Monday, February 28, 2011

Frontline News for the Ni-H generator

Steve Krivit (US) in collaboration with Daniele Passerini (Italy),
George Kouvakas (Greece), Mats Lewan (Sweden) offers us
Digital Era style news regarding the Rossi Energy Catalyzer.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

The king and the hawk

I read a nice story today:

One upon a time, a king received two hawks as a gift. One of them was trained beautifully, but the other just sat on a branch, stubbornly refusing to move away from it. One of the servants had to climb in the tree every day, just to feed the hawk.

After trying various tricks to convince the hawk to fly away from the branch, the king asked his subjects for advise; an old wise man offered to help. The next morning as soon as the king woke up, he saw the hawk flying around the castle.

'How did you do it?' the king asked his subject.
'It was very simple, all I needed to do was cut the branch beneath its feet.'

Conclusion: sometime God cuts the branch beneath our feet, just to remind us that we can fly.



The Economist debate- Internet Democracy:
This house believes that the internet is not inherently a force for democracy- a debate:

SEARCH & FIND: What, where, how.  
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Google changes algorithm to fight search spam:



Tips for Securing your PC


New bank Trojan employs fresh tricks to steal account data



Cellphone Use Tied to Changes in Brain Activity:

Mobile Web statistics:

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Can you guess the word?

It is not a nice word, but it is important, courageous, sincere, honest, unbelievably creative. However, it is accused many times of being evil, insolent, negationist, stubborn, dangerous and destructive.
It has only two (!), sometimes three letters. and, actually The Word plus its opposite- of three letters- are the the most information-rich words from the entire Dictionary.
And it is a very moral word. One proof- it appears explicitly, clearly emphasized in all the Ten Commandments- except No 5 where it appears implicitly. It is present in the slogan of my favorite company, Google.

I like this word in all the languages that I understand and I have learned to respect it. But I know that sometimes you have to pay a high price for it and it is lacking popularity. It can be very risky to tell it in many circumstances. The Word is not loved by - parents, leaders, bosses and especially dictators, who have a real aversion to it. (It happens that just now angry crowds shout and sing it in many countries where it was strictly prohibited)
If you want to make an excellent impression, use it very restrictively. It will not bring you sympathy, on the contrary.
The word was rudely oppressed along the human history and is not permitted to children, slaves and subordinates of the toxic bosses.
In some solemn occasions, its use leads to disasters,

The word, especially in his verbal form, was associated with the Evil in order to scare away the people of its use. If we insist to use it, we are adviced to wrap it in stories and lies- to make it to seem more benign and harmless than it really is.
An old joke teaches the maidens to learn it well and the lawyer to forget it.
The word, my friends, is an obstacle or a STOP sign placed on the path of lies, indoctrination and manipulation- a scarecrow for the populists’ trials to hijack your thinking, hearts and support.   
It's a protective shield of virtue and an important means of defense against AIDS.
Without the word, independence, freedom, democracy and human rights are. all, impossible.. It is alive and immortal, in a narrower sense.

The impact and effects of the word are stronger than those of its opposite, it has a backbone (metaphorical) and a more resounding voice. Its opposite is often submissive and even cowardly, but is considered gentle and friendly- a great friend of peace.

I use this word frequently to chase away tiredness and the shadows of old age. It helped me to get the best definition of intelligence. I find almost daily new valences and virtues and meanings of it and learn how important it is for definitions and discoveries and for getting essential information..

I am proud that I have discovered and used it in my system of problem solving...I want to present it my readers and their friends and to everybody- the coming days. This is the reason that I have published now this Ode- kind of – dedicated to The Word

It would be a great loss if I canTheWord finish this action because it carries vital messages that will help us to build a better world.

Can you guess the word?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Last week I posted a short Romanian update on my blog, and called it “life”. It has nothing to do with this one, even thou the title is the same. I do not feel much value added in translating from one language to the other, as a lot would be lost in translation.

I had some feed-back and I found myself promising to someone that I would come back with a more realistic view of life. That is because the post (like most of my writings) was optimistic, positive and (several people found it) even motivational. For me it is understandable - the writings are of course highly subjective and reflect my personality. Some call me a dreamer, others know me better. In my daily life I am told that I come across as a rather down-to-earth, practical person, well organized and result-oriented. Sometimes I am perceived as inspirational, other times as confrontational, sometimes as romantic, other times as clear-headed, sometimes as empathic and other times as hard on people.

One question could be: am I so many different spirits in only one body? God, I sure hope not! Again, those who know me can easily discard such an option. There are amongst my friends people that I used to work with. I have also encountered in my life the other situation – friends that I decided at a certain point to work with. Under both circumstances they told me that I am the same person, under different lights. Context and counter-party can influence my behavior.

I do not believe that too much positive thinking and motivational messages are good for someone’s development. If we are not able to see both sides of the coin (and sometimes even inside the coin!), understand the world around us and weight as fair as possible the difficulties we are facing, then we will never come up with solutions, will not learn and will not progress. Spiritual growth does not come from books, experience cannot be replaced by study. My favorite ywo definitions are: 'Experience is a wonderful thing, it helps you recognize a mistake when you make it again' and 'Budget - a scientific way to waste money' (this is also septoe!).

