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Parturiunt montes, nascetur ridiculus mus
The mountains are in labor, and a ridiculous mouse will be brought forth

Those that are the loudest in their threats are the weakest in their actions. (Charles Caleb Colton)

A mini-interview with Andrea Rossi


Dear Andrea Rossi, how could you characterize the effects, effectiveness, efficiency the efforts/results ratio, of the anti-Rossi, anti-1MW Test campaign?


" Parturiunt montes, nascetur ridiculous mus" this ancient saying of the Romans can be the paradigm of the small effect that the monumental attack to assassinate my character has been brought on by IH and their puppets, organized by the powerful APCO... It is an obvious paradigmatic analogy!"
"From the mountains has been born a rat: I figure this as a big mass that cannot pass through the lattice of the truth, so that only a little mass can pass through: small stones, here and there, so that they seem rats rolling somewhere. The mountains of balls produced by IH didn't pass the even few things that I have been allowed to disclose, for example:
in April the ERV produced  the first report, and IH accepted it, used it in world press conference, got millions thanks to it; in July the ERV produced a second report, Tom Darden visited repeatedly the plant with his investors, illustrated all the instrumentation of the erv, chanted its immaculate sealings, got millions; in October the ERV produced a third report, equal to the first and the second, Tom Darden made visits with his investors, got millions, chanting mirabilia about the test, the plant, whatever. Finally, arrived the last report, equal to the first, the second and the third reports, but...this time (it was time to pay ) Darden said: " I proclaim urbi et orbi that the plant did not work, the ERV was no good, the instrumentation of the ERV was  no good, that the test was not a test and that I barely knew that we were making a test; I was sleeping like a baby" and  JT Vaughn, standing at his right, with jointed hands, said: "Amen", while from their overloaded  pockets small bunches of dollars fall in the wind, then on the ground, promptly grasped by their  puppets who repeated: "Amen".

b) Preparing a working document - a taxonomy of the rhetorical tricks/logical fallacies used by my attackers in arguments.

I am speaking here about my attackers those who have offended me, my blog, my profession, who try to destroy LENR technology- this goes much beyond what they call the Rossi Planet. What I dislike at them is: methods, style, wording- they attack always in packs and try to become a noisy, dominant, sadistic and aggressive majority on any forum.
Surely they know well this:

"The best way to win an argument? Shout louder than everyone else and people will simply assume you're right"

Their efforts, energy,  are impressive however they are just electronic paper tigers  
Their Internet chatters have no value, no truth. Not good for the Trial.

Jed Rothwell especially is abusing of telling "I know, you do NOT know" i.e. you are stupid, ignorant, misinformed- now he has told me that I do not understand what "rhetorical tricks" are. I understand I have lived years oppressed by them, I have met them in many places, wrote about them and even taught them in the frame of my Management of Technology course (2002-2005). 
I have decided to study more systematically the dirty rhetorical tricks, cheap logical fallacies the attackers are using, to make a specific taxonomy of their repertoire

See for example:
a)Dishonest Tricks of Arguments
b) A list of fallacious arguments
c) List of fallacies

or this list that will be converted in a working document with definitions and instructions- many methods are used in simplified forms or combinations,, It will be a kind of Web psychology-almost-psychiatry study- it is not easy to find such dreadful examples of trolling (only on the anti-vaccine forums can you find such examples)
Short list of 
1) Emotional Language  2) Faulty Distribution  3) Invalid sampling
4) Reductio Ad Absurdum 5) Evasion of Truth 6) Distraction
7) Non sequitur, 8) Lesser of two evils (false dilemma); 9) Appeal to moderation (Hegel's Fallacy); 10) Appeal to Casuistry 11) Formal Fallacy 12)  Circular Reasoning  (13) Begging the question 14) Ambiguity  15) Tautology 16)  Speculations 
17) Equivocation  18) False Dilemma ( 19) False Continuity  20) Inadequate Definition 
21) True Believer; 22) Suggestion by repeated affirmation; (23) Suggestion by prestige 24) Prestige by false credentials . 26) False Humility  27) Interrogation Tactics 28) Appeal to Authority (29) Getting to "Yes" 30) Appeal to Prejudice 
. 31) Faulty Assumptions 32) Appeal to Ignorance 33) Mere Analogy 34) Bad Analogy  35) Incite to Anger 36)Special  Pleading 37) Appeal to selfishness: 38) Ad hominem attacks- just a list see a) 

What fallacies are used by:
-Jed referring in detail to best practices guide when he speaks about manipulating results- the opposite action?
- Stephenrenzzie calling me "egotistical little blogger?" 
- all claiming superiority and privileged knowledge without the slightest proof?
- Abd-   nicely saying your blog has become an extended rant, often unintelligible, complaining about Jed"?
- Abd yesman of Jed: "a flow meter could indicate a flow ten times what the actual flow is. And this could happen accidentally or deliberately."  

