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"Three lifetimes will not suffice for me to understand completely the subtle differences between true/truth and real/realist. (Peter Gluck)


Scientific truth vs legal truth in LENR, especially in the Rossi IH conflict.

An anonymous comment of yesterday:

Brillouin Energy may be asked by the court to testify
"under oath" direct questions regarding eCat technology. 

and an idea of Doug Marker:

"At best, one of IH's defense tactics could be to argue that the eCat is LENR and LENR is scientifically unproven irrespective of the ERV report. I can't really see any other way out for them."

I found these ideas inspiring... first my fast reactions, not related to science to them;I know Robert Godes for years, he is in my opinion a good and original LENR researcher going on his own LENR way, his technology,his theory, As such my bet is that he much smarter than testifying  some scientific truths about Rossi's technology
This is too difficult, too risky, too fuzzy in the practice this cannot lead to something useful, even for the cause of IH if Robert wishes to support them. I hope he will offer us a short statement. Or not at all- that could be a clear non-answer.

Second about Doug Marker's idea I think this has to be taken as exactly what it is- a possibility. My friend Doug is a thinker, critical, systemic and a problem solver. In his essay he has presented a problem: what could IH do in the situation in which it is? And showing that the Test was based on LENR and LENR is not possible according to Science, ergo it was no test with positive results.. could be tried by IH, if anything else fails in the Court. (If anything else fails this will fail too- let's wait 
for IH's killer- or suicidal counterclaims added to the already "classic" 4 claims from the Dismiss document:

1- departing from the purported testing plan;  (departing where, why, alone?)
2- ignoring inoperable reactors; (is bad they focused on the working reactors?) 
3- relying on flawed measurements; (why they were not stopped from this, fast?)
4- using unsuitable measuring devices. (as above- 4 leads directly to 3 )

However we have arrived to the great problem: Scientific Truth vs Legal Truth 
and the differences are essential. The legal truths must be defined very clearly reported to a clear rigid frame- the Law. The letter(s) and the spirit.

We know much more about scientific truth in LENR, but actually we have only one (certain): it exists! The basic details- what it is, how it can be made useful, why it works when it works, why it does not work well, how many sorts of LENR are possible- these scientific truths are the fuel/object/cause of our "eternal" disagreements.

When in the dawn of Cold Fusion LENR  discovery hit by a tsunami of the corrosive waters of interested ill-will has hit the field, unjustly- no appeal was made  to Law.
There was no Fleischmann Pons vs Huizenga Morrison Trial.
The Law cannot do much for solving the problems of science but can make great problems to it when misapplied. Take the bizarre case of the Italian seismologists first convicted then cleared for manslaughter- for not predicting a deadly earthquake.
The acse is easy to find on the Web, it was discussed recently by Jed Rothwell in his LENR Forum comments too. I signed a letter of protest for the case .

Anyway, I will stop here It is Sunday and I don't want to open the box with cobras that is the relationship between Truth and Reality, between Science and Philosophy
physics and meta-physics.
Andrea Rossi who is an expert philosopher has called my attention (and warned me) 
that the dialectic of these relationships cannot be made really objective- the problem has no solution.

True , and if something is NOT missing in LENR it is problems.Now we have legal problems too... primarily they are about money, however will send an important message to LENR Science and a "survive or not" message to the first LENR Technology.

Look to what he/she says NOT who says it!

There is clearly more than one way to skin this 'LENR' fish (not unlike how for instance, cancer is not just one single biological pathology -- but in fact many 'variations-on-a-theme'). (reader Che on Vortex)

This Che - my comment after 3 consecutive stages of censoring-  is actually a psychopath troll playing the role of a convinced communist. He repeatedly has attacked me because I am "whining" about my miserable Stalinist experience-
forgetting how many human existences were ruined and even interrupted by the communist ideas in action. I have sent him in North Korea for re-education and because I am peaceful, polite  and conciliating my trend/desire is to kick Che in the ass so he will die of hunger while flying in the air. The world is full with such oligophrenic political denialists of  the most darkest episodes of the History.
HOWEWER what he says above about LENR is wise true even if the parallel with cancer is unwelcome.


