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This is my statement, I care for LENR and I will always (not such a long time) care.

I do not care a iota for those who say that I don't care, just because my reluctance to believe - with no proof- technical fairy tales, retro-mythologies- I take care for the dignity of independent thinking.
Peter Gluck


a) I got a  wise advise

An old, non-Cold Fusion friend reading a few issues of my Blog, has warned me:

"We XXXXXians have a proverb: "The problem with getting into a fight with a pig is that you both get covered in shit but the pig loves that!" The proverb exists in all cultures where pig meat is considered edible and actually alludes to my vocabuary. 
I accept this and from now on I will extract only the scientific and technological aspects of the messages of my attackers- as much this is possible without verbal surgery- in many cases the "swineries" are grafted on the real facts.

Very sorry that I have to make a last exception to this

b) To jump all over somebody- me this time!

Each language has intraductible expressions, sayings. In Romanian to punish somebody in the annihilating mode is "a face pe cineva cu ou si otet" to make him/her with egg and vinegar" - a gastronomic puzzle anyway. The English equivalent is "to jump all over somebody" or "to put somebody in a huff".
This is the treatment applied to me by my former discussion partner  Ab ul-Rahmna Lomax on his Newvortex site/forum. However  I am not whining, not complaining Abd can do/say what he want-  I do not care,no anger from my part.

Mea culpa mea maxima culpa- my major sin is that I am unable to believe to swallow Jed Rothwell's incredible story about the 10-times-amplifier flowmeter. It is very long and I will cite only sparks of the Abdian wroth; let him say they are out of context!

"This is not going to be nice. When we age, we tend to lose some of 
our capacity to understand what is happening in the world. The world 
has moved on, our experience may no long have so much application, 
and if we did not handle the demons of ego-survival when we were 
younger, it gets worse. We become peevish, angry, and more and more 
reactive, less able to detach, whereas a more benign maturity becomes 
thoughtful, less attached to points of view and personally looking 
good, and less ready to condemn others." That's me to be clear!

It is no longer about LENR, but about the persons and especially about Peter's own conflict with them. ( This i my Blog- despite my great efforts to signal all the publication and news re, LENR- news pro- and contra Rossi. equal treatment for Sifferkoll and Steve Krivit and Pathoskeptic- papers in any language but they are so few these days!)

Referring to the LENR community Peter is not looking closer, he is looking at 
what has high emotional significance for him. That is a very human thing to do, but ... when it becomes dominated by paranoia, we can see the negative effects. Rossi's paranoia demolished his amazing success.

And Peter's paranoia has almost totally destroyed his reputation. He's still running his blog as a collection of links he considers related ...(only existent reputations can be destroyed.. dear Abd please continue the idea for yours)

I would be very unhappy with a reputation summarized as: "He knows everything but understands nothing!" Just an example...

However I always try to extract the best- even from trash (not speaking about Abd's essay) at some stage he tell something of high value: "People who care about LENR talk with each other" OK, this is just a truism people who collaborate speak necessarily with each other however the idea is to define; "WHO CARES FOR LENR?"

Who cares really for LENR?

 To care is to do and if you cannot do experiments or create theories - you can write, inform, promote there re many possibilities and a blog specialized in LENR is perhaps  not the worse. To contribute with what you are able to do. As many great and new ideas, LENR has powerful external and enemies, contradictions of interests
and ideas can appear- if you care you try to fight for the survival, progress, prosperity, deep and broad understanding. If you really care you will help to convert LENR in technology, in an essential energy source. It will be difficult almost impossible sometimes but do not care continue, the ways to accomplishment are always obstacled ways. Do not care for what is temporary y, insignificant and evanescent.
Let's discuss about who cares for LENR

I will continue the discussion with Ed Storms tomorrow.

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Gas phase LENR and water phase LENR are the same. But the water phase LENR occurs on the microscopic level as witnessed by the microscopic melting events seen on the surface of palladium electrodes. Water remove the heat from the LENR reaction as steam and the high heat is required for the LENR reaction to continue.

In the gas phase, the LENR reaction is insulated and the heat of the reaction is retained. In this condition, the LENR reaction can expand throughout the gaseous medium and is not confined to momentary microscopic hot spots. 


Has anyone ventured to discuss the isotopic variations in terms of possible reactions? Are they compatible with any existing models?

OK...The puzzle is:

How can neutrons increase and decrease in these various nuclei types and yet not be seen in the reaction. The LENR reaction is completely without FREE neutrons seen in the space outside of the nucleus.

