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I call it

 I think the main question regarding the Test is:
Had been there observed/measured isotopic shifts in Li and Ni in the ash powder?
If there are important isotopic shifts, then we can talk about
Nuclear reactions if not, then there were no nuclear reactions 
(Prof Leonid Urutskoev, April 11, 2016- on EGO OUT)

see please 7) at NEWS!


a) A mini-interview with Andrea Rossi


Dear Andrea Rossi, I think you like honest and smart competition. It is naive to ask you to reveal the secrets  of the E-Cats just for nothing- the method if not obtained by hard work will be misunderstood and not applied correctly progress would stop. 
However what will you advise your young competitors how to correlate the difficult and very complex experimental work with the disturbing lack of a theory? 
Do you recommend Edisonian style of work? 


In the history of industry, inventions, science and technology most of the apparatuses that have been put in operation worked perfectly even if the theories at the base of their work were either not yet existent or wrong.
For this reason the legislation related to patents does not require any theory for the allowance of a patent.
For example Edison made about one thousand patents without having for the most important of them a valid theory.
Most of theories have been born from empirical experimentation.
I wish my young Competitors to be new Edisons .
Entering in the specific of my work: I started with the empirical Galilean method to make the E-Cat, but all the experimentation made and the tests are leading me, in collaboration with Norman Cook, to a consistent theory.

This answer makes me happy because I firmly believe in the Technology First in LENR principle. I have a friend critic who will call this an :obsession" he explains all my actions on the blog as psychiatric problem, manifest mental illness or senility
any way I have received good news today so I am not angry that he is mirroring his own problems on me.

NOTE  The abundance of "LENR IN CONTEXT" papers is due to their quality not to the lack of regular News papers and publication re LENR.


1)  Announcement from the Finnish LENR company ETIAM:
New Share Issue - result
Unfortunately, New Share Issue of Etiam Inc. carried out from May 23rd till June 30th 2016 didn’t reach the minimum total number of subscribed shares required for successful New Share Issue and thus, the New Share Issue is cancelled.
We sincerely thank all subscribers who were looking forward to joining in an exciting journey of LENR with Etiam Inc. We wish to offer a similar opportunity in the future.
We are looking forward to resolving the financing of the development work by seeking alternative funding opportunities
2) Quite remarkable exchanges on Andrea Rossi's Blog
July 7, 2016 at 6:12 PM

Dear Andrea,

My, My, My,

Is that a water flow meter I see between the condensate return pipe on the right and the intake pipe to the reactor on the left?

Can anyone identify the manufacturer and model?

Mayne a smart unit like this one?

Yes I understand you can’t tell us the unit but it is interesting to try to figure it out. Also interesting to note, it is mounted correctly, very low, lower than the inlet pumps to the reactors and the reactor bodies.

Comments can be posted to the ECW thread here:

Engineers 1, Snakes 0.

Andrea Rossi
July 7, 2016 at 9:26 PM

I cannot give in positive or in negative any information related to issues that have to be disclosed in Court with all the necessary evidence. As correctly wrote our Reader Robert earlier today, though, everybody can answer if it is credible that a nuclear engineer, experienced working in a nuclear power plant, needs that a blogger explains to him how to install a flowmeter correctly on the base of knowledge pretty well known from any good plumber.
Warm Regards,

Dr Andrea Rossi:
There are discussions about the position of the flowmeter, and persons without basic education in engineering have discovered that a flowmeter must be installed below the level of the source of the flow and of the destination of the flow, to avoid that the flowmeter go into a cavitation mode. This thing is well known from any plumber. Now, as you have repeatedly explained, the ERV is a nuclear engineer with a doctorate obtained with 110/110 summa cum laude and with experience of work as a nuclear engineer in a nuclear power plant: is there somebody enough stupid to think that such a nuclear engineer needs to learn from a blogger how to place a water flowmeter ? How poor considerations are arriving from your foes, Dr Rossi. Good for you.

