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Miracles usually fade away in 3 days and the news regarding the ERV Report- now at Rossi and IH are not more generating new ideas- if not supported by the much desired facts and data. We are happy that Rossi is pleased but we want to be pleased too, pleased by data and getting the precious gift of a certainty. We deserve it, really!

I was very impressed by a message Francesco Celani has published on the LENR Forum (4) It is an example for re-establishing the harmony between the past, present, future, between continuity and discontinuity, constancy and change, survival and progress, scientific research and technological development, superior know ledge and useful action, creative idealism and -also creative - materialism.
So many years continuity and survival were the main tasks in LENR.

From the members of what I call - with much love, sympathy but also with a shade of discontent- the Old Guard- I sincerely like what Jed Rothwell does; paraphrasing Terence: "nothing LENR is alien to him". Plus he is our good and very fast LENR librarian. It is meritocratic that Jed is on the list of speakers at Mats Lewan's World Energy Symposium.


1) Industrial Heat Goes Cold on Rossi

Says Rossi and IH have divorced, ERV not independent- part of Steve Krivit''s vendetta, now in the pre-Armageddon phase.

Rossi: Small E-Cat Prototype Units are 100 W Called ‘Quarks’ (Update#7 — Each QuarkX is ‘Like a Pencil’)

2) From Andrea Rossi's Blog:

Andrea Rossi
March 30, 2016 at 9:19 PM

Koen Vandewalle:
The E-Cat QuarkX is also connected to the jet engines development.
About safety: during the test our Team had devices to measure ionizing radiatons outside the E-Cats . We also had top level experts in ionizing radiations, experts who made thoroughly measurements. All the measurements made on the matter did not find ionizing radiations with values above the values of the background.
We also used a guinea pig that remained in close contact with the reactors for 16 – 18 hours per day, for 353 days straight: it was a slim animal, very nervous, not exactly an easy subject to interact with: his name is Andrea Rossi. Still alive, healthy , plays tennis ( not very well, though ).
Warm Regards,

So the process of heat generation is a Nuclear Eunuch, working hard but unable to (i)radiate, excellent!

Andrea Rossi
March 30, 2016 at 5:45 PM

Patrick Ellul:
The publication of the report needs the agreement of all the parties involved. We’ll
work on it.
Warm Regards,

We already know this; is agreement so difficult? 

3) LENR- The end of the Oil Era (in German)
LENR – Das Ende des Erdölzeitalters?
"Cold Fusion becomes LENR and successful

Note: as the Huw Price paper and the good news coming from India this ppaer has already a lot of echoes in the German press

4) Francesco Celani's message

Dear Andrea Rossi and Colleagues,

I am really happy about the positive results of such, extremely long, test.
My CONGRATULATIONS to Andrea: he was the real winner of 27 years long battle.
My opinion is that, if all will go "well", our world will change quite quickly.
The direction of changing will depend on the "managing", in the very near future, such REVOLUTIONARY invention.

Perhaps some of You know my opinion about managing disruptive technologies that can change the world and mankind. Such was the reason because I joined the Live Open Science (LOS) approach since the beginning (2012), as started from the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project group.
BTW the LOS approach, because the very innovative phylosophy/procedures, was candidate 2 times (2014 and 2015) for the Nobel Prize for Peace, as "supported" both from very high level Professor at Vatican and a Senator of Italian Higher House.

I hope that Andrea, after proper "private" advantages (i.e. extremly large amounts of money and Honors, to him and to the Company that gave the money) because such invention, will allow to share some of his results to other Scientist to avoid a new "oligarchy" of Energy, like the (very infamous) "Seven Sisters" situation in the 1900 (and up to now).
I well know that it is no easy but now Andrea Rossi has to demonstrate to be even more brave of previous situations. He will be the ideal Candidate for Nobel Prize for Peace!
According to the rules, the Selecting Board of Peace Nobel Prize (5 people in total, Norway citizen) has the right to suggest the candidature of a specific People/Organization even not officially presented by usual produres before February 1 of each year.
Francesco CELANI
(previous Vice-President of ISCMNS)


The news that the ERV is being conducted by a credentialed nuclear scientist/engineer  immediately reminded me of another similar situation I did research on.
In order to get the USPTO to approve a particular unusual patent, that inventor was asked by the USPTO to have an approved scientist/professor run a validation test and sign an affidavit.  That happened and that patent was granted.
What I now see as a high probability, is that the 12 month test was for two purposes. 1) To show the process worked over time and without radiation and 2) satisfy the USPTO.
I stand by my earlier comments that IH have no real incentive to trumpet positive results (not until they/Rossi have a secure patent for this process), then they may open up if their investors agree they can do so. But it will take more time between getting the patent finally approved and starting any serious production.
So the news that the ERV is being done by a credentialed nuclear engineer/scientist adds a very interesting new dimension to the story. I am also in no doubt whatsoever that this person will come under significant attention and hostility.

