Sunday, February 27, 2011

The king and the hawk

I read a nice story today:

One upon a time, a king received two hawks as a gift. One of them was trained beautifully, but the other just sat on a branch, stubbornly refusing to move away from it. One of the servants had to climb in the tree every day, just to feed the hawk.

After trying various tricks to convince the hawk to fly away from the branch, the king asked his subjects for advise; an old wise man offered to help. The next morning as soon as the king woke up, he saw the hawk flying around the castle.

'How did you do it?' the king asked his subject.
'It was very simple, all I needed to do was cut the branch beneath its feet.'

Conclusion: sometime God cuts the branch beneath our feet, just to remind us that we can fly.


  1. Thank you Gina, a very nice story!
    However, it also carries a pragmatic advice to the Kings and owners of hawks: do not feed the hawk which can fly but is lazy or stubborn and just sits on the branch.