NOTE. Enough for today, UEFA 2016 France Germany starts and I am in delay. no time to study psycho- logy of people having high chances to be Losers.


From Jed Rothwell and Jean Paul Biberian::
Experiments and Methods in Cold Fusion
Proceedings of the ICCF 19 Conference, April 13–17, 2015, Padua, Italy VOLUME 19, June 2016
In Jed's Library
Jed: here is a handy old-fashioned index which many people prefer. You can use the browser control-S search function:

An example that Jed is an excllent librarian, whyis he insisting with propaganda he lacks talent for it?

М.Я. Иванов Элементы единой физики для аэрокосмических приложений, радиационных полей и интеллекта с экспериментальным подтверждением
M.Ja. Ivanov Central Institute of Aviation Motors n. a. P.I. Baranov 111116, Moscow, Russia

Aerospace thermo physical problems and propulsion experience are analyzed in the light of modern experimental achievements of applied physics and astrophysics. The analysis demonstrates а need to move from the modern double standard physics (nonlinear standard and its linearized quantum-relativistic variants) to united standard of the classic physics for aerospace propulsion design. For the common classic physics design standard the thermodynamically compatible conservation laws of mass, momentum and energy for radiate gaseous medium are written at presence of the external cosmic thermostat with the temperature 2.73 K. By that the entropy growth presents the dissipative energy value on the level of this cosmic thermostat gives pressure losses and determines the one time arrow. Some aspects of recording and storage of intellect information are also considered. The paper contains typical examples for aerospace propulsion

LENR Cities Suisse Sarl

This document, signalled yesterday in my Blog too, is indeed strange, why has Steve Krivit published it, seemingly now?

From Cold Fusion Now


The past, present and future of the PhD thesis


Results of theoretical and experimental research on capture of negative muons in hydrogen are reported with an emphasis on the accompanying phenomenon of muon catalysis in hydrogen and subtleties of the experimental method. A conclusion is drawn that precise determination of the capture rate is important for refining the standard model.


The problem with systems


  1. Jed has said this
    Jed RothwellMay 11, 2016 at 5:25 PM
    If you cannot understand why I say Penon is an idiot, I suppose that is because you have not seen as much of his work as I have.

    Or, perhaps because you have looked at the same reports I have, but you think he is smart, whereas I think he is very, very stupid. It is possible I am wrong and he is actually smart. In that case, I am the stupid one.
    that he could be wrong and the stupid one.

  2. Dear Sam,

    This a form of thinking in extremes- bad dualistic thinking. Reality is rich it csannot be simplified.

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  4. Dear Peter.

    It appears the flow meter in the 1MWt 1 year test plant has been located and it is properly installed. Lower than the reactor intake pumps and lower than the condensate supply:

    A possible identification of the flow meter has also been made:

    What I failed to find were instructions on how this smart BTU Energy & Volume flow meter could be programmed or tricked into measuring a flow 50 times greater than the actual flow. Or maybe it can't.


  5. Peter
    I think of Jed as the LENR
    Librarian Street Fighter.

    1. Nothing to do with what is called FAIR PLAY


    2. Fair play is a concept of human mind.

    3. Fair play is a concept of human mind.

    4. Timo, the nme Paavo Nurmi tells you something?

  6. Peter
    I think you and Jed are both good LENR
    street fighters.
    But like A.R. the S.F. says it is the market
    place Judge will decide the winner.
    Not the EVR or COURT Judge.
    Sometimes I wish T.D would get in the
    S.F. and say something.
    But no it would be better if they put away
    the knives and worked together to get
    product to market.
    Stay safe Peter it can be dangerous on
    the streets.
    The Best