One step closer to sustainable hydrogen production

Energy recycling heats up


Could AlphaGo Bluff its Way through Poker?

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Quo usque tandem abutere,  LENR, patientia nostra? 
(Until how long, would you, LENR, keep abusing our patience?"
Marcus Tullius Cicero

Other  quotations about patience make me sad. I have lived 40+ years in a communist society. I have waited 27+ years to see how LENR becomes a source of energy.


Step forward the ERV Report is at Rossi and IH and so the possibility that we will learn something about the results soon, has increased. Normally, very interesting things must 
follow. A few ideas-predictions-questions:

a) Who is the ERV? How prestigious, how well known, how vulnerable? He will receive the first tsunami of mud but I hope that in the 24th hour the most ferocious Rossi-killers will find elementary  resources of human decency   and evn a bit of elegance and will not come  with too great minor false accusations and stupid attacks digging for sins in the past life of the ERV. IH's statement was very foggy so it created an opportunity for Steve Krivit to speak about IH's exit from the E-Cat affair (or vice-versa) Following the same direction and tactic, today Brian Ahern declares:

"We will understand Rossi's delusion this week. His ERV report will not be independent or acceptable to IH.
Please do not stand behind him if IH does not."

A better written Statement from IH would be welcome, as well as an agreement of all parties to publish the results/performances/achievement's.

b) It will be really interesting who exactly the ERV is, searching the Web I have met an PhD in nuclear engineering in the Miami are called Lee D. Swanger in the Miami area and have asked him if he did the work for IH and Rossi but got no answer- as normal.

c) IMPORTANT! The ERV is a nuclear engineer and I hope he has proved beyond any doubt that LENR is actually a NUCLEAR EUNUCH - that is strong and very hard working but absolutely unable to emit any ionizing or harmful radiations.
If it generates plenty of excess heat, let's forget any other signs that it is nuclear- indeed we should not mix (confuse) the points of view!!!

d) An other involved party is the Customer- I hope it will come out from the hiding
will accept its own positive role in this story and will tell interesting things.

e) We have to learn about the basic performances. For global COP as you perhaps remember- my prediction was 21. As you know the standard explanation I give my wife for my blunders is "great men make great errors" but now I hope it is not the case.

Very important is the power densities range W/grams fuel here I think 1000 will be a typical or minimal value. Anyway this will learn us to define a genuine Rossi Effect Replication. It is not " You have a bird, I have a bird" issue. Size and weight of the birds matters. There is not OK if, in Europe, you have a bustard I have a robin, or in the US you have a fat turkey and I have a humming bird.


1)Andrea Rossi
March 29, 2016 at 1:44 PM

While I cannot release the report publicaly at this time, I can state that I am very pleased with the results.

I hope that Industrial Heat and I will be able to release the report publicaly in the near future.
May God help us for the hard work waiting for us all.
Warm Regards,
Dr Andrea Rossi, CEO of Leonardo Corporation

E-Cat 1MW Plant Test Results Watch Thread (Update #3 Andrea Rossi has the ERV Report — Is “Very Pleased” With It)

Rossi: We received ERV’s Report - Very pleased with results!

Later Rossi wrote about the ERV- a person, it seems not an organization:

March 29, 2016 at 10:58 PM

Dr Andrea Rossi:
Can you give us the characteristics of the ERV ?
1- age
2- education
3- professional experience
4- has also due experience in certification of plants?
5- who paid his work and all his expenses ?
Thank you if you can answer,
Andrea Rossi
March 29, 2016 at 11:40 PM

I think I can answer without NDA violation to your questions. Here are the answers:
1- around 50- 55
2- Doctorate in Nuclear Engineering
3- Nuclear power plants
4- yes
5- fifty-fifty Leonardo Corporation and Industrial Heat
Warm Regards,

This news in Russian'

2) Live LENR Test By Brian Albiston

3) Mats' Lewan's LENR World Symposium: 

A radically new energy source..
Updated:list of speakers

4) Lenr Ecat , 1 year field test positive result

5) 10 Days To The Next Tease, Or ???