1) JM Chemical Products, Inc. is the Key Witness in the Rossi vs. Industrial Heat Case


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a) From the Front


by Reader "Observer", not exceedingly friendly toward Andrea Rossi but seemingly informed about IH- in context; obviously his assertions can be verified and confirmed/infirmed. As the Rossi-IH conflict approaches the stage of "total" war we will learn if strengths or weaknesses are more important for deciding who will win!...

Today IH's front  fighter Jed Rothwell was hyper-active and reacted more nervously than usual 
He wrote that JM, the customer who used the thermal energy produced by the E-Cat for one year, had nobody to answer the telephone, had no plants, no nothing , no employees, nothing, nothing, nothing. Obviously these all are plain lies. Somebody more intelligent than him asked  ' then who was the one who said to the visitors that everything was rosy ?' The answer was  " Rossi, as an actor".

He forgets that the visitors, the only visitors we know about, had been accompanied to visit the plant from Tom Darden ! Such visitors were the officers of Woodford and the engineers sent by the Chinese Government: Darden told them that there all was perfect  and after those visits Darden and Cherokee Fund, certainly not Rossi, received 150 million dollars from their visitors, turned investors after the visits !!!
We must remember what Jed Rothwell selectively amnezic, directed by his great Bossis trying to make us forget: Darden has stolen the money from the investors, not Rossi !!!
And Darden has stolen the money from his investors after the first quarter report, the second quarter report, the third quarter report whose results were the same of the fourth report, and Darden paid the first, the second and the third reports !!! So all his "counter complaints" why have not been made immediately after the first quarter, the second quarter and the third quarter report ??? The results were the same, the ERV was the same, the persons in the plant were the same, the customer was the same. But Darden showed as perfect the plant and the reports until the test was useful to him to get money ( 150 millions) from his investors, while all became negative after the fourth report ( equal to the former ones) because after the fourth report he had to pay !!! 
The matter of the fact is that Tom Darden, president and CEO of Cherokee Fund, has a well consolidated experience in making frauds, as you all can read in the following links, who show that the his financial tricks are well experienced since at least more than a decade, until very recently, independently from the IH, well reported also in the New York Times:
Fraud of the Pennsauken Project: see
See also on the same subject
Then we have two bankrupcies in February 2016 ! See below:
Then we have another bankrupcy by EnCap ( Owned by Cherokee Fund Partners) in 2008: here is the link
And this is just the top of the iceberg... 

Thank you, dear Observer, these are serious accusations couldn't you find n euphemism for "stolen?"
Anyway let's see if such accusations will help IH to find more convincing Counter-claims extended to Third Parties and realistic,verifiable Counter-accusations.
Please do not forget to also red DOUG MARKER's  comments below!----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

b) Francesco Celani about the Interview at the  Ancona Meeting.

The interview had as subject  the problems and the scientific progress in the LENR field that leads to the idea of founding a new Institution and a Scientific Methodology  in order to be able to develop LENR in more favorable conditions.
We need NEW IDEAS- theoretical and experimental regarding production of Energywith the lowest possible ecological impact. Contributing scientific disciplines are Physics, Chemistry, Engineering, Biology, Geology. 

The first two lines of research to be studied thoroughly are:
- The increasing of thermal anomalies in the systems Metal (pure or alloy)with Hydrogen and Deuterium; in principle the metals must be in conditions of nano-dimensionality;

- Following the above described, development of observations regarding the phenomena of TRANSMUTATIONS of some specific elements - all based ion some materials and procedures described at the first paragraph

One of the short term aims and based on transmutation- resulting in non dangerous products of the most insidious radioactive wastes as Strontium-90, Cesium-235 and Cesium-137.
In the present state of free information we know that the most advenced research presently is in Japan (coordinator Yasuhiro Iwamura working at the Laboratory of Advanced Research of Mitsubishi (Yokoham near to Tokyo) 

There also exists a more recent Report  (May 4, 2016) written under the aegis of the 
National Defence Authorization Act for FY 2017") della DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency)-USA. 
Francesco Celani, has now for 16 years continuously an excellent collaboration with the team of Iwamura.

