Sunday, December 7, 2014


Motto of the Day, in the very spirit of Otherness:

“I think LENR is something extraordinary that we have yet to figure out...We can anticipate new and exciting properties from these kind of magnetic interactions    that may be the root cause of what we see in LENR. " (Brian Ahern)

It is Sunday, boring weather and I have received surprisingly few messages. Only
the lENR bulk vs surface battle continues with tired ardor.
I have the option: to write or not write? Nobody will miss my daily info, especially if I will not tell new things. But my blog is expressive not impressive and I always have preferred action to non-action, so I have decided to consider the lack of new information a scipiologic opportunity. (Scipiology as I have repeated so many times is the technique to convert directly disasters in triumph.)

Usually I get the information from relatively few preferred sources beyond what I get on e-mail, starting with E-Cat World and Rossi Blog Reader. But now let's explore the Web thoroughly, what says it for ["LENR" "Cold Fusion"]? From "Vox Populi, Vox Dei" (
we have arrived today to "Vox Webi, Vox Dei" I have used advanced Google search,
"past 24 hours" remembering my enchantment when a very smart lady, Tara Calishain a great personality of WebSearch-see: has created the first such program for Google- you could see how a subject has evolved in time.
Alos, how fine it was when Advanced Search was launched I forgot the details but it was fine!
I try first "last hour" - it is about the visit of Bill Gates at ENEA but it opens to a lesbian porno advertisement i.e. doing something for which the tools are missing or are inadequate. Years ago Web Search was the high art of knowing the best search engines, web sources and methods now it is just tricks to avoid the nasty intruding useless ads- tempora mutantur!

What I get for the  24 hours search, in order of relevance? First about the LENR Cities Oxford Conference and about the Cold Fusion 101 teaching at MIT, the leading news of yesterday, these are repeated in many other places. 
The third is (fineeee!) my improved variant of the  6 Pillars of LENR+ from Ego Out, fixed and brought to almost perfection in the spirit of generosity and kindness by Brian Josephson who surely was amazed by my IT incompetence; I am very grateful for this help, And I am aware 6 Pillars is a provocative and heretic writing, perhaps even my good friend Vlad from ZPEnergy will not quote it.
Then came Stoyan Sarg's slides re the theoretical feasibility of cold fusion according to his theory- more times. At  
it is  a huge collection of LENR related Tweets- I will come back here, but not with great expectations, perhaps discovering a few new LENR players.
Then comes Rossi's Blog Reader - it has higher rank actually, I think. There are 3 Italian sites,
the well known 22Passi of Daniele Passerini- once the leading Rossi ECat site, then: and
 well known for being fast in reporting.
A few errors as one entitled: "A new vegan myth bytes the dust"- I like it and a Rusian site saying LENR is a form of perpetuum mobile.
Summa summarum,  nothing really important and new found, the webxploration has lead to a negative discovery. And I like negative discoveries very much as shown here:

However the most important conclusion precedes this playful mini-study; we all blog writers and readers must cooperate friendly to discover the essential LENR information, all the time and overall, faster than fast.


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