6) We’re Not Going To Make It… Without Real Sacrifice
Submitted by IWB, on March 30th, 2016

"The future is gong to be very different from the past. And the only thing that could come along to ameliorate the situation from an energy-food-survival standpoint would be a brand new source of energy. Something along the lines of workable, scalable fusion or if LENR (Low-Energy Nuclear Reaction) pans out and is quickly adopted."



Quantum Hydrogen-Bond Symmetrization and High-Temperature Superconductivity in Hydrogen Sulfide

There seems to be a connection between hydrides metalized by the application of high pressure, superconductivity onset, and the onset of the LENR reaction. It has been determined that the high pressure modifies the nature of molecular bonds which bring about superconductivity.

These new theoretical recently published results suggest that the quantum nature of hydrogen - meaning that it can behave like a particle or a wave - strongly affects the recently discovered hydrogen Sulphur superconductor, a compound that when subjected to extremely high pressure, is the highest-temperature superconductor yet identified. This research is new step towards understanding the underlying physics of high temperature superconductivity.

These new theoretical results suggest that the quantum behavior of hydrogen may be the reason for the onset of superconductivity, as it changes the structure of the chemical bonds between atoms. 

In the strange world of quantum physics, according to a rule known as Heisenberg's uncertainty principle, in any situation in which a particle has two linked properties, only one can be measured and the other must be uncertain.

When a molecule is compressed, the position of the hydrogen atoms is fixed and is less able to move. This makes the momentum more uncertain in these chemical bounds thus gaining energy.

Hydrogen, being the lightest element of the periodic table, is the atom most strongly subjected to quantum behavior. Its quantum nature affects structural and physical properties of many hydrogen compounds. An example is high-pressure ice, where quantum fluctuations of the proton lead to a change in the way that the molecules are held together, so that the chemical bonds between atoms become symmetrical.

The researchers behind the current study believe that a similar quantum hydrogen-bond symmetrisation occurs in the hydrogen sulphide superconductor.

Theoretical models that treat hydrogen atoms as classical particles predict that at extremely high pressures, the atoms sit exactly halfway between two Sulphur atoms, making a fully symmetrical structure. However, at lower pressures, hydrogen atoms move to an off-center position, forming one shorter and one longer bond.

The researchers have found that when considering the hydrogen atoms as quantum particles behaving like waves, they form symmetrical bonds at much lower pressures - around the same as those used for the German-led experiment, meaning that quantum physics, and symmetrical hydrogen bonds, were behind the record-breaking superconductivity.

"That we are able to make quantitative predictions with such a good agreement with the experiments is exciting and means that computation can be confidently used to accelerate the discovery of high temperature superconductors," said study co-author Professor Chris Pickard of Cambridge's Department of Materials Science & Metallurgy.
According to the researcher's calculations, the quantum symmetrisation of the hydrogen bond has a tremendous impact on the vibrational and superconducting properties of hydrogen sulphide. "In order to theoretically reproduce the observed pressure dependence of the superconducting critical temperature the quantum symmetrisation needs to be taken into account," said the study's first author, Ion Errea, from the University of the Basque Country and Donostia International Physics Center.

The discovery of such a high temperature superconductor suggests that room temperature superconductivity might be possible in other hydrogen-rich compounds. The current theoretical study shows that in all these compounds, the quantum motion of hydrogen can strongly affect the structural properties, even modifying the chemical bonding, and the electron-phonon interaction that drives the superconducting transition.

2) Theory and computation have played an important role in the hunt for superconducting hydrides under extreme compression," said Pickard. "The challenges for the future are twofold - increasing the temperature towards room temperature, but, more importantly, dramatically reducing the pressures required."

Metallization of yttrium hydride (YH3) and the perovskite hydrides CaCoH: and CaNiH3 both showing LENR activity produce superconductivity. Another possible route to a metallic hydrogen substitute at significantly lower pressure might be through the ternary hydrides. The lowest pressure induced superconductor is Lithium Aluminum hydride that metalizes at 43 GPa. In a ternary hydride, the heaver that the third element is, the lower that the metallization pressure becomes. Replacing aluminum with a heavier element will reduce the pressure required for metallization making LENR easier to achieve.