The interview (see our issue of yesterday for the links)  can be freely distributed its author is obviously Claudio Pace


THREAD Alkali hydrides at high pressure.

About site E-Catworld:



Some comments In regard to the Rossi vs IH lawsuits.

1st the whole business is a sorry tale and one can only wonder (as so many of us have done openly) how it was allowed to happen at all. Why did IH not deal with this much earlier (assuming they had formed the opinion that Rossi's eCats did not work either before the start of the 1 year test or during it).

There is a gaping hole in IH's lack of early action on their 'concerns'.

The situation they appear to be in (as best I can read it) is that unless they can 'prove' to the court, that either Rossi and or Penon, can be shown to have doctored or falsified any aspect of the test, then IH are in trouble.

The difficulty IH have from what I see, is that they didn't raise any such objection nor challenge during the period of the test (that we know of).

The lawsuit it self centers on IH paying Andrea Rossi for a successful test. If as Rossi claims, both Rossi and IH approved of Penon as the ERV, and the test was run for the period required, then IH by refusing to pay, appear to be the ones in breech of the agreement.

If as they now claim, the Rossi eCats "do not work" (whatever that means) they have to be able to demonstrate fraud or deception. That may be very difficult allowing for the way the test was completed and the agreements were written.

I find it hard not to see IH as in difficulty irrespective of any opinion as to the capability of eCats. 

At best, one of IH's defense tactics could be to argue that the eCat is LENR and LENR is scientifically unproven irrespective of the ERV report. I can't really see any other way out for them.

NOTE In a comment on my Blog, Sam North calls the atttention of Doug and of us all to this analyis by David French


Something deep within: Nanocrystals grown in nanowires

Papers in Physics – free online peer reviewed journal

The journal is free not publication in it.


Who knows what?

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a) Open vs, closed LENR? Open to what? Closed to what?

This morning I got an excellent  GREAT paper in The Economist: 
" The new political divide"
Farewell, left versus right. The contest that matters now is open against closed

The paper as such is connected to the US elections and strongly pro-openness despite the events caused by the massive and uncontrolled migration in Europe:
"The danger is that a rising sense of insecurity will lead to more electoral victories for closed-world types. This is the gravest risk to the free world since communism."
Almost true , I think an even greater danger is a badly built, non-functional Globalism, an explosive mixture of incompatible cultures with diametrically opposed ideologies re human rights, women's rights, democracy, freedom, value of human lives, power of the religious leaders, relationship with the Divinity. History will be written with red ink- blood.

Globalism is idealistic so was communism, an other global experience will show that Idealism has three antonyms: realism, materialism and pragmatism- Globalism is not a short term ideal needs some 1000 years not 20. Fragmentation is a Rule of human nature.

The real problem and option is not 
Open vs Closed but Open to what? Open to whom? and Closed to what? Closed to whom? 
Answers need wisdom and great care. Because "Mix and Kill!" is a potent mass manipulation method.

I wanted to comment these on the Economist but it is hopeless so many contrdictory  comments up already- who can read them and conclude something constructive?

The same problem exists in LENR. For example more PdD purists have closed the doors more or less, for Piantelli's NiH and more recently for Rossi's NiH. They see PdD as a cool hotbed of experimental certainties and as something genuinely Scientific while NiH is dreadfully uncertain and not scientific at ll.An extra reason to shutdown the E-Cat. Focardi and Rossi have promoted more theories while "we" here know well what happen, It is true- when 2 PdD experts meet  they believe in more than 3 theories in the same time.
W-L theory has met a closed door too... 

In LENR too, we have to open the doors with wisdom and care. What do you think.

b) On the front

IH considering counterclaims 

we will probably know what the want on Aug 5, other parties will be implicated probably as the ERV, the Customer, Rossi's accountant and photographers, the manufacturer of the flowmeter. We will see at Aug 5.

