Tuesday, February 8, 2011

25-th Anniversary of Yves-Henri Prum

Up to February 8, 1986 I have consumed my intellectual energy
exclusively for professional aims- solving research problems and
so on. But on that day, while walking along the Somes river with my
autistic son, I had a kind of revelation.
The Murphy's Laws were excessively popular then and Romania
seemed to be the best field of application for them. A lot of bad things
happened here daily due to the Ceausescu's dictature, e.g. we were freezing
in our homes,food was an eternal problem, freedom was very limited.

Suddenly, I have decided that Murphy\s laws have to be invalidated.
We need an anti-Murphy (subconsciously he was an anti-Ceausecu too)
I thought: MURPHY reversed  is YHPRUM and so was born an optimistic
French thinker, YVES HENRI PRUM. This became my first pseudonym
and I started to publish short papers and essays by him and about him.
Meta-professional writings, speeches, interviews.
Prum has established his famous laws- regarding mainly but not exclusively


Prum became really active and promoted optimism.
It was only one fact that seemed to contradict his first Law and this was
demoralizing for him; Hot Fusion, with no real progress despite billions
of good money invested. Very disturbing! Then three years after the birth
of Yves-Henry I heard about Cold Fusion. (March 24, 1989, one day
after the Fleischmann Pons press conference. That 's THE SOLUTION,
I KNEW it instantly- a flash of illumination hit my mind.
"You must dedicate the rest of your life to this problem," Prum told me
and so I have started a long, interesting, captivating, sad, joyful journey.
These days the journey became more interesting than ever.

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