.
Around end of year, you can have fun with calendars- and my long time favorite is at  In my INFO KAPPA Romanian language newsletter I had a standard column of motivational literature, translations of papers and presentation of books selected mainly from the American management-business-psychology writings. I have enjoyed many of these; however due to my negativist-realist-pragmatist mentality I opted for the site presented above. Paradoxically, the statements that call itself demotivatonal are the most stimulating and inspirational for me. I apologize to all my readers who already have bought this elite quality calendar. A few examples from the 2015 calendar- in sharply LENR-focused vision:

In 1989, even if our worst nightmares, we, first-day cold-fusionists, could not imagine that the way to commercial applications will be so long and that we will be obliged to swallow such a huge quantity of disappointments. 5-6 years maximum, we thought...

Some things can not be overcome with determination and a positive attitude.

When you try to do the impossible, it is fine and noble to be decided and positive, but it does not help much in achieving what you want  (please also see one of A.C. Clarke's quotes- coming)

The courage to ignore the obvious wisdom of turning back.

Classic LENR Pd/D faithfuls will never turn back- or to LENR+. Our scientific field will be kept in its cradle still for very long time.

At some point, hanging in there just makes you look like an even bigger loser.
At some point, hanging in there just makes you look like an even bigger loser.

This one is specifically about me, my aggressive trials to convince people about the difference between LENR+ (good) and LENR (weak), about the 6 Pillars of LENR+ especially about the Otherness of LENR+, about the priority of technology and other similar things generally ignored. Elforsk and Vessy's Blog and many other's  have even not answered to my friendly messages trying to convince them that the present vision of LENR has to be changed radically
It is possible I am persevering in error, but I intend to still hang there a bit. 


Gregory Goble in
says: "The future of LENR energy was delayed and then catalyzed by Rossi it was ready to go well before then.
In his paper, Gregory does not speak more about Rossi- however his statement is generative of ideas and of questions.
First, why has Rossi first delayed the future of CF? Has he displaced an other, much better but less sensational solution, has he knocked out a better technology being in a similar stage of development as his?
If you want to imagine a Rossi-less perspective and future of LENR, go to Steve Krivit;s New Energy Times- quite discouraging and demotivating not as the jokes above.
I think that as usual Rossi has a Pareto like contribution to the future of CF, 80% good even game changing, 20% bad due the delays caused by the weaknesses pf his technology and the excessive strengths of his personality.
(if you have not read yet my Pareto essay: please do it now, it will be very useful for your understanding and problem solving skills).

Anyway Rossi first catalyzed and has shown a new way, and only after that has delayed the future.


A reader has asked Rossi about stripping off neutrons in the E-Cat, adding: " This is not only miraculous, to quote Sir Arthur C. Clarke:“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”
OK, what could Rossi comment to this piece of wisdom of the brightest genius who had supported generously cold fusion, up to his  end.
Rossi said he is sharing Sir Arthur's opinion and not something like this: "Magic? That's a bit exaggerated, I think, I understand 95 % of the E-Cat process now, what has magic to do with it?"
There are some unanswerable and some one way questions- in research too.
By the way, Arthur was a technologist and I have promissed him somewhere in 2000
he will see a CF technology. I made the same promise to myself....and I am scared
I will not keep this promise too.

I may add to this discussion two quotes by Clarke:

"Magic's just science that we don't understand yet.” 
This explains what he said about technology.

The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them into the impossible.” I think we already had been going/staying too deep and for too long in the impossible (LENR to technology); we must come out and try to do the possible (LENR+ to technology).


The prestigious Breakthrough Energy  Movement declares openly:


I must accept my part of this diffuse collective guilt- slowness in thinking is my greatest personal sin.


P.S. Brillouin theory about Lugano results and how the Coulomb Barrier can be penetrated remain for tomorrow.

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