Monday, December 8, 2014


Present Paradigm says:
"Cold Fusion, we love you as you are!"

New Paradigm says:
"Cold Fusion, we love you and we will help you to grow up, to become healthy and strong and productive. Now you are just an unhappy little weakling but you are able to change and improve tremendously!"

Other sciences simply are, LENR must become. (A principle of Otherness )

LENR information for today:

Russ George has published yesterday a very interesting paper re catalysis and cold fusion: 
"No vacancy may be magic in the world of Cold Fusion"

It is about catalysis and LENR so I am really gung ho about it, being a form of catalysis was the very first aspect of Otherness of cold fusion revealed to/by me already in 1991.
Russ speaks, among other fundamental things, about a permanently timely and open dispute in LENR, bulk vs. surface as the place where the reactions happen:
"In the field of cold fusion there has been a 25 year long trail that has sustained an argument between those who think the important part of cold fusion material science is the surface vs. those in favor of the bulk. Now it seems the compromise is that it’s not but near the surface where some very important transition where normal hydrogen waves off it’s particle character."

Today Rossi keeps silence about catalysts in the E-cats and claims the effect discovered by him will be explained by advanced physics, see please: 
  1. Andrea Rossi
    December 7th, 2014 at 6:44 PM

    JC Renoir:
    I am perusing the books of Prof. Nornam Cook “Models of the Atomic Nucleus” ( Springer, 2nd edition 2010) and “Nuclear Models” of Prof. Walter Greiner and Prof. Joachim Maruhn (Springer 1996).
    I am also taking in strong account the 2 papers published respectively on October 25 and on November 18 2014 by Carl-Oscar Gullstroem on Ecatworld:
    ” Low radiation fusion through bound neutron tunnelling” and ” Collective neutron reduction model for neutron transfer reaction”.
    Warm Regards,
However in 2011 one of Rossi friends has told that the Effect is bound to catalysis
and the following two papers were relevant for the discovery:

Influence of support on catalytic behavior of nickel catalysts in the steam reforming of ethanol for hydrogen production                                                                               Environ Chem Lett (2010) 8:79–85

Modification of nickel supported over ZnO for HDS of thiophene with neodymium.       JOURNAL OF RARE EARTHS, Vol. 27, No. 3, Jun. 2009, p. 443

In both, it is much discussion about the support (metal oxides)- metal interaction, this seems to be at play, in a new surprising way in LENR+; but from here to a working device it is still a long way to go.

Andrea Rossi also says the following:

Andrea Rossi
December 7th, 2014 at 11:17 PM
Tom Conover:
The 1 MW E-Cat is a low temperature plant, it reaches max T= 120°C.
What I wrote regarding the high temperatures is related to the Hot Cat.
Warm Regards,

I think the low temperature refers to the heat transfer agent, I believe thta DGT is 
right saying the limit for LENR+ is the Debye temperature of metal bound to vibrations of the lattice i.e. to the DYNAMICITY. Nickel cannot work well under 
177 C.  

E-Cat World publishes:                                                            
Rossi: Self Sustain Mode ‘By Far the Main Mode of Operation’ in 1 MW E-Cat

The most interesting discussion these days  is about MFMP reproducing the  Lugano experiment- exciting but not decidable yet, too many data missing, unsure or false so it is lot of work for these brave guys:                                            

More about the Six Pillars of LENR+:
a) Sam Hansson says the photo is part of Acropolis and was taken by a girl called Joey Chee, see the image here:

b) Yiannis Hadjichristos says the best music to listen at this is:

c) for my generation this song also goes well:
I adore Mireille Mathieu for being the human who pronounces  in the most charming and sexy mode the difficult letter "r"- unique!

From the coopetition:                                                                                                          
In World First, Researchers Convert Sunlight to Electricity With Over 40 Percent Efficiency


  1. Sheesh! No wonder Cold Fusion has dumped Peter, with this attitude. Peter wrote:

    Present Paradigm says:
    "Cold Fusion, we love you as you are!"

    (I wrote that as what one says to a lover, and, in fact, children need to hear it, too.)

    New Paradigm says:
    "Cold Fusion, we love you and we will help you to grow up, to become healthy and strong and productive. Now you are just an unhappy little weakling but you are able to change and improve tremendously!"

    And so Cold Fusion slaps New Paradigm in the face and walks out, looking for someone who will appreciate her. If this is a parent, the child rebels and leaves home, glad to be away from such an oppressive parent. "Weakling"? Eff you!

    To those that appreciate what they have, more is given. To those that don't, not.

    1. Dear Abd,
      Remarkable ideas confronting mine, I will answer in the frame of the Blog, today's info. This is a fundamental dispute and opposite views is an euphemism, however I respect your point of view.

  2. Rossi likes the book “Models of the Atomic Nucleus” by Prof. Nornam Cook, That particular book is in the book list at: This repository of work describes an alternative to the standard model of particle physics which comes from the thinking of a few workers out of the Brookhaven National Laboratory. This model states that the electron is the fundamental unit of Particle Masses. The electron is a base level quantum of magnetic energy which retains its resonant coherence based on that basic energy level of about 70MeV. A meson is double that energy at about 140MeV. If the proper amount of energy is pumped into the vacuum, a particle will spring into existance out of the vacuum.

    A "Muon Mass Tree" with α-quantized Lepton, Quark and Hadron Masses


    A "muon mass tree" is displayed that contains the excitation systematics for accurately reproducing the masses of the six Standard Model quarks (u,d,s,c,b,t); the heavy leptons; the proton; the phi, J/Psi and Upsilon vector meson thrshold states; the Bc meson; and the mass-averaged W and Z gauge bosons, using a unified mass formalism based on the electron ground state. Multiples of an alpha-quantized 105.04 MeV fermion mass quantum reproduce the states below 12 GeV, and multiples of a doubly-alpha-quantized 14,394 Mev fermion mass quantum reproduce the W-Z and t states above 12 GeV, where alpha ~ 1/137 is the fine structure constant. Masses are additive, and the overall mass accuracy for these states is in the 1% range. A similar "pion mass tree" based on an alpha-quantized 70.03 MeV boson mass quantum accurately reproduces the pseudoscalar meson masses. The mass alpha-quantization follows from a corresponding experimental alpha-spacing of the long-lived particle lifetimes, which occur in well-defined lifetime groups that are each determined by a dominant Standard Model quark substate.

    Most of the other particles are some modules of this fundamental magnetic energy quantum. I like this idea. This idea is operative in my concept of the LENR reaction where magnetic energy catalyzes pions out of the vacuum. These pions are disruptive to the workings inside the nucleus.

    One concept that is pleasing is that the strong force is really electromagnetic. Also, this imply that the Higgs field is wrong and mass is an resonant EMF quantum based emergent property. To my way of thinking, properly understanding LENR might mean a reworking of the standard model of particle physics.

    Rossi might be barking up the right tree, but how high as he climbed up that tree.

    1. He can be right for the nuclear aspcts of LENR+ but how much the nuclear aspects represent from the entire LENR+ proces?