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My Australian friend, Doug Marker, analysing the scientific, technological, managerial, economical, sociological, scipiological, psychological, psychiatrical etc, aspects of the LENR field exclaimed today:

"What a complex environment we are in!"
He is right, especially now we are in a perfect tohu wa-bohu, a total VUCA, a complete messiness!

For example, this morning: you know at my 60th birthday I was diagnosed with arterial hypertension and, willing to survive, I have invested a small fortune in anti-hypertensive medicines- seemingly with some, relative, success.
Cannot give quantitative data, I am not obsessed about measurements and analyses
and happy to be still able to work- write this blog.
OK, this morning this investment was in great peril when I have seen Andrea Rossi's two similar messages claiming that the ERV report needs a couple of months to be completed- being so important and with millions iof data... I will abstain from the rhetorical question -WTF has the ERV done during the 352 days of the test just accumulated the data without processing them?
No, I have a much simpler solution.

My father, Joseph, (1902-1971) has graduated the Commercial Academy and became an expert accountant with a shining good reputation. In the most Orwellian years
in factories and organizations from the communist Romania- the chief accountant was the third man as power and responsibility after the Party secretary and the Director (manager)
It has happened in the darkest period of oppression that the chief accountant of the Butter Factory from Timisoara made some fatal errors in accounting and has committed suicide.- to avoid worse things usual then.
Nobody wanted the job and eventually my father was asked to accept it. He has acted fast and brought back order and discipline in the factory- and has been working there for many years. He was a skilled accountant, not a bureaucrat He has used to say that the are some expenses you cannot afford to not do- I remember about too;s and fire extinguishers. This position of my dad was a huge blessing for the family- in those years food was scarce and of very low quality potatoes, beans, cabbage, spinach,- forced vegetarian. The employees of the Butter Factory had the great privilege to have the possibility to buy meat. Each Sunday we could eat veal meat and i am perfectly aware that at least 10-15 points of my peak IQ have the roots in this advantage (and I deny any possibility of gene transfer associated with this case)
I have serious doubts that I could ever become a LENR-ist without this valuable food
of my teenager years.

So I am aware how important accountants are. Including the 350+ days experiment of Rossi. Let's forget the ERV, possibly he has phobia of parallel work or of multi-tasking or is blackmailed by occult anti-LENR forces- "if you dare to write a non-catastrophic report, you are a dead man,and you also will never find a job in the Western hemisphere!"
Surely Rossi, IH who has lead this long experiment has an accountant who needs maximum two hours to tell about the balance- expenses for electric energy needed by the E-Cats vs the gains obtained by selling thermal energy to the Customer. We are nty accountants however we will take in consideration that 1kW electric costs as 3 kW thermal. Crystal clear and irrefutable!
The ERV report is interesting, the accountant's balance is absolutely decisive. It shows in which extent the Test was a catastrophy and in which extent it is a triumph.


1) Andrea Rossi fights for the rights of the ERV
Andrea Rossi
March 12, 2016 at 8:13 PM

Wise Guy:
Give to the ERV about a couple of months to complete his work, to stay inside the normality in cases like this.
Warm Regards,

Andrea Rossi
March 12, 2016 at 8:05 PM

Obviously the report will be delivered and all this mumbojumbo tango of the obscure forces or suppositions of any kind has no merit at all.
The time normally necessary for the formulation of a report based upon tens of millions of data collected in one year of test is a couple of months and the test has been completed on the 17th of February. Every person with a minimum knowledge of the matter understands that if the ERV takes a couple of months to complete his work, it is totally normal.
Warm Regards,

2) Interesting discusssion- "why nanoscale?" initiated at the LENR Forum:


Just a short time ago, IH applied for their own patent based on the Lugano test results. That must have been an effort to develop IH's own IP. A patent defines the IP. That patent was not granted to the best of my knowledge. There will be more attempts for IH to develop their own IP.

Rossi might have decided it was safer for his best interests to keep his distance from IH to protect his IP. Remember that Defkalion made of impressive effort to develop their own IP, and Rossi hated Defkalion with a passion.

Rossi and his funders have a mongoose and cobra love affair. It will be interesting to see who will eat whom


The Why, What, and How of Rapid Innovation Centers
Posted on March 6, 2016 by Nicolas Bry

LENR has a huge TRUST problem!


  1. LENR has a huge TRUST problem simply because it is primarily a 'social media' phenomenon. Worse the social media that feeds it is utterly complacent and complicit with allowing anonymous propaganda and real facts and ideas (real meaning attached to real humans) to be presented side by side. This is clearly evidenced by the phenomenal use and allowance of anonymous posting as well as 'nom de plume' postings. For so long as the social sources of information in the field promote via diaboloical social tolerance such dark postings the field will suffer from the rightly deserved lack of trust! In all of human history eventually every worth-while change is clearly attached to real and addressable people.

    1. RG,

      A good set of points and IMHO a reality. There are a lot of bad realisations one comes to when trying to research LENR related topics. IMHO it was far easier 3 & 4 years ago to find and evaluate relevant information.

      The level of polarisation between lines of belief and sub-groups within the various beliefs, that has developed in more recent times, make the whole topic something of a minefield for the unwary.

      It also seems to me that too much policing in a particular blog risks cutting off intelligent / insightful argument. That is happening too.

      (Thankfully we have Peter Gluck to feed us helpful lines of investigation :) )

    2. Agree. Anonymous posting and trolls.


  3. Now, now, it's not a complex environment at all. Just a delusion.

  4. But I do agree about accountants. Could not survive without mine.