Is there movement of neutrons through space taking place in an invisible dimension? Is there a beta decay occurring inside the nucleus both to add and remove neutrons? What could be causing this beta decay gone amuck? This strange Neutron behavior seems to only occur inside the nucleus.

Whatever is happening is stopping at Ni62 the most stable of all nuclei. The unexplained LENR reaction just seems to not be able to get over the Ni62 energy barrier. Adding neutrons to nickel to get to Ni62 cost a ton of energy. Where is that energy coming from. how is that energy passed around?

Please explain this situation based on your favorite LENR theory.

Let us change are way of thinking from reality as particles to reality as energy.

There are vigorous neutron release from Ni64, so much so, that Ni64 seems to nearly vanish from the fuel. All roads upon which neutrons travel, either increase or decrease, seem to stop at Ni62.

Whatever is happening it seems to be enabling nucleons to seek their lowest energy wells.

Everything is getting ample energy supply and that is enabling nature to reconfigure to minimal energy states (all while releasing excess energy in the process).

Yeah, it seems like what is being passed around is energy. When the energy arrives inside the nucleus, it condenses into a neutron. Ni 58 keeps on receiving energy until it hits the NI62 limit.

As far as energy is concerned, all the energy is shared between all the atoms. It seems like there is a common energy blanket covering the fuel.

The KIM BEC model...

This sounds like a Bose condinsate is involved, whereby all the fuel atoms share energy among themselves.

The particle mindset does not seem to fit this situation in the least.

But many will say that a BEC cannot exist at 1500C, even though the transmutation results imply that the BEC must exist at extreme temperatures and make the kinds of energy movement possible without any constraints that the coulomb barrier brings with it. 


The cause of the Quark light emission and the blue light emission come from two separate and distinct mechanisms.

This Rossi reveal implies to me that the blue light is coming from a halo of light the surrounds the Quark and is caused by some sort of charged particle emission that is energizing nitrogen atoms in the air to emit blue light.

The sub atomic particle cannot be neutrons, so the charges particles must be electrons. High energy electron excitation are the most probable way that nitrogen can become excited enough to fluoresce in blue light. This is aurora like light.

High energy electrons are coming off the Quark in such high numbers that the air is glowing blue. The metal cover of the core collectes these electrons. This may be where the practical electric production of the Quark comes from.


Updated test of the Trojan horse nucleus invariance via the d(d,p)t measurement at ultra-low energies
Chengbo Li∗ Beijing Radiation Center, Beijing Academy of Science and Technology, Beijing 100875, China and Key Laboratory of Beam Technology and Material Modification of Ministry of Education, College of Nuclear Science and Technology, Beijing Normal University, Beijing 100875, China Qungang Wen† School of Physics and Materials Science, Anhui University, Hefei 230601, China Yuanyong Fu, Jing Zhou, Shuhua Zhou, and Qiuying Meng Department of Nuclear Physics, China Institute of Atomic Energy, Beijing 102413, China (Dated: July 5, 2016)

The Trojan horse nucleus invariance for the binary reaction 2H(d, p) 3H was newly tested using the quasifree reaction 2H(6Li, pt) 4He via the Trojan horse nucleus 6Li = (d + α) breakup at ultralow energies compared with previous indirect investigation of the same binary reaction using the 3He = (d+p) as the Trojan horse nucleus instead. The study of 2H(d, p) 3H reaction is very important for the nucleosynthesis in both standard Big Bang and stellar evolution. The 2H(d, p) 3H bare nucleus astrophysical S(E) factor has been measured indirectly at energies from about 400 keV down to several keV by means of the Trojan-horse method applied to the quasifree process 2H(6Li, pt) 4He induced at a lithium beam energy of 9.5 MeV, which is closer to the zero-quasifree-energy point. An accurate analysis leads to the determination of the Sbare(0) = 56.7 ± 2.0 keV b and of the corresponding electron screening potential Ue = 13.2 ± 4.3 eV. The obtained results are compared with direct data as well as with previous indirect investigation of the same binary reactions. The very good agreement gives an updated test for the independence of the binary indirect cross section on the chosen Trojan horse nucleus at low energies for the present case. PACS numbers: 26.20.Cd, 25.45.Hi, 24.50.+g 

Ask Ethan: Did The LHC Just Discover A New Particle? (Synopsis)


Crowds aren’t as smart as we thought, since some people know more than others. A simple trick can find the ones you want by George Musser


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