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Romanian Proverbs:

Envy is a declaration of inferiority.
The chicken of the neighbor seems a goose to you.
The envious gets indigestion not from what he eats but from what the other people eat.

Envy is ignorance (Ralph Waldo Emerson) 

Envy is an insult to oneself. (Yevgeny Yevtushenko)

The spirit of envy can destroy; it can never build. (Margaret Thatcher)

Envy blinds men and makes it impossible for them to think clearly. (Malcolm X)

Envy, one of the capital sins, never comes alone- it is grafted on stupidity and vice-versa (Peter Gluck- now) 


Surely you knew before reading the quotations that envy does a lot of harm first of ll to the envious. This and similar readings can help.

A Helpful Guide to Overcoming Envy

a) Do not envy me, please...I am not tricky but I had Tricky..

A week ago as I related I had a small surgery made by a young nice dermatologist. 
The excised tumor was analyzed and is a are form of skin cancer called trichilemmal carcinoma- proposed nickname Tricky. Usually not talented in disseminating metastases but you never know. Anyway I had a discussion with the surgeon, if anything goes OK after in a week the surgical threads will be removed. If Tricky - who is out in principle- will sleep OK, I unfortunately know well how unstoppable cancer can be - from my son Robert (31 years old) last three months of life He died on Feb 5, 1999 when a tumor ruptured his carotid artery. 

Anyway I am old and functioning slowly so great chances are I had Tricky but now I do not own it more and nonexistent things have very limited actions.

You have more reasons to not envy me:

I spent my life swimming up-stream... during the years of oppression time moved in the wrong direction and I tried to not follow it:

Do not envy me, I am a LENR blogger now and so few really scientific or technological papers  and news re LENR are coming these days ..and what comes is far from game-changing discoveries and  breakthroughs come, seemingly unsolvable problems persist;

Do not envy me, I even cannot discuss peacefully and objectively,on forums today  is war; wild Disputitis associated with Detailitis dominates over Dilutitis, Disfocusitis and Defrostitis  ( this last one forum perturbance- re discussing old things with small effectiveness but much noise is sheltered at LENR classic mainly)  

I also do not envy many people

And all these will be angry with me if I describe the reasons of do-not-envy;

- I do not envy the PdD wet faithfuls because- in my biased imagination only (?) they 
continue to beat a dead horse just because it gives sometimes erratic barely measurable signs of life... and this is all...

From the zone of the now LENR-wide War:

I do not  envy IH due to  their up-hill battle at the Mountain of truth;

I do not envy Andrea Rossi because he had to solve simultanously  real difficult and insurmountable imaginary problems and mainly because  ENVY- tsunamis of green envy are directioned toward him. He claims to have a technology and he has made it to work a full year but this is denied and so envy will change history- Rossi will not be one of the greatest inventors of all times but other people having huge ambitions.
IF they succeed.

I do not envy Abd because he is able to tell with 2000 words what I can tell with 10  and better. (trying to make him envious with this compliment)

I do not envy Abd for his two million page-views on Quora. are they reading all the  words of his messages or just the first 10? Impact, feed-back- pro-Abd army on Quora? A new Shutdown Rossi Manifesto? A "We love you, IH mass movement."?
Abd invited to speak about his Truth, anywhere?

I could tell man envy and LENR related thing, however I will finish now wit a sincere declaration: I am not envying the people who will see the triumph of LENR.
I have enjoyed much fighting for this triumph.



Industrial Heat’s Motion to Dismiss Denied in Part, Granted in Part

Count I: Breach of Contract (Non-Payment) Intact
Count II: Breach of Contract (Exceeding Scope of License) Dismissed
Count III: Unjust Enrichment Intact
Count IV: Misappropriaton of Trade Secrets Intact
Count V: Civil Conspiracy to Misappropriate Trade Secrets Dismissed
Count VI: Fraud and Deceit Intact
Count VII: Constructive and Equitable Fraud Dismissed
Count VIII: Patent Infringement Dismissed

This will be discussed intensely in this thread too:

2) A Proposed New Design of E-cat Boiler (Paul Dodgshun)

3) A day in the life of Andrea Rossi:

Dear Andrea Rossi:
Can you give us an idea of your work during an average day ?
Thank you if you can,
Andrea Rossi
July 20, 2016 at 8:52 AM

from 6 a.m. to 7 a.m. I study Physics; from 7.30 a.m. to 5 p.m. I am working on the QuarkX in this period, updating also the work on the patents in preparation; from 5 p.m. to 7 I have to work on the papers of the litigation with IH, also meeting with my Attorney. From 7 to 8 p.m. I make exercise. This is my basic scheduling, obviously with the necessary variations when opportune.
Warm Regards,
4) From Abd ulRahman Lomax

Answer to: "Did Sifferkoll demonstrate that he is a liar



Quark X will be better!

Modern off-grid lighting could create 2 million new jobs in developing world

Are you part of the problem or solution?


  1. Peter
    A.R spends 2 hrs a day on litigation.
    When a person with mediation skills
    that both sides respect might settle
    the dispute.But probably wishful thinking.

    1. dear Sam,

      probably - I will write today about realities and artificial realities- do you get the connection with LENR?

  2. Peter,
    I liked your "Peter Gluck - now" Romanian proverb. Hope you are doing well after your surgery!

    1. thank you- it was minor just on a bad place calp needs two weeks to heal
      The ad hoc proverb is good, I have to recognize despite my deep modesty.

  3. I do not envy you, Peter and I hope you will recover.
    I do have great respect for you: a more that 80 year old guy, being a major world LENR pusher and devoting all your time to it.
    I trust you will see LENR entering the energy market and people enjoying all the positive pleasures that it will bring, but no doubt it will come with some negative aspects.
    Good health, Marc

  4. My best to your recovery.
    I have not participated for some time but I read your blog as often as I can (limited internet access).
    Your ENVY blog is great and I hope that some certain paople, quick to judge, understand that the only thing important is to see the possibilities instead of focusing on finding ways of discredit others work. The sickness of ENVY - a sad disease.

    1. Thank you so much,

      I am relatively OK no pians and WSednesady the surgical threads will be removed, Scalp not good for surgry not elastic.

      May I ask yu a personal favor tek=ll e very sincerely what do you think about REVERSE ENGINEERING, are you 100% against it?
      Today some NOTES about the sitution for now not n lrit-motif.