3) A great paper about Gene Mallove
The Coldest Case
Eugene Mallove gave up everything to pursue the holy grail of nuclear energy. Did it cost him his life? by David Kushner

4) A presentation by Franceco Celani
Convegno “Verso una rivoluzione energetica non inquinante”

5) Mike Phalen's LENR Organization
Andrea Rossi's Reaction and LENR

6) Doktor Bob's News Portal Up-dated

7) Document: Isotopic Composition of Rossi Fuel Sample (Unverified)
This document is just a harbinger of other tens of isotopic analyses verifying Leonid's Wise Distinction and saying Yes the Test was OK! Say about calorimetry what you wish! However the ERV 's Report is actually unassailable too- you will see.


A Book: Master manipulators
Shelley Adamo

This Is Your Brain on Parasites How Tiny Creatures Manipulate Our Behavior and Shape Society 
Kathleen McAuliffe Houghton Mif in Harcourt, 2016. 292 pp. 353, Issue 6295, pp. 128

Our local brain manipulators are humans not microbes but are also surprisingly small, especially ethically.

By Ethan Siegel Cold fusion's arch-enemy but bright physicist:
Grand Unification may be a dead-end for Physics (Synopsis)



  1. Peter
    Can you share the good news
    or is it private.
    I hope you don't think I am being
    nosy just get tired of bad news.

    1. Hi Sam,

      The good news is here;

      As Peter has indicated, there is more good news to come.

    2. E48
      It probably is good news.
      But I was hoping to hear something
      like Peter was going to be a Grandfather again.
      But I hope your news is good to.

  2. That can't be the flow meter to measure the heat produced since it is so low. It is likely only there to measure the water flow of water into the system without proof that steam was ever produced. The important thing is how much steam flowed out of the device and not how much water was put in. Impossible to use that to find out how much heat was produced down stream.

    1. Utility grade billable BTU volume & energy meters can easily record both the fluid flow volume and the energy content of the fluid inflown to the reactor pumps.

      Being utility grade billable BTU meters they are designed to be tamper proof.

      Then ask yourself how a utility grade billable meter can be fooled to record a 1,500kg/hr input fluid flow (COP 50) when some claim the input fluid flow was only 30kg/hr (COP 1)?

    2. Jed provided the answer to your question on LENR-Forum: because it was mounted too close to the knee.

      That's not a joke. Seriously, that was his response x)

    3. thanks, please details..

    4. Hi Peter,

    5. "Jed provided the answer to your question on LENR-Forum: because it was mounted too close to the knee.

      That's not a joke. Seriously, that was his response x)"

      That's from the manual for this meter:

      p. 14, the number of pipe diameters before and after the flow meter.

      p. 5, "Precautions shall be taken to prevent damage to the heat meter by unfavourable hydraulic conditions (cavitation, surging, water hammer)."

      Also this document:

      "One of the most popular cost effective flow meters for water or water like fluids. Many are offered with flow fittings or insertions styles. These meters like the turbine meter require a minimum of 10 pipe diameters of straight pipe on the inlet and 5 on the outlet."

      Not a joke at all.

      You should learn about flow meters before commenting.

    6. I should add that Rossi did not mount the meter next to a knee. He did many things wrong, but that was not one of them. I was just pointing out that if the gadget shown in the photo was a flow meter, it was mounted in the wrong place, and it will give the wrong answer.

      The safety codes in Florida specify that a flow meter and thermometer must be installed in a long, straight, level pipe some distance from the boiler. (I do not recall the distance.)

    7. Also, as you see in the photo linked to here, that was not the flowmeter. That was just insulation around the pipe. Rossi did many things wrong, but he did not install the flow meter next to a knee.

  3. Peter
    Interesting interview with DR Mallove from

  4. Peter
    The link I posted to DR Mallove interview
    does not work.This is another link that does work.
    Dr. Eugene Mallove on Coast to Coast AM (February 4, 2004)

    1. dear Sam,
      not available here, yesterday I gave a link to a long paper about Gene

      thank you!

  5. Peter
    A interesting article on the empirical Galilean method
    that A.R. said he started with to build the Ecat.‎