Friday, February 18, 2011

Ego Out is a special form of knowledge management.

This idea was inspired by Gurteen Knowledge Quote of the Day
of today.

EGO OUT as defined here
is actually a special form of personal knowledge management. It is about
purified, condensed and enhanced knowledge including wisdom (to be
carefully defined!) and prediction- the highest function of human thinking.
I hope that the KM specialists will take notice and will develop the concept that
has its merits.

EGO OUT also belongs to the field of Positive Psychology- the action of reducing
the loss of intellectual values caused by the unavoidable death is a form of joy.
of giving back to life more than you have received from it. To die generously.

EGO OUT is a special form of creativity and its contribution to a better world
is linked to the immense Power of Diversity.

Ladies and gentlemen, let as few as possible of your mental songs to
remain unsung! Think, remember and tell us what you have learned!


  1. Creating an environmental conscience like Eiwa from Avatar (the movie) might solve the Ego-Out problem.

  2. Thank you for this suggestion!
    Eywa is a noble idea,however it is still very far from realization
    The realities of Science and that of Science Fiction are very different