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Yesterday we spoke about the Accountant; then what is more natural than to think now about Accountability in LENR?
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I sincerely want that Ego Out should remain in the history of blogging and of LENR as an example of accountability- therefore I take responsibility for each and every statement I make here. Let history of LENR judge me , I do not fear from the qualification of sinner, blasphemious, totally wrong, credulous, gaffe etc. I promise to not hide any of my unorthodox or heretic LENR ideas due to fear of unpopularity. By the way being unable to work in a lab or to organize a lab in my not existing garage as so many happy colleagues all I can try to do is thinking about LENR and its problems.
I am not scared that part of my statements will enter the collections of stupidest things ever told about LENR- I hope they will be trapped only temporary there and the future evolution of things will show that I was right. A statement for today:

 We could send even a billion dollars trying to make PdD in F&P Cells reproducible, intense and manageable but we will state that this is impossible. As better we will understand the PdD system, as more obvious it will be the inherent limits of it were already attain and as more evident it will become the fact that actually PdD is an underdeveloped, incomplete LENR variant unable to grow up as long as it is the cool cradle cell"
Two main causes of PdD's LENR incompleteness- the mechanism of continuous generation of active sites cannot work at low temperatures and the active surfaces are uncontrollably poisoned with alien gases, no deep degassing possible. Temperature impairment and dirtiness.

I am not a bit happy with this situation but I feel it is my professional duty to say it because I think it is true.

I hope accountability can be contagious and will help us to abandon false ideals, myths, neophobia and will generate courage to try and think new ways.


1) Industrial Heat involved in LENR research in China and around the World

At the official Russian site- here:

Broadcast 2666 Dr. Edmund Storms  LENR Updates
Tuesday 15 Mar 2016

Tuesday, March 15, 2016, 7-8:30 PM PDT (March 16, 2-3:30 GMT)
LENR updates with Dr. Edmund Storms.

Edmund Storms obtained a Ph.D. in radiochemistry from Washington University (St. Louis) and is retired from the Los Alamos National Laboratory after thirty-four years of service. His work there involved basic research in the field of high temperature chemistry as applied to materials used in nuclear power and propulsion reactors, including studies of the “cold fusion” effect. Over seventy reviewed publications and monographs resulted from this work as well as several books, all describing an assortment of material properties. After retiring from the LANL in 1991, he moved to Santa Fe, NM were he built a home and laboratory in which he has studied the subject. These studies have resulted in eighteen presentations to various conferences including the ACS and APS. In addition, twenty-three papers have been published including four complete scientific reviews of the field, one published in 1991, another in 1996 and 1998, and in 2000 (, with the latest in 2010 (Naturwissenschaften). In May 1993, he was invited to testify before a congressional committee about the “cold fusion” effect. In 1998, Wired magazine honored him as one of the 25 people who is making a significant contribution to new ideas. Based on his experimental experience and a complete library of the literature on the subject, he wrote a book about low energy nuclear reaction that was published by World Scientific Publishing in September, 2007. He continues to study the phenomenon in his laboratory in Santa Fe.

3) Mathisian Physics and LENR : A Preliminary and tentative Guide (Josh Guetzkov)

4) Six years of Rossi's thoughts visualized (Matt Sevrens)

5) First Heat calibrating a model T LENR reactor (Alan Smith)


Harold Jarche: "The future of Human Work"


  1. Hello Peter
    Good to see Mr Rossi answered you
    saying he was going to work at getting
    all parties to agree to releasing EVR report.

    1. Dear Sam,

      This arrangement would be good and useful for everybody
      including Rossi and partners.

    2. What Agreement did A.R. make regarding the ERV report? I predicted he would continue to delay its release. Recently, he said the report would require several more months!

      Where did he indicate otherwise?

    3. Sam North said that Rossi agreed to release the report. I predicted that he would delay, delay, delay! He siad they need several more months to release it. Nothing satisfactory will result from this charade.

    4. Actually, two days ago Rosi said- a couple of months (this means April 18(, now he will try to publish the essence of the ERV or the balance of the Accountant - energy bought vs energy sold till March 23. Let's hope he will do so indeed.

    5. Actually, two days ago Rosi said- a couple of months (this means April 18(, now he will try to publish the essence of the ERV or the balance of the Accountant - energy bought vs energy sold till March 23. Let's hope he will do so indeed.

  2. Regarding accountability, Scott Chubb arranged with the editor of the journal "Accountability in Research" to publish a special edition on cold fusion. It appeared in Volume 8, Numbers 1 and 2, in 2000 (162 Pages). The issues contained nine articles. Among the authors were Martin Fleischmann, John O'M. Bockris. S. E. Jones and George Miley.

  3. Perimeter Institute director Neil Turok discusses his point of view on whether we’re at “the end of physics”

    I think what people are sort of expressing is that we haven’t had a big revolution in physics. String theory was hoped for to be that revolution in the 1980s but it hasn’t really panned out in the sense that it hasn’t given a single prediction. Instead it’s given us a huge collection of theories where, if you like, there’s no overarching theory to tell which particular version of string theory is the one that describes the world. It’s almost self-destructed, I would say because it turned out to be not just one theory but this vast collection of theories which could all give different descriptions of the world.

    So I think that sort of theoretical catastrophe, as I view it — meaning the logical pursuit of quantum mechanics and relativity over a hundred years was tremendously successful at some level but finding its own successor theory, it hasn’t been successful. I think that is also laying the ground for some sort of revolutionary change in the sense that we basically will have to go back to the founding principles. It looks like the founding principles of modern physics — quantum theory and relativity — have played out and they have not given us the answers we need. And so we have to go back and question those founding principles and find whatever it is, whatever new principle will replace them. So matching these great puzzles posed by the observations are equally great puzzles in our fundamental theories. And so that is just a wonderful thing to contemplate in itself. I mean, partly people become very pessimistic and say, oh my god, I’ve devoted 50 years of my life to studying this incredibly technical and difficult theory and now I find it’s blown up in my face, it’s not giving any predictions at all…and so some people talk about the multiverse where the universe would be wild and chaotic on large scales and almost anything you could imagine would actually exist somewhere in the universe. I mean, this is literally a scenario which became very popular among a category of physicists, that there is a multiverse out there. Yet the evidence is exactly the opposite. That, as we look around us, things could not be simpler. There’s no evidence for chaos on large scales in the universe. It’s totally the opposite. It’s pristine, elegance, minimalism is all we see. So, I think this is a very, very exciting time to be doing theory. The challenge is enormous. The clues are enormous. We’re waiting and we’re preparing and we’re encouraging people to take radical leaps.

  4. Hello Axil
    The Perimeter institute and University of
    Waterloo are just down the road from me.
    I have wondered with all there brain power
    if they are working on Cold Fusion.
    My daughter graduated from there.