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A fundamental quotation:        Initiative is the great differentiator between people,                                                            especially researchers

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a) Please take a look to paper No 1) below. An excellent initiative of my young friend Sam (who has visited me here in Cluj) and his friends. Possible a good business plan for the coming LENR Era.
My special congrats for the intelligent, well written, NICE Press release signed Alan Smith,

b) A good metaphor for LENR: 
LENR is not a swamp. It is a Tower of Babel. (Brian Ahern)


1) Looking for Heat Launches Webstore to Supply Needs of LENR Researchers (Press Release)
The same in Italian:
Vuoi sperimentare la LENR in casa? Ecco il negozio online che vende componenti per LENR.

2) From Gregory Goble:
Missing LENR Energy - The CSIS Think Tank

3) The corrected by author version of the recent Jian paper

4) What have we to do for avoiding that the coal mines are exp-\loding? We have to 
admit the use of aether and nuclear cold fusion!

5) "Why 62Ni? The complete justification" (MFMP ideo update)

6) Some answers of Andrea Rossi

Frank Acland
March 2, 2016 at 8:41 AM

Dear Andrea,
Do you have any indication on when you will receive the ERV’s report on the 1MW test?
Many thanks,
Frank Acland

Andrea Rossi
March 2, 2016 at 8:47 AM

Frank Acland:
Absolutely not, but I suppose not before the end of March.
Warm Regards,
February 18, 2016 at 6:05 PM

Dr Andrea Rossi:
Had the ERV also the duty to analyse the charges after the end of the test?

Andrea Rossi
March 2, 2016 at 7:42 AM

1- yes
2- yes, by means of microprocessors
Warm Regards,

7) E-Cat recent news
     E-Cat : ultime notizie: 

8) Last hour news from the LENR Forum:

Zhang Hansheng, in China Institute of Atomic Energy, (thanking guidance of Pr Songsheng Jiang), reports a successful replication.The report is quite short, but first observation shows an apparent coherent result.Experiments will continue.                                                                                                                                                     


From Tanmay Vora
What Business Transformation Really Means:


  1. Brian is almost right in calling lenr a 'tower of babel'. It surely is a leaning tower of endless babel, obfuscation, and ambiguation. Why would lenr experiments intentionally use too few known unreliable temperature measuring tools unless the intent is to make a path to diverge into endless social media babel about whether a clearly defective thermocouple proves a scientific miracle. The cost of using reliable and redundant temperature measuring tools is but a few dollars and is easily implemented in any experiment. Sure fine calorimentry would be nice but before that how about some even rudimentary thermometry!

  2. One of the characteristics of at least Ni-H LENR is the likelihood that the energy from the NAE is transported away from the reaction site via low energy radiation. This creates the possibility that, like seen in a microwave oven, the surrounding apparatus may become hotter than the source. Rossi appears to utilize this in his eCat-X to heat tungsten plates to be incandescent hot. In such situations, thermometry is problematic for several reasons. It is possible that some portions of the reactor are hotter than others - which portion do you measure? It is possible that a thermocouple could get heated hotter than the spot it is trying to measure by radiation thermalization. In such cases, calorimetry is probably the best bet to guarantee that you are truly not violating your assumptions in inferring heat from temperature measurements. Also temperature measurements must use multiple redundant technologies to insure that remote heating effects are identified if they exist.

    Could the Lugano team have chosen infrared themometry for this very reason?

  3. +1 for calorimetry. The device is giving off emf. The chance of making its way into TC wiring and skewing results would be?

  4. I predict that when the Rossi/IH conglomeration initiates a full commercial effort, (meaning lots of technical information along with hardware demos), the population will be categorized into three types, or groupings, these being, the general public, the scientist/technicians, and early adopter/end-users including Industrial users. Quick acceptance of LENR (I mean Rossi’s E-Cats) as a reality will probably be prevalent among the general public. This segment tends to think that if its presented as “real” on the internet and on TV, it’s real, so if the announcements and demos get some media coverage the public will be probably be “all in.” Next in the believer rankings will be the Companies and individuals who will be actually purchasing and using the technology, they will be able to see and feel it for themselves, if it works, it’s obviously real and working as advertised, word will spread and the orders should pour in. Last in the acceptance rankings will be the scientist/technicians, (You know who you are.), despite the report, working hardware along with heartfelt testimonials, these facts will not move most of these stubborn creatures, they behave like religious barnacles. Tenacious, yet unable and/or unwilling to move or change, their faith based educations are seen as being unable to serve their original intent, which was to seek out and discover wondrous truths, uncover scientific mysteries, and move mankind forward into our ever-beckoning technological future. I do think we are moving into a new era, but that new future will be shaped by more than incredible technology, we must also contemplate how we treat emerging ideas and concepts, we must drastically alter how we verify scientific claims in a way that eliminates the bias of similar closely related branches of science. Now we know that it was a terrible mistake to listen to replicators and critics who had deeply rooted, vested interests in hot fusion, it should be clear to all now that science was not served well during this time, changes need to be implemented to reduce or prevent future occurrences of deliberate science obfuscation.