Reaction of the ruthenium diamine complex CpRu(tmeda)Cl (tmeda = tetramethylethylenediamine) with LiAlH4 afforded the novel pentaruthenium cluster Cp5Ru5H7 in the tbp geometry. The pentaruthenium cluster 2 shows a dynamic process, including site exchange between the axial and the equatorial metal atoms, via a novel type of pseudorotation.

The reaction of the ruthenium diamine complex CpRu(tmeda)Cl (1; Cp = η5-C5H5) with LiAlH4 afforded the novel pentaruthenium cluster Cp5Ru5H7 (2) in the tbp geometry. The mixed-ligand cluster Cp4Cp*Ru5H7 (4; Cp* = η5-C5Me5) was derived in a similar manner from 1 and Cp*Ru(acac). Complex 2 exhibits a new type of fluxional behavior that involves exchange of the CpRu groups among the axial sites and the equatorial sites. The use of this compound might be why the Lugano fuel contained molybdenum. 


Fusion for Energy signs 140 million EUR with French companies for the ITER project (EN) (Fusion for Energy)

How to make metal alloys that stand up to hydrogen
Perhaps LENR will need them!

State Energy 2016- Raleigh N.C. (conferencesignalled by David French)


Do not fear failure': The best pieces of life advice from General George S. Patton
(borrowed from Miki Saxon's MAPping Company Success)

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I  predict that the coming LENR era will be based on systems thinking, design thinking and a very broad interdisciplinary approach to the problems.
This morning I have read a fine paper about interdisciplinarity as lived and created by Prof, Neri Oxman (see LENR IN CONTEXT-1) suggesting kind of natural symbiosis beween the disciplines.
Interdisciplinarity is not a new concept, it appears repeatedly in my PhD Thesis for which I have worked from 1971 to 1982 )on morphology of suspension poly-vinyl chloride. However it is a growing and fast renewable concept able to gain news senses, uses and modes. Neri Oxman is speaking about enhanced interdisciplinarity
calling it entanglement- really relevant for us, isn't it?

I believe LENR is  a spearhead, or future leader and example of the trend of augmented and deepened interdisciplinarity and nuclear physics alone will not be able to cope with the problems. There will be entangled technological, scientific, managerial, business, philosophical disciplines collaborating to create the LENR Era.
I have the impression you can find an almost complete list of those disciplines in my Ego Out writings.
Please agree with the title of this posting!
I think that it cannot be created a Theory-of- Everything-LENR based only on Physics.

Note: oldie but goldie: 
Ten Cheers for Interdisciplinarity: The Case for Interdisciplinary Knowledge and Research 


1) E- Website Updated to Reflect Relationship with Hydro Fusion (Becktemba)

2) Are LeonardoCorp, IndustrialHeat and HydroFusion the only #LENR #ECAT Licensees Left?

3) Alexander Prosvirnov:"Trends and tendances of the technological revolution."

4) News from China- via LENR FORUM
The experimental replication of the significant abnormal exothermic phenomenon observed with the Rossi E-CAT apparatus."

Translated by Bob Higgins
"An abnormal exothermic phenomenon was observed between nickel and lithium aluminum hydride fuel. The exothermic reaction lasted for 150 minutes. The temperature measured by the thermocouple at the outer wall of the reaction vessel was maintained 40-50 °C higher than the temperature of the thermocouple is installed between the reaction vessel and the furnace tube. This temperature rise is estimated to correspond to 100 watts of excess heat produced within the reaction vessel. An excess heat of 100 watts with an input power 682 watts is a ratio of 0.14 [and a COP of 1.14]. Multiplying the 150 minute duration by the ~100 watts of excess heat, the excess energy is calculated to be approximately 0.9 MJ. The maximum possible energy yield of the chemical reaction to 36 kJ; thus, the excess energy measured in this experiment exceeds the possible chemical energy by a factor of 25. Follow-up experiments will continue to attempt to improve the excess heat output. Acknowledgements: This work was supported by the China Institute of Atomic Energy. The author is grateful for guidance by his teacher, Song Jiang! Postscriptum: The author supplied the following image of the hot reaction vessel being extracted from the tube furnace during an experiment. The image elucidates well the assembly and thermocouple placement."

