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The transition to LENR should be the most important projecr of this century.
(Michel Vanderberghe).

Found in the Ukrainian journal Oil Review Kiev which deserves lot of attention.


 a) Michel Vanderberghe has also told about an important thinker:Francois Roddier 

whose ideas (to be studied!) will surely be useful for the correct LENR ideology.

b) Adrian Ashfield review of the present situation in LENR frontlines:

1 He will be "connected" to Mats Lewan's symposium in Sweden in June
2 The location of the E-Cat X plant will be disclosed at 1.
3 He hopes the E-Cat X plant will be installed in April.
4 The trial for the E-Cat X plant will be over in 2016.
5 The 1 MW plant production will start pending a satisfactory ERV report.

6  He thinks he, together with Prof. Cook are very close to a good theory7. Despite rumors to the contrary, IH 's license covers all the E-Cats
8. IH say they are evaluating the evidence to plan future steps.  It maybe that the E-CatquarkX is so much better that the original E-Cat design will be dropped.

Russia, China and the US are planning to spend major funds getting to Mars.  Russia is talking about a nuclear powered rocket to do the trip in six weeks.   If the E-Cat X can produce electricity directly, it might be used for an ion drive with great advantage. The next disputed territory may be space.

Remarkable ability to make reviews.


1) Rossi: Small E-Cat Prototype Units are 100 W Called ‘Quarks’ (Update#3 — Rossi: E-Cat QuarkX to be First Introduced in USA )

2) From Gregory Goble:
LENR NRNF Low Energy Nuclear Reaction NonRadioactive Nuclear Flight US and EU Applied Engineering

5) Expert criticizes the nuclear part of the plan of Ukrainian authorithy 
Эксперт раскритиковала ядерную часть плана КМУ на 2016 год

7) Have you read these interesting scientific papers?


(only the first two presentations translated today I had to work with my grandchildren.)

The first presentation by Jean Paul Biberian has described the history of Cold Fusion. There were shown some results before the F&P press conference- as those of Otto Reifenschweiler at Philips in the 70s, Kuev (1986), neutrons observed when hitting deuterium oxide ice with a hammer,then in 1989 by Derjaguin in TiD emission of neutrons under shock.
The conference of F&P was a key moment; Fleischmann and Pons being well known. Fleischmann was member of the royal science academy and discoverer of the enhanced Raman Effect while Pons was the director of the Dept. of Physics at the Utah University (non-administrative job in the US)
The conference was followed by failures, successes, by false positives,. The theorists have told that this is impossible and the APS has declared that cold fusion does not exist putting a lid on the subject. In their experiment, Fleischmann and Pons have used an isoperibolic calorimeter very smart, simple and precise. however very few have reproduced it because an extreme competence is necessary for this. Mc Kubre has reproduced the experiment differently- he was a student of Fleischmann specialized in the charging of PdH.
It was also presented Arata's experiment with the cave cathode. One of the results was fior example 24W after 1200 hours of work.
Replication by McKubre has included spectroscopic analyses and has lead to the discovery of not only He4 but also of the very rare He3.
The experiments of Dennis Letts and Dennis Cravens were also shown. In ana electrochemical F&P cell when a laser is applied the cell start to work and the 1MW laser leads to the release of 300 mW excess heat. This experiment was modified by applying two lasers with different frequencies forming an intervallum THz variable and a kind of resonance spectrum was observed for the anomalous heat.
The experiments of Dardik from the Energetics society- analyzed by Robert Duncan, (director of the Physics Dept of Missouri Univ)  for the TV show 60 Minutes and have convinced Duncan to perform LENR research Heat releases up to 40 W for an excitation of 0.74W (COP=25) were observed due to the use of superwave excitation.
It was discussed about the NANOR, developed by Hagelstein and Swartz-working with Pd covered with ZrO2 excited by pulsed current.
The author spoke about the experiments in which He4 was measured. F&P have measured He4 but have not published the results.
Arata in Japan has also measured He4 with a precise mass spectrometer this being necessary in order to differentiate He4 and DD. He has made a good difference by using  cryogenic trap for DD.
Les Case an engineer has tested many catalysts for seeing if it can be obtained anomalous heat
and has observed that palladium on coconut coal is active. McKubre has observed that that the production of He4 and the production of heat are proportional, 31MeV+/-13 for an atom of  He4. 
For transmutations, Iwamura's experiments were invoked. These were part of a 5 years project of the Japanese government launched in 1993 for stating if Cold Fusion works. The results were not satisfactory and the project was taken over by Mitsubishi Heavy Industry.
In the experiments of Iwamura D2 goes through a sandwich of Pd and CaO in thin layers covered with compounds as Cesium, Samarium, Barium. It can be observed with 
a spectrograph with X-rays, XPS that transmutations evolve in time as Cs+4D=>Pr. Ba+6D=>Sm, and it was verified that no contamination can take place(for example the presence of only Mo96)