    1. Hi Nixter, agree with you. About science, this requires to think how science is funded with a focus on disruptive science/technologies.

  5. The question posed by "Dan" and answered by Rossi is actually

    Dan Peel
    March 2, 2016 at 1:39 AM

    Dr Andrea Rossi,
    Is an E-Cat-quark already in operation for R&D ?
    Did you resolve the problem of the regulation of multiple E-Cat quarks?

    The answers by Rossi now make sense.
    Yes... Rossi is testing a Quark
    Yes... Rossi has solved control problems with multiple Quarks using a microprocessor

  6. 1 of 2

    The results from Lugano are not useful in reverse engineering the LENR reaction at the initial rudimentary stage of analysis that MFMP is now. On the contrary, those Lugano results have led Rossi to a very advanced understanding of the LENR reaction. Rossi said that the Lugano results inspired him to create the design of the E Cat X. IMHO, that XCat insight goes beyond the NI62 question and more into the LENR reaction in the vapor stage.

    The purpose of fuel preprocessing is to make the nickel particles porous through sintering and able to produce hydrogen nanocrystals. In Lugano, the nickel melted and lost the ability to produce the LENR active effect using it porosity. The melting of nickel during the Lugano test took away nickel's role in the LENR reaction.

    The melted nickel became passive and its ability to flow in the liquid state allowed the mixing of the nickel to completely transmute into the Ni62 isotope. After the nickel converted to Ni62 as a side reaction off the main LENR reaction, the Ni62 stopped participating in the LENR reaction as a dead end. It is a dead end because no Ni64 was found.

    The active LENR agents in Lugano were in place after nickel melted. In other words, nickel played a role in initiating the LENR reaction but after a time became inactive when it melted. The core of the Lugano reactor has all the metallized hydrogen required to keep the LENR reaction going.

    Rossi used this observation to setup the XCat to operate at a temperature greater than the melting point of nickel(over 1500C).

    The active agent in the LENR reaction at those high temperatures is metalized hydrogen. Once that form of hydrogen forms, it takes over the LENR reaction from the melted nickel particles.

    Think of the LENR reaction like a multistage rocket where each stage is discarded after its function has completed.

    Rossi has gone beyond Piantelli on the design of the XCat. It is bad analysis technique and therefore confusing to mix the XCat design with Piantilli design thinking.

  7. 2 of 2

    When Bob G says heavy, he means the most nuclear binding energy per nucleon. Ni62 has the most nuclear binding energy per nucleon of any element. In that sense, Ni62 is the heaviest element.

    It could be that this nuclear binding energy is the quantity that must come into a state of equilibrium by way of the LENR reaction among all the elements that the LENR reaction effects as covered by the nuclear condensate.

    If a Bose condensate is formed among all the nuclear components inside the reactor, then all those components may want to become energetically equal through a multi-particle entanglement process in terms of nuclear binding energy.

    As nuclear energy is removed from the condensate through the action of black thermal radiation from the metalized hydrogen, total binding energy in the condensate goes up.

    Small nuclei that are larger than hydrogen can combine into bigger ones and release energy. By releasing energy, they increase their nuclear binding energy. But in combining such nuclei, the amount of energy released is much smaller compared to hydrogen fusion. The reason is that while the overall process releases energy from letting the nuclear attraction do its work, bose condensation energy must rebalance nuclear forces between all the elements in the process of condensation.

    Nuclear energy is removed from the nickel nucleus until the nuclear binding energy is maximized.

    The nuclear energy is removed from all the elements under the influence of the bose condensate and moved to the metalized hydrogen EMF surface field which continually leaks energy away as hawking radiation in the thermal spectrum.

    The most enhancement of the LENR reaction might be to use pure Ni58 which has the most energy to give over to the LENR process before the Ni62 ash product is reached.

    It might also be that when nickel is a liquid, its flow allows more nickel to be converted to Ni62 than if it were a solid.

  8. What is telling in understanding that binding energy is the critical quantity in the LENR nuclear equation is because Ni64 becomes Ni62. This happens because by giving up its nuclear energy to the condensate, its binding energy is increased and maximized as Ni62.

  9. I disagree that NI62 be a "dead end" because of the missing Ni644, which is a natural isotope. t-The only logical wa for Ni63 to have "back tracked" to Ni62 is conversion to a unstable Ni66 which reverts to NI62 by loss of an Alpha.
    My guess is that any isotope is a dead end if there is not some agent which will create the Cation necessary for reaction with Hydrogen. i

    1. Dear Dean,

      I hope we will have new sets of analytical results- just think how much ashes have resulted from the 350 days experiment- ten of labs can work for months on the analyses- if samples will be distributed. IF.


    2. Dear Dean,

      I hope we will have new sets of analytical results- just think how much ashes have resulted from the 350 days experiment- ten of labs can work for months on the analyses- if samples will be distributed. IF.