The translation:

5) From Andrea Rossi's blog

Gerard McEk
March 29, 2016 at 6:11 AM

Dear Andrea,
Can you give us impression how it is for you to wait for the ERV report? Is it nails-biting? Can you sleep? Are you nervous? Or does the work on the QuarkX extract your attention from that?
How do you think the energy market would react when you would start to massively produce E-cats?
Thanks, kind regards, Gerard
Andrea Rossi
March 29, 2016 at 7:58 AM

Gerard McEk:
I am just patiently waiting for it. Obviously I am very anxious. F9.
About how the market will react if Leonardo Corporation will produce massively the E-Cats: if the product is good, they will buy it.
Warm Regards,


How Nature Can Inspire New Technologies
We are entering an "age of entanglement" - of disciplines

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When in a discussion about Technology you have to use "impossible" -the word must always be followed by a comma, and the words "but" or "however"

There are so many good quotations re the so-called IMPOSSIBLE please find them 
on the Web, I simply cannot choose.

My Australian friend Doug Marker has sent today a very important message, point of view regarding the ERV Report which we will see rather soon.  It is by a personality with a superior expertise in management and business (leader positions at IBM)
See please it below after News.
What it teaches us is that beyond science, technology, engineering, energy- the ERV Report has many more implications, in business strategy, economics, psychology and law, politics in many senses.
If you are a genuine professional as the author, then your "noblesse oblige" is to try by all means a holistic and holographic vision of your (research) problem. See it in the broadest context..

The first aspect revealed by the author is one of possible great impact- the source of heat, even if real is, according to the dominant scientific dogma, IMPOSSIBLE and being a miracle still now, will have problems with getting the approval and later the blessing of the official equivalent of the Inquisition.
What the expert says about the context and what he teaches us about the investors is a must read too.
It is a privilege to publish this in EGO OUT- and I hope the expert will participate at the analysis- in the largest sense of the ERV Report when accessible.


1) LENR: Lots of Rumors, Little Facts

2) COLD FUSION NOW's updated fine list of coming LENR Events:

3) NTPC Organizes Third LENR-India Forum Meeting

The 3rd LENR-India discussion forum meeting was jointly organised by NETRA, R&D wing of NTPC Ltd and National Institute of Advanced Studies (NIAS) in Bangalore recently.
Cold fusion or Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) technology is under research for achieving energy generated in sun and other stars of the solar system in a controlled manner which shall be devoid of nuclear wastes  for the use of mankind. NTPC is associating with two such collaborative research projects for feasibility study of LENR for energy generation with IIT, Bombay and development of metal hydride based hydrogen gas purification system with IIT, Guwahati .
Dr Baldev Raj, Director, NIAS and Research Advisory Council Member (RAC), NETRA and Dr R Krishnan, Former Director, GTRE (DRDO), Bangalore chaired the meeting attended by experts from various national institutes, academia and industry. Current R&D status of the technology was presented by Dr M Srinivasan, Formerly Associate Director, BARC. Dr V. Jayan, DGM (NETRA), represented NTPC in the meeting.

I have asked the leader of LENR activity in India, 89'er Cold Fusionist  Mahadeva Srinivasan, to tell us a bit more about the Meeting (till an official report will be issued) and it is: 
The meeting took place on 19th March at the National Institute of Advanced Studies (NIAS) in Bangalore.

The good news is that over a dozen Institutes/Universities/Labs have signed up.. After a gap of 20 years India will have a dozen Institutes/Laboratories working on various LENR related problems. In four centres there are two separate groups each.This makes a total of 16 research groups in all!

The meeting itself was funded by the R & D wing of the National Thermal Power Corporation or NTPC. NTPC are the largest power generation company (public sector corporation generating 53,000 MWe) in India. They are interested in distributed and clean energy. They are watching LENR!

NTPC has to begin with funded one group out of the 12. But most of the other groups don't have much funding so far. But they are all young and enthusiastic and will bring fresh insights to the LENR field.

I know at least 4 of the groups are planning to attempt to replicate a Parkhamov type set up. Some will set up simple electrolytic cells.One professor has done glow discharge studies with Ni wire electrodes in hydrogen gas. Another group has done carbon Arc under water expts. One group is very interested in Microbial  Transmutation of the Vysotskii type. Another group has already carried out seed germination Biological transmutation. There is a proposal to try and replicate the Patterson Power cell type thin film cathode Miley type experiment. Since D2O is expensive I suspect most will study Ni-H configurations to begin with. Four of the groups are already involved in Hydrogen storage experiments. They have to adapt their experiments to answer LENR related questions. 

