Thursday, December 23, 2010

New septoe:

"Anti-intellectualism is more against intellect than intellectuals."

It is extremely damaging, destructive, a leading cause of the painful regress of human thinking.
Well described in the Wikipedia:

Myriads of Reason-killers watching blood-thirsty, motivated by false Truths.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Mind-blowing- there are no limits and no obstacles to human stupidity:

A great triumph for Koalemos!

New septoe

"Old researchers need infinite and impossible tasks"

Monday, December 20, 2010

An important human right, usually ignored

I see that our present cultures, democratic ones included, impose that you must either hate or adore anything, a third way doesn't exist. Fan or enemy, love it or kill it. I was inspired by an article about homosexuals- and even more by the comments to it - from the romanian press.
For a great majority of respondents (and of the humanity too) they are a crime against Nature
however actually hundreds of animal species are hyperactive in similar sexual practices.

God hates them according to the Bible, however natural disasters - considered as divine punishment kill people very unselectively. But this is only one of myriads of examples. Michael Jackson's music, and all the weird celebrities coming to my mind . Let me ignore them! Let me to NOT be an extremist.

I claim to have a right TO BE NEUTRAL, indifferent, undecided, passive to many issues-to NOT care about them at all, to ignore them, to deny the obligation to adopt a position toward them. . I have the right to NOT love and/or to NOT hate a lot of things.
This is direct consequence of my moral imperative, unfortunately not septoizable:


This is the unique reasonable way to remain human.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

I am positively impressed by:
It's like a search engine at the third power, a new way
to use artificial intelligence. I wish them real success!
I have learned a new word, here:

"Don't let me become a bosshole!

Cannot be translated, not nice, but very expresive.

Friday, December 17, 2010

New septoe

A new septoe, now:

"The 21st Century is the 12th, resurrected"

Why is this blog so special?

This blog is special because I am so- not bragging just facts, luck positive or negative as you judge it

When I was very young it became obvious that
I am characterized by clumsiness and awkwardness and it was said that I have two left hands.

Later, my absolute inability to absorb some spirituality lead eventually to the discovery that my
brain has two left hemispheres as seen in the image. The consequences of this anatomical peculiarity are relatively easy to understand but rather difficult to live with.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

First project here: 77 SEPTOES

"EGO-OUT: intellectual values lost when somebody dies" this defines what my blog is about in the form of a septoe.

Septoes is a literary genre invented by Edward de Bono- to tell something wise, if possible in seven
words. De Bono has not developed septoes and I have lead a project 50 septoes for some three years not thoroughly enough. Some of my ideas or ideas of other people that have influenced me
are here. The order is chronological and will be made logical when there are 77 validated septoes

The raw list of my septoes:

1.Wisdom of crowds lies in their diversity
2. The Good and Evil are siamese twins
3.The Universe feeds our insatiable curiosity forever
4. Human rights are threatened by Human Privileges
5. Bad septoism is seven words not wise
6. All great crises are crises of thinking
7.The Universe is obsessed to be interesting.
8.Brainair- four parts realism, one part imagination.
9.My favorite metasport is swimming counter-stream.
10.Future is bright but not for Humanity.
11. Astrology offends Human Intelligence but is Business.
12. Even the best religions are mainly suicidal.
13.We live in memecracies, ideas dominate us.
14. Means are swallowing aims and replacing them.
14. People lie because most truths are bad.
15. In need solidarity becomes liquidarity even gasidarity.
16. Greek Gods ruling today: Ares, Hermes, Koalemos.
17. Initiative is the greatest differentiator of humans.
18. Perfectionism is dangerous, we need sustained perfectibilism.
18a I am not perfectionist but maximalist-perfectibilist
19. Good could take creativity lessons from Evil.
20. Evolution is the inherent perfectibility of Nature.
21. Save the world with the Seriousyne vaccine!
25. Human nature plus idealistic theories equal disaster.
26. Unlimited greed and ignorance lead to disaster.
27. Life is hungry matter and edible too.
28. Victories over your former Self are triumphs.
29, The Future Shock was amortized by irrationality.
30. Lies are shortcuts from problems to solutions.
31. The essence of human nature is discontent.
32. First remove Evil then start building good.
33. Always find the Solution outside the Problem.
34. Thinking people have problems, the others troubles.
35. Religion can not be displaced, only replaced.
36. My unique brain has two left hemispheres.
37. Parts and Whole is the insoluble problem.
38. NO is always more significant than YES.
39. You have success because you had success.
40.. Idealism has three opposites materialism, realism and pragmatism,.
41. Atheism is the last step before negatheism.
42. I am a stubborn claustrophilic old man,
43, My philosophy infinite interestingness and neutral negativity.
44. My work: new energies and problem solving.
45. My values: independent thinking and humanitarian spirit.
46. My religion: human evolution to godlike beings,
47. My aim: to solve humanity’s real problems.
48 Scipiology: how to convert disasters in triumphs.
49. Problem solving plus impotence is called PROBLETENCE.
50. The cult of celebrities is the Disaster.
51. EGO-OUT: intellectual values lost when somebody dies.
52. Modes of thinking: prelogical, logical, superlogical, postlogical.
53. My incurable illness is the Cassandra Syndrome.
54. The problems are here to be solved.
55. Anti-vaccine: perfect evil attacks imperfect good.
56. Sensational a cheap substitute for real knowledge.
57. Intelligence the ability to NOT mix viewpoints.

Next year when this blog will work full steam, I will explain these ideas and others and will discuss with you my original system of real-life problem solving based on neutral negativity.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


This is Peter Gluck's blog- a continuation of the Info Kappa newsletter.
It will be operative in 2011.

Ego-out is a word created by me, see please:

Definition of ego-out :. (ē'gō-out). 1. (n.) The quantity of information, knowledge and wisdom lost by the death of an individual. ...