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On the Barut-Vigier model of the hydrogen atom
Physics Letters A
Volume 220, Issues 4–5, 9 September 1996, Pages 297-301

Who wants to discuss about J-P Vigier and LENR?


The discontinuity introduced in the territory of my one square forehead (wound with bandages) makes trouble to my Muse so this morning she did not give me the inspiring kiss. Due to a combination of very different events I was far from being happy.  But it is my self-assumed duty to write daily an LENR oriented mini-editorial 
with at least a spark of a new idea in it. In parallel I have done the standard web-search for all LENR papers and events. So I have discovered paper no 1) in Italian. 
Nobel laureate Brian Josephson is waited at the Portonovo congress organized by the Universita Politecnica delle Marche- it seems he will speak about LENR too, and we can be grateful to him for this.. The congress is coupled with the "10° Simposio Internazionale in onore del Fisico-Matematico Jean-Pierre Vigier – Portonovo (AN), 25- 28 Luglio 2016" An homage to Jean Pierre Vigier who in my very young years was considered one of the greatest physicists and whom I met at te second US- former SU Cold Fusion Symposium at Minsk Belarus (organized by Harold Fox, his memory should be blessed!)
We had a short conversation he was shining, charming, and nice, predicted the troubles but also the final victory of Cold Fusion.
You can find his opuses in LENR-CANR.ORG. He has died in the same year but his influence in theoretical physics is still strong.  I have found a quotation by Jean Pierre Vigier, see please the Motto. I think it is equally true for great men of any profession- including LENR, battles won or lost make you known, famous.
History of mankind is an endless series of great battles- we are a hyper-violent species and the life of any active human being is also written in his/her battles.
 My greatest and longest professional battle series was in 1974 and the following years - for the survival of the PVC industry- when it was discovered that the monomer vinyl chloride is a rather  potent oncogene. I will not speak about other battles, I lost so many. I am losing the battle with Time, And with time, it is late and my blog issue is not ready
You have witnessed here many of my e-battles, my impression is that both parties have lost more than they won.
Asked about his battles actually for the survival of LENR+ technology Andrea Rossi knows well that he can win all his battles only if he puts massively the E-Cats in the market. No other way exists 


1) The Nobel Prize winner Brian Josephson is waited at a Congress
Il Premio Nobel Brian Josephson atteso a Portonovo

2) Foreign Policy Article on Cold Fusion and the Life and Death of Eugene Mallove
(signalled first by EGO OUT on Jul 8)

3) The Seminar of Eduard Tsyganov in the Objectives Using Atomic Energy in Dubna
"Cold Nuclear Fusion- today" Jul 14, 2016

Семинар Эдуарда Цыганова в ОИАЭ в Дубне в июле 2016г.

4) Did Abd Ul-Rahman Lomax Admit being an IH Operative with a Mission to Induce FUD?
5) From Abd ulRahman Lomax's site

The alleged isotopic analysis, the cat is out of the bag.

Re: [nVo] Re: Brilliant Light Power

All his comments can be found at:

6) A paper against the hydrino theory
Getting all science judgmental

7) Brilliant Light Power update:


Thanks to Giancarlo Gazzoni
Electricity generated with water, salt and a three-atoms-thick membrane

Why artificial intelligence is enjoying a renaissance


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  2. BLP is a bad joke. It fails at every possible point. He is basically using an ard welder to wo the inexperienced folks with money. He does not allow scientists to attend his 'revival' meetings.
    He has unk to a new level.

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  4. I have responded to Sifferkoll's outrageous question above, on

    The topic is "Did Sifferkoll demonstrate that he is a liar?" Liar or insane, take your pick. That reflects his own style, but he's been attacking a series of people the same way. It's ironic. He has been demonstrating FUD, very clearly. It is unlikely, however, that anyone is paying him. One would have to be an idiot to pay for trolling like that.