You have asked about ideology/strategy.  We are going to leave it to the choice of the professors involved to select their own "strategy". The overall objective is to carry out good carefully conducted experiments with a view to throw more light on the Science behind LENR. I am trying to involve some of the international stalwarts to mentor some of the groups directly. I do not claim to be an expert on all or any of the sub subtopics. I shall certainly offer my personal viewpoints/suggestions/recommendations etc; but I would encourage the groups to use their own intuition and expertise and ask basic questions themselves. To put it differently let them make their own mistakes! Not mine!

I am confident that these 12 groups will interact among themselves and exchange ideas. I am sure you will agree the field needs young blood and that is precisely what we have brought on the Table. In course of time this new fresh thrust will acquire its own momentum. 

When the meeting report is ready I hope we can release the names of the principal investigators, their affiliation, research background etc. They will at liberty to interact with like minded groups elsewhere in the world.

A great perspective, great thanks to Chino Srinivasan and warmest wishes of success for the LENR activity in the India subcontinent!

4) It's about Mats Lewan's LENR World Symposium:                                                         Summer/conferences , Dr. Steve Bannister Invited Speaker
5) Tax Effects of Free Energy: When States can be Great Enemies of the Energy Revolution (Ricardo Grasselli)                                                                                 
6) Many interesting exchanges at Andrea Rossi's blog; this one sounds encouraging:

March 28, 2016 at 3:58 AM

Dr Andrea Rossi:
So the report of the 350 days test of the 1 MW E-Cat will be delivered within the 15th of April: good, it is not so far…let’s wait patiently for it.
Congratulations for your fantastic US Patent.

Andrea Rossi
March 28, 2016 at 7:14 AM

You are right.
Warm Regards,

7) At April 01 2016 at 11:00, in  the Column Hall of the Physics Institute of the Russian Academy of Science, it will take place the Seminar No 1124 -on LENR

It is actually No 1124 from the series:" Neutrino- and nuclear astrophysics" named after G.T. Zatsepin

The paper "Low temperature nuclear reactions in crystalline structures (review of the experimental work performed at the GELIS device of the PhISAc)
Authors: A.V. Bagulian, O.D. Dalkarov, M.A. Negodaev, A. S. Rusetskii.
Access data given  and two sites Сайт1   Сайт2
Title: 'The IH/Rossi ERV Report'
Doug Marker (dsm). Sydney Australia.

This author has have held off commenting on the awaited IH/Rossi ‘ERV’ report as it has seemed to me there is a clear unreality in expectations as to what would be reported, what could be reported and just what level of success the report might disclose.

What we know is that the 12 month test was with a Rossi 1MW Ecat device claimed to produce anomalous heat where the source of that heat appears to defy known science and for which no adequate scientific theory exists. Is it nuclear ?, is it isotopic-shift ?, is there a combined chemical/nuclear process taking place ?. 

No one really knows. The critics fall back on existing understandings of the energy required to break the Coulomb barrier and say this ‘LENR new energy’  is junk science. Most LENR supporters promote descriptions of processes that allow atoms and their nuclei (i.e. as in muon catalyzed fusion) to be forced so close together that the strong force recombines the nuclei particles releasing energy. Some see Neutron capture (Lundin&Ligren), Widom & Larson see a result from SPPs summarized as ‘neutron formation from electrons and protons/deuterons, followed by local neutron absorption and subsequent beta-decay processes ‘.  There are other LENR theories. 
By contrast, the Randall Mills' process is said to exploit an atomic state where the electron in an H atom can be made to drop to lower than ground state and in doing so release large bursts of light energy within a particular spectrum band. Mills states that unlike LENR, his process is non nuclear. The Mills process and theories are certainly interesting as too are the other various LENR ideas.

Many general observers of the stories seem  to believe that both parties in the IH/Rossi test *owe* it to them for IH or Rossi to disclose the full results. That is IMHO (and from a business perspective) unrealistic, and something of a fantasy. If this author were IH, I would never disclose *any such detail* beyond the bare minimum information required to meet legal obligations to all parties involved. The disclosures only need to be such that other businesses could draw their own *business* conclusions and consider entering into secure discussions with IH on future ventures in the countries that they have secured rights for. It is no secret that ‘Energy’ is a multi trillion dollar business. IH did not enter into this venture to entertain the expectant the public.
So, IMHO, any other expectations (or demands) of IH and Rossi, are  unrealistic and somewhat self serving. IH only owes disclosure of results to itself and in a broader sense, to its investors (they do not even need to disclose the blow-by-blow detail to them).  Rossi would have a very strong desire to have his technology endorsed as that would elevate his position in the 'new energy' stakes and would give great credence to any other claims he makes (and he makes many). Any serious investors with significant existing energy portfolios would want a swift yes/no answer as to if ‘new energy’ is real and if yes, then *time* to re-organize their investments and positions.