There also are other experiments of permeation. Fralick's experiments )NASA 89) who has used hydrogen filters from palladium. has observed heat but not neutrons contrary to his reports. At th change of filters the reaction becomes endothermic. 
Fralick has reproduced the experiment in 2011 while Biberian and Armanet (presents here at the conference) have reproduced it in 2005.
  • Arata has made experiments with Pd on Zr)2 in an environment of  100 bars of deuterium and has obtained heat.
  • Piantelli has made experiments with nickel and light hydrogen with a rod of nickel
  • with the two ends of the rod at different temperatures and has observed heat. For tritium, Claytor at Los Alamos has observed in PdH experiments for neutrons. jones has also observed a few T. Scaramuzzi in Italy has observed it with TiD2, while Jiand with TiD2 and UD3.
  • For the detection of alpha particles, Fisher have observed then during an experimentwith deuterium and compounds of Pd and ZrO2.
  • As a conclusion, Jean Paul Biberian has listed the countries most active in LENR as USA, China, Japan,Russia, Italy and the less active as United Kingdom, France Ireland, Koreea, Hungary.

The second presentation, by Mathieu Valat has shown the work and results of MFMP. The dogbone and especially the "bang" were quite instructive- in the frame of Parkhomov style experiments. This has lead to the development of the glowstick more simple.
The incoherence in the Lugano report were found out especially the emissivity' of the IR  supposed for the camera (discussion of values)
The exchange with Piantelli has given MFMP key information. It is important to not have any oxygen in the cell..
The nickel powder coming from Ni carbonyl has a structure with a high specific surface. The procedure of charging needs sequences with plateaus around the Debye temperature and later above the Curie temperature.
The compound LiH4Al has been found quite practical while its evolution during the process is release of hydrogen and other products.
It seems to be important to create a precipitate of Li on the nickel
Bob Higgins was revealed to have the key competences about this process.
MFMP in California makes a tour of the labs in order to find He3 detectors of neutrons
not used. These will allow better instrumentation of the experiments and performing better experiments.
There are diverse replications in course, in California, in New Mexico by Bob Higgins and in France. Also at SKINR, the  Czech Republic, by Brian Albiston and many other places.


It is not easy to be green- said Kermit- if I remember well:
One of the world's greatest solar facilities is in trouble:


From Gerry McGovern's New Thinking

Collaboration and leadership everywhere


  1. Of course the leadership article is just what I think. Teams can be formed within large organizations that is true. See Google. However, I think the ultimate benefit will appear when teams are formed by individuals. By definition such teams are short-lived and exist only to resolve an issue.
    In my thinking I base the idea on the fact that freedom is a corner stone in our evolution. Freedom is most full filling when the 'overhead' is minimal.
    I like the idea that we can submit to all threats (robots, no jobs etc.) or we can see that this is just the beginning of a period of great evolution. Long healthy lives, inexpensive energy, easy instantaneous communication.
    I see only one problem - it is one generation or two too late for me:)

  2. The article ondark energy is speculative, but from page 16 onward it focuses on microscopic ball lightning a a new magnetic phenomenon. I think this is at the core of LENR.

    1. I am just tanslatinmg about this paper.
      DEAR BRIAN- have you posted on Indeependent e-catnews tah you want to be in the Pantheon of Rossi DENYERS (this spelling) or is it a fake.
      Brian Josepson was there but not the Nobelist a false one.