Obviously they are trying by any means to delay the payment.
This counter-complain seems to be effective in delaying the payment. How wonderfully honest and competent would have been this document say in June 2015 they had to make their complaints during the test, they had 1 year of time, but they used the 3 reports made by the ERV during the first 3 quarters of the test to collect money from their investors...etc Do IH care for such minute details?

I am forwarding the text of the very recent interview to Nobelist Brian Josephson, Prof. Gianni Albertini and myself, about the LENR situation, in general, and the tentative effort to found a NEW institution devoted to studies energy related problems from a different approach.

* The interview was made by Dr .Claudio Pace during a, four days, Symposium organised by Prof. Gianni Albertini, (Ancona University -Italy), to honour Prof. J. Vigier.
Please, quote Claudio Pace as author of the interview.

* Please, be free to share the interview to anybody.

---Messaggio originale----
Da: "" <>
Data: 28/07/2016 16.06
A: <>
Ogg: Intervista al Nobel Brian Josephson, G. Albertini e F. Celani sulle LENR. [In fondo alla pagina del blog i link alla playlist delle breve intervista
(for speakers of Italian)

Cari Colleghi,

ho il piacere, ed onore, di inviarVi il link ad una breve intervista, realizzata dal Dott. Claudio Pace, a:

A) Prof. Brian Josephson, Premio Nobel per la Fisica;

B) Prof. Gianni Albertini, docente di Fisica Generale presso l'Università di Ancona;

C) lo scrivente (Francesco Celani)

in occasione di un recentissimo Convegno (tuttora in corso ad Ancona) dedicato agli studi "non convenzionali" effettuati dal Prof. J. Vigier nell'ambito della Fisica-Matematica. Fra l'altro, Vigier è stato attivo sostenitore delle LENR.

*I link sono riportati in calce:

Tomorrow I will offer you  ashort text of Francesco appended to this document, mainly about the ncessiy of funding a new LENR dedicated Institution. European LENR?

1) Industrial Heat Asks for Extra Time to File Counterclaims against Rossi (perhaps others)

3) LENR news portal

4) From Rossi's JONP

Joy Reynolds
Dr Andrea Rossi:
We understand from your last comments how hard and consuming has been your work inside the 1 MW plant.
God bless you for your sacrifice for this cause.
Andrea Rossi
Joy Reynolds:
It is the central achievement of my life.
Warm Regards,

6) On The New Vortex of Abd  Ul Rahman Lomax there is an answer of the owner to this comment of Kirk Shanahan

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a) Anticipating Abd ulRahman Lomax's reaction to the Emptiness editorial

Writing this early when no answer could come from the US
I openly confess that I ma not so smart as Abd who knows always better what I am doing/not doing, thinking, feeling than myself mercilessly putting the exact diagnostic. It is not mutual, I have no idea what he will answer. 
I think the best for him is to have a sense of humor and being pragmatic and to ignore with superior dignity the infamous things I wrote.

Because if he answers, then he has only two options:

1) continuing on the psychiatry line speaking e.g. of my old age dementia,  paradoxically combined with intellectual immaturity and flawed  all these being enhanced by the harmful effects of the atmosphere of the Rossi Planet where I am captive. In a few words- nothing.

2) Take his role seriously a nd come with a very convincing REAL PROOF of IH's accusations against the E-Cats (not Rossi as they usually  do) - the ERV report, the flowmeter s type, some IH document critical to the plant from 2015,  a promising result of some IH sponsored LENR research, a pro-IH statement by some authority or investor- whatever. He has certainties, perfect verifiable proofs....
If he does this well I am ready to apologize and to upgrade his insult to compliments.
I am for fair play. as you know. Ready- just waiting, 1-2 days...

b) note

Today I have received INFINITE ENERGY Issue 128, July/August 2016- excellent see please 1) but there are many other excellent papers here too. Here I will send my "Farewell LENR" paper before going to meet with Gene Mallove and my other dear  Cold Fusion/LENR friends who have done much for the survival of LENR but failed to so for their own. 