As mentioned above, some of the IH & Woodford investors are very likely to have significant need to know as to if new energy has been discovered and would in no way want 'everyone' to know this ahead of their own ability to re position their enterprises and to adapt to an expected dramatic shift in global energy supply and the energy supply-chain processes.

A hypothetical illustration: (*not* tendered as a supporting fact), take the recent decision by the Saudis to sell off Aramco !.  If anyone doesn’t see great significance in that announcement late last year, then it would be worth doing some homework. Add to that the heirs to the Rockefeller oil fortune have issued statements (repeated in today's international news) that they are diversifying out of fossil fuels (in 2 years down from 7% to 3.5% of their holdings, and going lower). Whatever conclusions one comes to, the moves are dramatic and interesting.
What if (and this bit *can* be assumed to have real substance) the Saudis are among the investors in IH/Woodford and let us speculate that they (various Saudi oil interests) have been investigating  ‘new energy’ potential for some years. Accepting this scenario, how are they likely to react if IH via the ERV report, publicly broadcast resounding success of the IH/Rossi test. Think about it !. 
Add to this that IH as part of their deal with Rossi obtained certain rights to the main parts of the Middle East including Saudi Arabia.

So if IH were to release too much unnecessary or sweeping  details of their progress, some investors might decide IH is not really acting in their particular investment interests and IH is just grandstanding. Also, if the test were considered a failure, why would IH want to trumpet that ?. But, either way, they might be tempted to let the broader community think there was failure in order to gain greater time to position their own and their investors interests. It is naive in the extreme to think IH would broadcast resounding success of the IH/Rossi test and that Rossi would quickly open a working factory in a few months. This is in the author's opinion, very naive but what so many observers seem to expect. Yes Rossi has hinted at himself doing just this (he has mentioned an announcement in Sweden later this year) but Rossi hints at many similar things that later don’t take place. His history is littered with claims  to open robot factories . Andrea Rossi is a grand Ringmaster and deserves credit for his shows. However, no matter what one thinks of this behavior, Rossi is still the Ringmaster in charge.

In the recent IH/Rossi 12 month test. It is (as commentators have so often said) unreal to accept that the testers and Rossi, did not have a pretty good appreciation of energy in - energy out, even  in broad terms, during the test, perhaps even before.

It is also somewhat incredible for anyone (and plenty have) to claim that there was no ERV entity or sanctioned report being produced from the claimed test. It must be painfully obvious that IH and Tom Darden were seeking a convincing test that would produce very strong evidence that the reported anomalous heat was real, and that the device has a usable lifespan, and that there were no discernible dangers from radiation or other potential hazards. The energy theory can come later. It also seems that Rossi’s constant presence in the test device was a statement of safety that had meaning for the overall test 'he bet his life on the safety aspect'.

The IH 'test' initiative was a very valid and a very useful one even if it actually proved the Rossi process didn't deliver. Some critics of IH and Woodford clearly fail to grasp the significance of what IH undertook and what the answer means to many of the investors. They shared the risk as the answer good or bad has great value to them. One may even ask if this 12 month test and any more delays, bought another 12+ months for savvy investors with energy portfolios, to plan their futures and realign their portfolios accordingly. Is this what the Saudis and the Rockefellers are doing ?. Time will tell, but when it does, the party and re-positioning may already be over in the investment sense.


It seems to me if the measure of success is the production of excess heat that Rossi would know how the ERV went. But the criteria for successfully passing the 1 year test may be the production of ionizing radiation or the lack of it. Rossi has spent many years in beating back the occasional bursts of ionizing radiation from his various E-Cat prototypes; control and radiation where his concerns. We know that the ERV test director is a person with long years of experience in the nuclear industry. He may have set up radiation detectors all throughout the shipping container to check for any appearance of a radiation burst. 

Rossi would have no way to predict that his technology is radiation free. This is his reason for the F9 response in terms of the ERV test. If any radiation is seen coming out of the X-Cat, that would put Rossi in a very difficult spot with NRC and FDA regulation and licensing.


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