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Moneytheism is senseless, limitless adoration of money. (Septoe No. 73)

The most spectacular case of means-replacing-aims is that of money- not more a means of buying and selling but a kind of sacred aim, Moneytheism is the dominant religion, consumerism is a social obligation that moves society, ads are ubiquitous. To be poor is the most unpardonable sin.(Ego Out, 2013)

Fate is never too generous even to its favorites. Rarely do the gods grant a mortal more than one immortal deed. (Stefan Zweig)


Today is the first day of the French Cold Fusion Symposium- so let's listen to the following aria created by Charles Gounod- it happens to be about gold, money, greed and I have put myself the painful question: money, its power, its religion of Moneytheism could do harm to LENR in this decisive hour of its history?

Listen the aria and read the text it is about Gold (money)  ruling the World:

"En attendant l'ERV"- waiting for the expert report starts to become a general obsession; the long-long-long wait after the long-long-long-long Test is generating waves of discontent and even Rossi repeats he has not seen the report yet- a complex and self-contradictory meandering situation.
We don't see the Chess board and the positions of the pieces - Rossi, Leonardo Corp, Industrial Heat, the Customer, the ERV, the accountant- whoever else is there- we are unable to evaluate forces and good moves.
If you don't have what you need, try to do the best with what you have is a standard positivist advice leading you to failure in 80% of the cases- but the good part is that you do not give up. I followed it, re-reading Industrial Heat's recent not well understandable statement. Assumption- IH wants to keep a monopoly, exclusive, position on its Territory as long as it is possible.  Inspired by this, I came to the feeling that there is a hidden musical structure in the statement very similar to this:

a fine lullaby. (re-read the statement when you listen it, please!)

The ERV Report will have the effect of a sudden awakening.

I am not stating, I am not accusing or insinuating, no, I would never dare; I am just ASKING and I humbly apologize if I am in error- isn't  this -painful for LENR postponing "sine die" of the ERV report (it must have a conclusion and a global COP value!) only a method to keep competitors far from awakening?
I hope it is a fundamentally stupid question because the wonderful example of the triumphant Information  Revolution demonstrates that the  Energy Revolution will be also based on the coopetion of hundreds and thousands of companies US- and world-wide.  


Rossi: Small E-Cat Prototype Units are 100 W Called ‘Quarks’ (Update#2: Quarks Can Work With Other Heat Sources):

NEOS New Planet BioEnergy... waiting for E-Day?

Symposium Francophone RNBE-2016 From today to Sunday
I wish them great success. One strange aspect: food mainly vegetarian.
we hope to read the papers soon.

The fifth part of the ETIAM Report
discussed here:
Etiam Inc. Publishes Testing Results: “Anomalous Generation of Thermal Energy Observed”

and here:

Sent by AXIL using Cold ffusion to kill bacteria New technique for rapidly killing bacteria using tiny gold disks and light


  1. Yes, Peter you are correct in asking that question. I do think that monneytheism is a part of all evolution and progress. Money are differently impacting the development. Sometimes it is a stronger force than any other reasons (Scientific, progress etc.), sometimes it is just a weak background noise, sometimes it is a positive factor and unfortunately sometimes a negative force. I think you are implying that the business side is playing chess with the rest of us. I think that is true. They have a monetary interest to defend and perhaps they are religious about it. If the chess game is to defend their position I am OK with it and think that any other behavior would be stupid - even criminal toward people that has taken the chance to invest. If it is a religion I think it will die soon and reality will make a few moves and that religion is chess mate.
    The market will certainly take care of that. IMHO.

  2. IMHO, Rossi partitions his reaction into two major steps, fuel preparation and on-line operation to avoid the burst radiation problem that MFMP has seen in their experiment.

    The analysis of the Lugano fuel sample presented in the Lugano report shows that Rossi uses an electrode make of tungsten doped with rare earth elements. This electrode could be a welding rod doped with rare earths to increase rod conductivity.

    Lanthanated tungsten electrodes (AWS classification EWLa-1.5) contain a minimum of 97.80 percent tungsten and 1.30 percent to 1.70 percent lanthanum, or lanthana, and are known as 1.5 percent lanthanated.

    The DC arc from the welding rods is used to sinter the 5 micron particles into a particle size profile as defined in Rossi’s patent: 1 to 100 microns with increased porosity of the resultant particles.

    In addition, the goal of the fuel preparation process is to produce metalize hydrogen which requires a very high nominal pressure of formation of 250,000 atmospheres.

    The pulsed high amperage DC arc produces a pressure based shock wave that in turn produces the high pressures required to generate the metalized hydrogen.

    The fuel pre-prep mix must also include lithium in pure form to reduce the pressure required to produce metalized hydrogen by up to 8 fold.

    Therefore, the lithium present in the fuel mix cuts the pressure to form metalize hydrogen to about 31,250 atmospheres. The shock wave from the DC arc and the molecular bonds that hold the hydrogen inside the Nano cracks of the porous nickel are sufficient to compress the hydrogen under high pressure to compression levels in which the metalized hydrogen hexagonal lattice will form.

    The online process where heat is applied to the metalized hydrogen activates the hydrogen nanoparticles into the LENR active state.

    As per Holmlid and supported by high levels of carbon in the Lagano fuel mix, Potassium doped graphite might also be present as a metalized hydrogen catalyst in the pre fuel mix.

    Because of the DC arc, the fuel prep process produces radiation in preference to heat, but an amount of metalized hydrogen nanoparticles is seeded into the porous nickel fuel particles. When the online process is activated by the application of high heat, EMF forms on the surface of the metalized hydrogen which makes this special type of hydrogen LENR active,

  3. A.R in prison and in checkmate in the game
    of life.Instead of giving up makes a move
    and studies C.F.
    Gets out PRAYS and many moves later is
    about to become King of Cold Fusion if F9
    Even Deep Blue would be impressed.

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  6. Irrational would say Mr Spoke :-)

  7. Irrational would say Mr Spoke :-)