Reading my old writings after quite a long time (let’s say years) I can re-discover my own conclusions. An old Romanian proverb says ‘Do as the priest says, don’t do as the priest does’. I encounter rather philosophical conclusions and motivational phrases, politically correct solutions that I myself do not apply on regular basis in my day-to-day life. The reason for ignoring my own teachings is usually because my heart and my head don’t always get along. The competition is really tight and they both win some and loose some. My mother used to tell me that I should let my heart win more often. I am still working on that.

So, what am I trying to share with you tonight? Positive thinking is great, but this is all it is – thinking. You don’t have time to think when you need to react. There is a joke (or word of wisdom?...) saying that God gave men two important organs – the brain and the other; but not enough blood to operate both at the same time. I believe this is true for man’s better half also, the fight over blood being actually between the head and the heart. Let’s generalize – between reasoning and feeling.

… Whenever both your stomach and your wallet are empty...
... Whenever a colleague is getting on your nerves and your work (in case you have one) is not appreciated…
…. Whenever the kids are crying no matter what you do, there is no hot dinner on the table, the dust is piling up and the garbage smells (all because you always get home too late!), and your partner is waiting for you with a smile on the face and expecting you to be romantic and warm…
… Whenever you wait for hours in a hospital hall for a diagnosis or for somebody dear to you to get safe out of an operation room…
… Whenever you sit on an airport waiting for the weather to change…
… Whenever you wait for a call that doesn’t come or run after a bus that closes the door in your face…
… Whenever you find a note instead of a partner when you return home…
… and so on…
... then…
… the only thing I can advise is – do whatever you feel, as long as it doesn’t put you in hell (on the other side) or in jail (on this side)!
(disclaimer: if you are already in hell or jail I am really not qualified to offer advise any longer, sorry!).

I know that the world is far from being perfect, and that lately it has become even hard to live in. But I also know that I could be spared of all this negative perception of things - if only I stopped thinking. I was taught in school that we are the only intelligent beings (well, with several exceptions, and we have no idea what their dramas feel like). It means that one alternative for this bad and ugly world would be to be a butterfly or a cat or a tree – presumably happy with my feelings and zero thoughts.

Of course it would be the same bad and ugly world, but I would not realise that... I believe I would experience fear and love, sun-burn and wind, rain and snow, birth and dying. But I would not have the mortgage, medical care, pension fund and government debt and telephone bill to bother about. I would not need to compute family budget and read loan contracts, nor to sue my neighbor for flooding me, accuse my colleagues of stealing my ideas or deal with their unnecessary intrigues. I would not experience post-partum depression or middle-age crisis. Or global crisis altogether. None of these would be on my mind if I would only be a nice puffy tarantula or a perfectly shaped giraffe with no need for dieting.

And then I ask myself: if I was given a choice, what would I choose to be? Quick answer: that is such a stupid question!

So, my dear readers. Again lot of words with no conclusion other than we are - here and now. Give in sometimes but don’t give up, alternate freely when to love and when to hate your life; but most of all, please make sure you do not die before living it to the end!

Georgina Popescu

Monday, February 21, 2011

more about the unofficial Bologna test

From Prof. Giuseppe Levi:

We have done a technical test for preparing a more complete experiment.
Average flux in that test was 1 liter per second (measured by me many times during the test). No steam. MINIMUM power measured was 15 kW for 18h. 0.4g H2 consumed.

This means that a 270 kWh = 972 MJ where at least produced. This is an under estimation.

This week starts well: unofficial Ni-H generator test

Good news- an unofficial but convincing test of the
Rossi Focardi E-cat generator

See at Daniele's blog :
And at Giorgos' blog:

18 hours more than 15 KW, heating water (for the
official test the skeptics said that the steam generated
was very wet and therefore no excess energy).
Memes are stronger than facts. But eventually facts will win.
Now skeptics would say if it is not official, it is not
relevant. But this year will be very bad for professional
paid and fanatical skeptics.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

The simplest explanation of the CRISIS

It seems that even straightforward explanations of the Crisis
as my "Stop Koalemos"are not convincing enough. Here is
the simplest explanation of what has happened;

a) In all human societies the relationship between the Whole
and the Parts- as collectives and individuals is always non-ideal,
imperfect, a compromise and not a real Solution

b) Recently in the majority of the societies, suddenly, the Whole
became less than the sum of its Parts; some Parts are sacrificed
and this generated a worldwide tsunami of discontent and unrest.

Interesting times, too interesting!


My Informavore's Sunday offers an excellent opportunity
to study the complex relationships between the seriousness,
interestingness and attractivity of information



Drumming Up More Addresses on the Internet
When Vint Cerf allocated 4.3 billion addresses, in 1977, it
seemed like plenty. But they're almost used up.

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The Net Delusion: The Dark Side of Internet Freedom

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I don\t believe it but cannot wait so much!

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Romanian pleads guilty to role in $2.7M eBay scam