Sunday, February 13, 2011


Many interesting things happened this week:





The Internet Just Ran Out of Numbers:

Internet 2010 in numbers: plans to buy satellite and provide free Internet access for entire world:


The World's Technological Capacity to Store, Communicate, and Compute Information:

How Much Information Is There in the World?:

Martin Hilbert: All human information, stored on CD, would reach beyond the moon

2. SEARCH & FIND: What, where, how.  

Making bad search results history:



The Answers Are Out There, and New Q. and A. Sites Dig Them Up:


9 Free OCR Software And Online Tools To Convert Your Images Into Text:

Nudgemail- the easiest way to send yourself reminders:



Does Using Facebook Lead to a Rollercoaster of Emotion?:

Why Some Twitter Posts Catch On, and Some Don’t

Twitter cannot save you:

The value of online friends; Networked resources via  social network sites:

Social Media Search Engine Kule Search:


How to use Google to search:

Susan Wojcicki: The most important Googler you've never heard of:

Ten ways Google is the new Microsoft:



Wordly wisdom What determines the length of words? MIT researchers say they know:



Metaknowledge- essential for leveraging scientific research:


Speaking In Defense Of Science:


Researchers develop ‘camera’ that will show your mind:


Are brains shrinking to make us smarter?


Neural Communication: Weak Electrical Fields in the Brain Help Neurons Fire Together:


The Brain Knows What the Nose Smells, but How?:


How the brain learns from mistakes:


Shocking new brain research:


Brain maps reveal clue to mental decline:

How the brain compresses visual information:


‘Pessimists' brains may be wired that way:

Clay-Armored Bubbles May Have Formed First Protocells: Minerals Could Have Played a Key Role in the Origins of Life:


The future of human genome:

Discovery of Jumping Gene Cluster Tangles Tree of Life


2045: The Year Man Becomes Immortal:,8599,2048138-1,00.html


Choices -- Not Discrimination -- Determine Success for Women Scientists, Experts Argue:


Ancient body clock discovered that helps to keep all living things on time:


Why celebrate Darwin’s Day?:

Secret Life of Bees Now a Little Less Secret:



The mystery of the Stone Scorpion:


Our sun in 3D, for first time in human history

Sensational but serious too- so I include this here.

I must read this book: How We Live and Why We Die: The Secret Lives of Cells”:

Model terrorism- Can statistics help us predict and pre-empt terrorist attacks?:


The key to better solar cells: bumpy mirrors:


Air hybrid vehicles could halve fuel consumption:


Jatropha: Green Biodiesel from African Tree:

The next graphene?:

The top ten e-paper devices coming in the next 20 years:

Fantastic Plastic, Part 3: Polymemories:

Woodpecker's head inspires shock absorbers:

Do Not Attempt to steal

Special transparent adhesives, dabbed on valuables or sprayed on thieves, are helping police solve crimes:

One of the most useful sites I have ever discovered Ask Leo!:
Helping people with answer at a time:

Sizing Up Crowds Pushes Limits of Technology:


Have You Charged Your Eyeglasses Today (electronic eyeglasses):


Major religions on the end of the world:


On Evolution, Biology Teachers Stray From Lesson Plan


Dinopedia Is a Dino-Lover's Dream:

Psychology- good to know- the Zeigarnik Effect:

The Silk Road online:

Information is beautiful:


The Economist – welcome to the World in 2011:

The February 2011 Leadership Development Carnival:


Can a big company innovate like a start-up: Can a Big Company Innovate Like a Start-Up?:

Your Boss is Your Client (& Your Colleagues Are Too):

Disorienting leadership:

Asking for a favor- the three keys:



Lifestyle affects life expectancy more than genetics:


A Birth-Defect Breakthrough: Prenatal Spinal Surgery


World Health Organization- Harmful uses of alcohol:


Social tips for people with Aspergers


Blood clots made visible by nanoparticles:

Medicalization of aging:

Gene mutation linked to high blood pressure:


Surprising View of Brain Formation: Discovery of a New Mechanism May Have Implications for a Host of Diseases:


Study Shows That Vegans Are at a Greater Risk for Heart Disease:



A new search engine for recipes:


Valentine's Day Dessert Recipes Valentine Cookies

Poor diets may lower children's IQ:

Oysters at Risk: Gastronomes' Delight Disappearing Globally:



4000 Years Ago, Our Ancestors Liked To Play:


The Best Optical Illusion Videos And How They Trick Your Brain:




The cyberweapon that could take down the internet:


How to remove adware and spyware:

How to Remove sshnas.dll and sshhnas21.dll Trojans:

The Most Common and Dangerous Passwords [infographic]


The Problem with Passwords They're annoying to remember, insecure, and costly for companies


Wendy Boswell about the mobile Web:

What does Google have to offer on the mobile Web?

What are your favorite mobile sites?

Mobile Web Statistics

The Top Ten Mobile Search Engines

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