1) INFINITE ENERGY, Issue 128, July-August 2016

Judge’s Decision on Industrial Heat Motion to Dismiss Rossi Complaint 

Foreign Policy Magazine Story on Gene Mallove 

Melvin Miles: The Correlation of Excess Heat and Helium (Cold Fusion Now New Video) 

ICCF20 Scheduled in Japan for October 2016 

Used Book Marketplace

2) By Claudio Pace
Intervista Josephson LENR Energy -You Tube
Interview taken here:
Preliminary Formulations and Empirical Tests
10th International Symposium Honouring
Mathematical Physicist Jean-Pierre Vigier


4) It started a new thread on the LENR Forum: 

5) From Andrea Rossi's JONP:

July 28, 2016 at 9:39 AM

Dear Dr Andrea Rossi:
Can you give us the dimensions of the plant of the Customer that used the energy produced for one year by the 1 MW E-Cat ?
Thank you if you can answer,
Andrea Rossi
July 28, 2016 at 10:01 AM

length 21 meters ( 70′)
width 3 meters ( 10′)
Height 3 meters ( 10′)
Plus the external ancillary components.
Warm Regards,


July 27, 2016 at 7:44 PM

Dear Andrea Rossi,
During the one year test of the 1 MW E-Cat there were moments during which other persons but not you were in the plant ?
Thank you if you can answer,

Andrea Rossi
July 27, 2016 at 10:54 PM

Yes: my turn was from 6 p.m. to 10 a.m. of the next day, for the rest of the day ( from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.) the plant was attended to by the men of IH.
Warm Regards,

July 27, 2016 at 5:50 PM

Dear Mr Rossi,

Your answer to me about your IP secrecy policy indicates that a change is necessary in the future to facilitate market introduction of your eCat..

1) How many persons today do have the “full” knowledge and insight of the cat??.. 5, 10..15 ??
2) When do you think there will be a change of information policy for your IP. This year or next??
Andrea Rossi
July 27, 2016 at 7:55 PM

1- Enough
2- When we will have reached an economy scale that will make pointless the reverse engineering.
Warm Regards


Is Jupiter using LENR?
Jupiter's great red spot heats planet's upper atmosphere

Also discussed by/with Joseph Fine on Rossi's blog

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 Creativity requires a network (Gapingvoid) 


a) Sequel to the David Fojt interview

In a post-scriptum to the Interview, David Fojt initiates an Appeal to the European LENR-ists from researchers to industrialist in spe.

Unite, unite, now it is really necessary to build an alliance of the European  LENR researchers.
There are many teams thinking they could arrive alone to a Solution but this proved to not be true.
Very recently a German patent spoke about discharges though electric barriers, this is one of my ideas also - there must exist efficient and reliable systems for this aiming to enhance the power of the discharge. This is only an example to show that together we re more powerful.
The truth and value will come from the small companies, the huge ones consider they do not need anybody.

It will come soon an Appeal: LENR workers of Europe, wake up, unite and start working seriously!

Perhaps in te context of an even more necessary, vital Appeal:


(do you remember what shouted the poet Vladimir Mayakovsky before committing suicide:"Nie streliaetsia, tovarishchi!" *Do not shoot , comrades!")


b) The Inevitable Emptiness of ABD & Co

What I am doing now, answering to some recent insults and calumnies of Abd  UlRahman Lomax is actually useless, you cannot discuss with people programmed or self-programed to demonstrate something empty of facts and with zero true proofs- they act as having Teflon brains; nothing logical, nothing new, nothing not already there sticks to it. But it is kind of sad duty to  answer, on the Web strange things happen and Abd even has admirers and followers. He has  a kind of perfect memory and knows everything that has happened  in LENR land however about understanding is much to discuss; he has a dominant obsession (to copy him see below) for the D+D=He issue- important but not directly connected to the problem of converting LENR to a genuine energy source. Especially not when D is replaced with H. 
I think that not financial corruption but the ambition to make eventually a real contribution has pushed Abd  to support with kind of ferocity the Cause of Industrial Heat. (Abd, because I will speak here much about "empty" and "void"  can you offer us here a list of your main contributions to LENR? Problems solved? Reasons to be admired even more than you are now?

