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a) The day of professional reckoning will arrive for any LENR worker

"At the end of your professional career , you will be judged exactly as your Soul will be judged on the Doomsday. And your judge, knowing no mercy will be yourself."
I remember the words of my model Professor Nanu Ion- who taught us not only the principles, rules, tricks, modes of thinking and action of Macromolecular Chemistry, but also its very Spirit- difficult to define but you can feel it deeply- for any profession.

This wisdom has driven my work and struggle for many years and I have decided that the day of retirement will NOT be my day of judgment, let's postpone it till my very last day and let;s enlarge and diversify what "professional" means. Try to excel in everything you do.

I have tried to formulate my professional Credo and so I have arrived to the slogan of my 20 Rules of Real Life Problem thinking:


On the professional Day of Reckoning, I will try to demonstrate that I had the courage to think, think independently even sometimes; I made responsible decisions and have accepted the consequences good or bad with dignity and I will show a list of problems discovered and solved by me- from this list the Judge will subtract the value of the problems created or caused by me. My IQ and talents will be taken in consideration as mitigating circumstances.

However to be a LENR researcher, worker supporter is also a profession and we all will have a LENR reckoning day. I will come with my Blog and start with: " You see I have tried.."
Interesting, the Rossi-IH conflict will end with a special Reckoning Day...

NOTE- As yu know Abd ul Rahman Lomax has offended me in connection- not with the Rossi IH dispute but  the idea of Ed Storms to try the PdD (PdH?) system at temperatures up to 1400 C- apparently a mystery why Abd is so adamant and angry. He has not apologized so he is not more a partner of discussion for me. Om the contrary he wrote:

Peter is looking for disagreement and conflict to fight against, because his survival is at stake.

OK, my survival is at stake because I am old, but otherwise i am OK inclusive in LENR land where I have more friends and enemies.
The trouble with Abd (one of them) is lack of managerial culture he makes a lot of weak philosophy around elementary concepts as Wicked Problems and Systems Thinking. Better look to Wikipedia but you know!

Ab=nd he says it was a DECISION to not discuss  about  PdD at 1400C- actually he has rejected the idea. Probably he knows instinctively my slogan, he thinks  alot- his way, there are small chances we will surprise him in flagranti with problem solving
so taking a decision is  great achievement for him. OK, let's him wish luck; you will find links to his opuses at New Vortex here. And let's encourage him with a special quote by a great Caliph re his coming day of Reckoning:

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Interesting article at Rossi's JONP thanks to Marc Ellenbroek for calling my attention to it first

1) International Journal of Sustainable and Green Energy 2015; 4(4-1): 1-6 
Published online November 23, 2014 
( doi: 10.11648/j.ijrse.s.2015040401.11 

Nickel – the ultimate substitute of Coal, Oil and Uranium U. 
V. S. Seshavatharam1 , S. Lakshminarayana2 1Honorary faculty, I-SERVE, Alakapuri, Hyderabad-35, AP, India 2Dept. of Nuclear Physics, Andhra University, Visakhapatnam-03, AP, India 
Email address: (U. V. S. Seshavatharam), (S. Lakshminarayana) To cite this article: U. V. S. Seshavatharam, S. Lakshminarayana. 
Nickel – the Ultimate Substitute of Coal, Oil and Uranium. International Journal of Sustainable and Green Energy. Special Issue: Renewable Energy Materials. Vol. 4, No. 4-1, 2015, pp. 1-6. doi: 10.11648/j.ijrse.s.2015040401.11 Abstract: During E-CAT test run some hidden and unknown energy is being coming out in the form of heat energy in large quantity. Based on the principle of conservation of energy and from the well known nuclear fusion and fission reactions it is possible to guess that, the E-CAT hidden energy may be in the form of binding of protons and neutrons of the Nickel and Lithium atomic nuclei. By considering the nuclear binding energies of 58 28 , 62 28 and 7 3 an attempt is made to understand the energy liberation mechanism in E-CAT. With reference to the net energy production of (5825 ± 10%) Mega Joules liberated from one gram Ni of the E-CAT’s 32 days third party test run, it can be suggested that, for every transformation of 58 28 to 62 28 via 7 3 , liberated heat energy is 3.64 MeV and for one gram of 58 28 liberated energy is 5984 Mega Joules. For each transformation of 58 28 to 62 28 via7 3 , 3 hydrogen atoms can be expected to be emitted. Note that, energy liberated for one gram of 58 28 in cold fusion is 1.66 MWh and energy liberated for one gram of 235 92 in nuclear fission is 22.6 MWh. Clearly speaking, energy released in Nickel based E-CAT is just 13.6 times less than the energy released in Uranium fission. Keywords: Cold Fusion, Low Energy Nuclear Reactions, E-CAT ( Energy Catalyzer)  

2) Thoughts on 1MW Plant Schematic (Engineer48)

3) Writings of Abd ulRahman Lomax on his NewVortex Frum:

About Brilliant Light Power:

Abd's answer to:

Discussion mainly with Engineer 48
[nVo] Rossi Addresses Some Issues Regarding 1MW Plant Test

4) VIDEO: One Million Watts in the Palm of Your Hand?


  1. it seems I've seen a schematic of 1MW test circuits, but it was the one installed by IH and that Rossi have dismantled.

    I don't remember where I've seen it, it looked not bad.

  2. Peter
    Found this comment on this on physics world blog.
    I was wondering if you or your readers could make sense of it.

    Jelle Boersma
    Nov 9, 2008 at 4:23 am
    Perhaps the following theoretical idea related to how cold fusion may occur
    is highly naive, but since I could not find any documentation discussing this the
    only way to find out is to bring it up, Thanks for any feedback.
    Could it be that cold-fusion is facilitated by quantum-entanglement of two
    deuterium nuclei with the external degrees of freedom (eg the phonons
    in the metal-lattice in which the D-nuclei are dissolved).
    The idea is that if two D-nuclei are entangled with independent exterior degrees
    of freedom then the density matrix describing the subsystem of two D-nuclei
    will be diagonal and the interaction hamiltonian vanishes even when the two
    nuclei have overlapping wave-functions in space and time .
    In other words, the electrostatic repulsion between two D-nuclei could be temporarily neutralized, along with the weak and the strong interactions.
    For two decohered nuclei at the same location it would take recoherence (through alignment of the exterior degrees of freedom with which the two nuclei are entangled) to restore the interactions. If the two nuclei recohere with sufficient overlap so that the strong attraction exceeds the electrostatic repulsion then fusion may occur.

  3. Peter, you've been linking to your googlemail mailbox for the newvortex posts. They are available on

    The BLP post is at

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    Some of the messages have followup discussions with others. thanks.