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Displaying the 6 pillars of LENR cold fusion.png
Text: Peter Gluck   Photo and design: Samuel Hansson

From technological discontent to scientific dissidence to optimistic long way in Cold fusion/LENR. 
I have arrived to disruptive ideas far from the Old Paradigm that is rather fuzzy, fragmented and not quite accepted by everybody. I think now differently than the majority of my colleagues dedicated to the cold fusion idea.
By continuous years-long effort and with the help of my good friends & gurus now I am able to present you my vision about the field, about usable, technologically hopeful variant of it. The
strange thing is that many of my colleagues do not agree that such a thing was de facto found and exists.

I have asked a friend with artistic talents to design an image of the Six Pillars of LENR+
see his opus here. I will comment about art  after a presentation of what the six pilars are not and what they really are.

First Pillar OTHERNESS: 

LENR+ is not what we believed to be, it is very different from the original LENR appearing with difficulty in the wet PdD Cells. It is a most surprising class and thread of phenomena, only in part nuclear and of a new kind of nuclearity. It belongs in part to new fields of physics, developed now, as nanoplasmonics. Actually it is a brand new branch of science and technology- in full speed development just now. 
LENR had the historical mischance to be discovered in its weakest, least viable form and has to be replaced with LENR+ the superior embodiment of the hydrogen-metal deep interaction. 

Second Pillar: COMPLEXITY:

LENR+ is not just a science based new trick to defeat the Coulomb barrier. It is complex beyond definition; broadly and deeply complex, much too complex to be let to the physicists alone. Its investigation needs multi- and trans-disciplinarity. It is physics, chemistry, materials science, advanced nanotechnology, engineering-many branches of it. It has pre-nuclear, nuclear and post-nuclear stages. No single theory can explain LENR that is a multi-stage, multi-step, non-linear combination of phenomena – it needs a bunch of diverse theories in combination,to be understood

Third Piilar: DIVERSITY:

LENR+ can apppear in a great plurality of forms of Hydrogen Metal Deep Interaction, for all transition metals and in a wide range of temperatures- from the Debye temperature to the melting temperature of the respective metal. A great variety of methods for triggering the reactions and for the activating hydrogen and the metal will be developed and applied.


LENR becomes useful only via a great qualitative leap to LENR+. 
Only by profound transformative changes, the initially discovered form of LENR can be converted in an useful source of energy. 
The field does not grow by maturation, slow systematic improvements but by very sudden, radical changes, metamorphosis. Thus, the weak and unreliable LENR process is converted in a powerful massive excess heat release.
It is a 2-4 orders of magnitude difference between the faint LENR and the intense form I named LENR+.

Fifth Pillar: CREATIVITY:

LENR was discovered, LENR+ has to be invented, in multiple forms.
The initially discovered form of LENR is not adequate neither for scientific study in depth nor for technological development; a new one had to be created and this is LENR+.
LENR is studied with the scientific method, LENR+ is solved by combining science and technology- engineering is the key.

The theories of LENR+ are not only descriptive, explicative, prohibitive or even predictive- they are also productive telling what and how must we do to put LENR+ to work for us as a useful source of energy, kind of recipe theories.

Sixth Pillar: DYNAMICITY: 

LENR is based on static preformed active sites at low (<100C) temperatures, LENR+ happens in dynamic continuously formed active sites at high (>200 C) temperatures.
LENR+ is an application of Nanoplasmonics- a very dynamic new science in multiple senses. It is about dynamics on the metal surfaces and about the dynamics of these surfaces, themselves...
This dynamics generates and adds to complexity, diversity, creativity, makes the technological metamorphosis possible.


I know well the power of art, therefore I thought an artistic image could help the understanding and acceptance of the counter-stream and provocative ideas (to use the most euphemistic euphemisms possible) ideas extracted from a nightmare of logic.  (I am prepared for such compliments but I sincerely believe these pillars are real and pragmatic)

I have absolutely no artistic talents - the explanation being that my btain has two left hemispheres:
Usually my artist friend Adrian Grecu
solves such problems for me. He has won the First Prize of the ART SHOW New Energy Paradigm Shift 2012 organized by COLD FUSION NOW

However Adrian is not a cold fusionist and my instinct has told me that only somebody who "lives" Cold fusion/LENR will be able to create something that ADDS to the tired words and 
intensifies and enobles the message. I remembered the nice visit of Samuel Hansson aka Dr. Bob at me in May this year, our fine discussions and how Sam want to contribute by music to the idea of new energy. See: he acted as a friend in need now- fast!

It was an inspired idea; I thought initially on something like the drawings, more or less schematic of six pillars in a row supporting a platform, there are many on the Web. howewer my young friend created an intelligent masterwork:
- realistic- it is part of a photo taken in Greece- where the Hyperions grow;
- suggestive- the pillars work together (as those of LENR+) they create a structure;
- integrative- the ensemble of pillars is just a part of a greater construction, as LENR is a part of   Science,
- subtle - the small y letter in DIVERSITy shows that the building is till not finished and.or has      flaws that must be fixed
- serious and solemn part of the great ancient Art.

I like it and have to confess that looking at the image I understand more clearly what LENR+ is
and what will it be quite soon. I am not more so painfully discontented.


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