Saturday, February 26, 2011

Can you guess the word?

It is not a nice word, but it is important, courageous, sincere, honest, unbelievably creative. However, it is accused many times of being evil, insolent, negationist, stubborn, dangerous and destructive.
It has only two (!), sometimes three letters. and, actually The Word plus its opposite- of three letters- are the the most information-rich words from the entire Dictionary.
And it is a very moral word. One proof- it appears explicitly, clearly emphasized in all the Ten Commandments- except No 5 where it appears implicitly. It is present in the slogan of my favorite company, Google.

I like this word in all the languages that I understand and I have learned to respect it. But I know that sometimes you have to pay a high price for it and it is lacking popularity. It can be very risky to tell it in many circumstances. The Word is not loved by - parents, leaders, bosses and especially dictators, who have a real aversion to it. (It happens that just now angry crowds shout and sing it in many countries where it was strictly prohibited)
If you want to make an excellent impression, use it very restrictively. It will not bring you sympathy, on the contrary.
The word was rudely oppressed along the human history and is not permitted to children, slaves and subordinates of the toxic bosses.
In some solemn occasions, its use leads to disasters,

The word, especially in his verbal form, was associated with the Evil in order to scare away the people of its use. If we insist to use it, we are adviced to wrap it in stories and lies- to make it to seem more benign and harmless than it really is.
An old joke teaches the maidens to learn it well and the lawyer to forget it.
The word, my friends, is an obstacle or a STOP sign placed on the path of lies, indoctrination and manipulation- a scarecrow for the populists’ trials to hijack your thinking, hearts and support.   
It's a protective shield of virtue and an important means of defense against AIDS.
Without the word, independence, freedom, democracy and human rights are. all, impossible.. It is alive and immortal, in a narrower sense.

The impact and effects of the word are stronger than those of its opposite, it has a backbone (metaphorical) and a more resounding voice. Its opposite is often submissive and even cowardly, but is considered gentle and friendly- a great friend of peace.

I use this word frequently to chase away tiredness and the shadows of old age. It helped me to get the best definition of intelligence. I find almost daily new valences and virtues and meanings of it and learn how important it is for definitions and discoveries and for getting essential information..

I am proud that I have discovered and used it in my system of problem solving...I want to present it my readers and their friends and to everybody- the coming days. This is the reason that I have published now this Ode- kind of – dedicated to The Word

It would be a great loss if I canTheWord finish this action because it carries vital messages that will help us to build a better world.

Can you guess the word?

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