Wednesday, December 3, 2014


My editorial of yesterday has generated only one comment,
however quite interesting. Gordon Docherty says it could be
a connection/correlation/analogy between fractals and LENR
and sends a good paper:
Chicken soup for the active brain.
Gordon is known for his remarkable ECatworld essays e.g.
I regret of not collaborating with him earlier. Fractals are an elegant
form of complexity and therefore they can be useful for LENR+. Let’s
see what answers Gordon to my offer.
I just received very inspiring paper – in the frame of my LENR
   Ideals may play role in knowledge formation, professor’s research            says:
Intellectually stimulating per se, but useful for our uphill battleswith both the outer skepticism and inner obsolete paradigm. It leads to the concept of “LENR ideals”; we had already discussed about myths, dogmas, theories, principles, memes. The most popular ideal is the “scientific method”; it says that the Tao is first to explain, understand what LENR actually is and only when it is thoroughlyunderstood and studied- then to develop it technologically. I will not explain again why this approach does not work and how technology,
empirism, engineering can and will help in solving the problem.
However, I got the start-idea of an essay about”My LENR ideals”  Coming.
A lot of excellent reading material today.
Mats Lewan has published the second edition of his book about the E-Cats and their builder Andrea Rossi: My daughter bought for me the first editiontherefore we will have the possibility to download the second. WhatI will find out is the illumination serendipity moment of Rossi, how he got the idea. Gossip, my instinct and my 1991 prediction all say everything has started from the support- metal (nickel) interaction in heterogeneous catalysis.
I have received Infinite Energy Issue 118 November/December 2014,
Information rich issue: a fascinating editorial by George Egely (Szervusz
Gyuri!), the bright instant-analysis of the Lugano Experiment by Michael McKubre (was something better written?). An excellent review by deep
questions is “Questions about lattice enabled nuclear reactions. Mechanisms and Materials.” I had the privilege to discuss with the
author about some aspects of his Opus. Many other interesting papers
not directly LENR bound, high quality journal.
The article du jour is from the well known Neuer Zurcher Zeitung;
Wird die kalte Fusion wieder salonfähig? by Christian Speicher
The title actually asks: “Will cold fusion become again adequate for the “good society”? Admitted again in the club?
It shows the set-up from the Lugano experiment. Says CF research is taking speed, even rather dubious experiments cannot change this.
Starts with describing Bill Gates’ visit at ENEA including LENR lab. Rumor Gates want support ENEA with 1 billion US$
Other rumor(s): some countries as Sweden, Norway, Finland, and India want to include LENR in their national research programs.
PdD and NiH research is presented, more heat out than heat in, cannot be chemical, but nuclear reactions of a till now unknown type. No significant radioactive by products.
Speaks about Rossi and the Lugano test, the surprising isotope shifts.
Problems with the sample, Rossi took it away.
Elforsk –Sweden will start large scale LENR research.
LENR in Switzerland: LENR Cars, LENR-Invest and LENR- Cities.
The paper ends with:
“The third one is LENR-Cities in Neuenburg (NeuchateL). The enterprise has built a structure of organizations that builds the cooperation between researchers, financial investors and the industry on a new basis. The purpose is to help the promising LENR technologies and to reduce the risks for all the participants to minimum.
Michel Vanderberghe, co-founder of the company that this action is more than a business. The task is to create a business model for establishing new industries to be developed. in Switzerland.
LENR Cities has found a powerful partner already- the Airbus group. A Letter of intent was signed; say Vanderberghe- and this will hopefully be a signal for other European players too
At his blog, Rossi says that the main problems were resolved. Good- for the problems.

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