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Especially in technology, we need revolutionary change, not incremental change. (Larry Page)


a) "Incremental" is just a bit worse than dead for a disruptive technology

Being optimistic, we thought Cold fusion will be a disruptive energy technology but the initial Fleischmann-Pons effect itself was disrupted, broke down and it is in a state of relative non-progression till today. The heroic work of many bright researcher has helped the field (now LENR) to survive and we have accumulated a lot of data, information, and knowledge but only fragments of wisdom. I will repeat it till death -it is nobody's fault- it is the direct result of the problem technologically insoluble/impossible in the given frame.
These 27 years almost have given me two - somewhat complimentary certainties:
- the basic LENR phenomenon is real- excess heat exists;
- the same phenomenon is severely limited in the original set-up, cannot be made viable, useful and developed there despite being existent;

As long as LENR stays in its cradle it will be erratic, uncontrollable, unscalable, weak and transient- indistinguishable from hopeless.
I am very unhappy writing about this techno-tragedy.

This is why I have given the Motto- you do not see the problem- it is the future of LENR- it must be technological or it will not be at all. The initial dream and promise of the discoverers and founders was a new source of energy not a pre-scientific reality making very slow, incremental- if any progress for 27 years- a mystery if you wish. Yes it is real- but in a specific way, mixed with bad an not explained lack of repeatability, weakness, short duration. We can say that the explanation for this is that appearance of NAE is a RARE event but the problem is also very real. No progress, actually.We, fighting for LENR's future have a social responsibility and this seriously RE-thinking what is the original Cold fusion a la Fleischmann and Pons-worth especially as possibilities of development. I dare to say that for this case- not or LENR as a field- my optimism is moribund at the best.
I know this is a very risky statement- my best kept personal secret -the two figures - - of my IQ will become public- but I would be so happy if a successful experiment will falsify my dreadful ideas!

This mental process has started many years ago, I started to think something is strange and different in LENR-land and technology will be more efficient than the scientific method in solving the essential problem. We will find means yto make excess heat powerful, long-lasting prior to understand it completely (because it is orders of magnitude more complex and diversified than usually considered).

Andrea Rossi who is far from being perfect-  is the outsider/intruder in the field who seems to make "Why Technology, first?" a reality but has mixed this achievement with uncertainty and claims of advanced nuclear science- actually he has used engineering first of all.
We will hopefully get the certainty that he has succeeded in the coming two weeks..

To be "educated"- means to be able to cope with any situation this and includes a high degree of immunity to surprises. I have told you that 80% of the surprises are bad.

I hope we will have a surpriseless happy 27th anniversary of the Cold Fusion dream and we will start to build systematically islands of LENR rationality!

b) à la guerre comme à la guerre

This comment is delayed one day; I want to tell my opinion sincerely but with a lot of censorship about the two anti- Industrial Heat attacks signalled in the previopus issue of Ego Out::

Andrea Rossi’s Partner Tom Darden & Cherokee Investment Partners, LLC Fined by SEC 

(today it was added the news that Rossi's partner Sterling Allan was arrested for sexual crimes)

Yes, there are no rules in a total war everything is allowed, dirty meany inhuman deeds, cowardly tricks, crimes anything- however with an unique precondition: to be EFFECTIVE, to help your cause. And exactly effectiveness is missing from these attacks- the first one is a molehill shown as a mountain nothingness- any investor has some problems with the SEC; how could this organization survive without fines? 
The other one is even less convincing Industrial Heat's sin is shown by what they don't do! Specifically they have not showcased the E-Cat at the ARPA Summit. A great list of energy technologies from the Summit is given and all are very interesting however orders of magnitude more modest than the claim of a new energy source.
Industrial Heat had no reasons to take the E-Cat to the summit- finita la comedia!

P.S. Ed Storms thinks the new <transition metals-light hydrogen> processes can learn a lot from the PdD process especially about the best conditions of work . I am not convinced - due to the difference in working temperatures and due to the very different nuclear behavior of the deuteron and the proton- other species.But the future will show it..


1) Cold Fusion Fleischmann-Pons effect:
by Edmund Storms and Jed Rothwell

2) Mats Lewan's new paper discussed here
Finally: This is possibly how the E-Cat works - Mats Lewan
Mats Lewan Proposes Possible E-Cat Mechanism

3) Bill Gates Predicts Energy Miracle in the Next 15 years:

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6) From Jim Sweeney:
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7) Nuclear Fusion Induced by X-rays in a Crystal (Arxiv.org)


New insights into atomic disordering of complex metal oxides:

A study could soon pay dividends in the development of materials with energy-related applications.

Thanks to the reader callled LENR-Lurker:Artificial Magnetic Monopoles Created


  1. Hello Peter
    I think Rossi is the only one TRULY in the FIELD.
    Everyone else is still climbing the fence.

  2. To Energy Scam people.
    How does being interviewed by someone
    make them your partner.
    What does the type of charges against
    Allan have to do with Energy.
    I like to see a company pay there fines
    and get on with business.

    1. Strange ethics and not very smart- anything goes is not effective you destroy your own reputation first

  3. Come on Peter, why so pessimistic suddenly? Yes the war on the truth of LENR will be hard and foul, but the gost is out of the bottle. Nearly daily new replications are announced. New exiting theories are being developed. If MFMP announces a second replication using their recipe, than things will go fast. The New Fire is neigh, as Bob says. Regards, Marc

    1. Dear Marc,

      It must be a confusion here- Sam and I are speaking about the nasty and unfair attacks of the EnergyScams people- nothing to do with optimism or pessimism.
      I also hope MFMP will attain great (high intensity excess heat results)
      Friendly greetings to you,

  4. TNX, I obviously read it wrong, but that is a relieve! I thought that our greatest LENR pusher and optimist was fallen into dark pessimism. I enjoy reading your blog, please continue doing so as long as health allows. I wish you a great day!

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