Abd - I have to accept this, has an awfully difficult task defending a newly built position. Having no real facts to prove what he says, he uses one of the standard tricks of oppression- "who is not with us, is insane!" Good in politics- good in his manner of discussing science in a nasty context.

He writes:
"Peter has lost touch with reality. He thinks people are trying to "kill" the Rossi reactor"

With what reality I have lost contact? A reality empty of facts and of proofs- Abd's artificial reality. A demonic inventor, a totally non-functional generator (this was not remarked during 3 years of collaboration, 1 year of continuous experiment), instruments chosen on the criterion "made for cheating". flawed measurements- and these all statement are good for he reactor- not attempt to assassinate a device central in  a costly Trial for really great money. Not relevant details, not certainties
just seemingly completely baseless statements- and you have lost contact  with reality if you do not accept them uncritically- developing a hot hatred toward the inventor and his cursed Opus! 
It is an empty ergo invisible reality, Abd.

An other psychiatric feature obsession: 
That is a reference to Peter's most recent obsession, with Jed Rothwell's comments about flow meters. What Jed has written about flow meters is simply knowledgeable commentary. It is possible to create erroneous or deceptive flow meter readings, as we all known from the Defkalion affair.

No it is not "obsession" it is just total contempt toward a despicable position actully saying you are competent in measuring with an instrument when you know say 10 methods to make it to show, say 10 times multiplied readings compared to te real one- void of professional ethics. As saying I became a chemical engineer to work for the Drog Cartel, making explosives for the terrorists or poisoning wells. I exaggerate here but initially it was a dreadfully offensive formulation.
Obviously no  proofs , no data, just a strong "you must believe me"
Little dirty trick mixing Defkalion and "reverse flow" possible only at very small values of flow, giving errors but not making possible a 9 hours demo as at ICCF-18 Actually, Luca Gamberale has shown only the possibility of an error. Where is he, what has he done for LENR? As far I know he is in the European branch of the W-L theory driven scientists group of LNR Cities. Achievements? 
Anyway the flowmeter based accusation is baseless- and void of facts. Rxactly as the ERV report leaked by Rossi (???) to Jed Rothwell showing in a shining manner  Zero Excess Heat? These are nothing, and nothing else as emptiness, void, simplistic manipulations of nothingness.

An other niceness of Abd:

"Peter decided to bet on the wrong horse, then fell into a panic when that horse stumbled and fell."

This guy Abd is omniscient, he knows better than me  what I am doing and feeling and sees things other people are unable to see.
It was a Cat not a horse, I am definitely not in panic (to be sincere I am in panic for the migration-terrorism issue in Europa but this is different.) Why panic? What has fell except in Abd's imagination? 

Anyway Abd himself. in person, perfect proof of the old truth that Wordiness and Emptiness are Siamese brothers. Intertwined 
Actually what Abd says about me has no importance- zero value. So I will not take revenge asking Abd to abandon senseless chatter and come with proofs, verifiable ones as they must be in the Court. I know he has no proofs and his noisiness is a form of desperation.


1) Some Thoughts on the Design and Operation of Rossi’s LENR Reactors (Michael Lammert)

2) Eduard Tsyganov

3) Alexandr Prosvirnov: " The hydro-vawe treatment (cavitation)  of liquid radioactive 
wastees is not in demand in the industry,
Александр Просвирнов, "Гидроволновая технология переработки ЖРО не востребована в отрасли"

Postage stamp sized structure can store all human books ever written
Pretty stable with atom sized bits

Dutch scientists have found a way to store data more efficiently than ever before by creating an "atomic memory" device which encodes data
atom by atom, meaning that all the books that have ever been written in the world could be stored on a cube the size of a postage stamp.


Why Technologists Should Think Like Biologists