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a) From the Front


by Reader "Observer", not exceedingly friendly toward Andrea Rossi but seemingly informed about IH- in context; obviously his assertions can be verified and confirmed/infirmed. As the Rossi-IH conflict approaches the stage of "total" war we will learn if strengths or weaknesses are more important for deciding who will win!...

Today IH's front  fighter Jed Rothwell was hyper-active and reacted more nervously than usual 
He wrote that JM, the customer who used the thermal energy produced by the E-Cat for one year, had nobody to answer the telephone, had no plants, no nothing , no employees, nothing, nothing, nothing. Obviously these all are plain lies. Somebody more intelligent than him asked  ' then who was the one who said to the visitors that everything was rosy ?' The answer was  " Rossi, as an actor".

He forgets that the visitors, the only visitors we know about, had been accompanied to visit the plant from Tom Darden ! Such visitors were the officers of Woodford and the engineers sent by the Chinese Government: Darden told them that there all was perfect  and after those visits Darden and Cherokee Fund, certainly not Rossi, received 150 million dollars from their visitors, turned investors after the visits !!!
We must remember what Jed Rothwell selectively amnezic, directed by his great Bossis trying to make us forget: Darden has stolen the money from the investors, not Rossi !!!
And Darden has stolen the money from his investors after the first quarter report, the second quarter report, the third quarter report whose results were the same of the fourth report, and Darden paid the first, the second and the third reports !!! So all his "counter complaints" why have not been made immediately after the first quarter, the second quarter and the third quarter report ??? The results were the same, the ERV was the same, the persons in the plant were the same, the customer was the same. But Darden showed as perfect the plant and the reports until the test was useful to him to get money ( 150 millions) from his investors, while all became negative after the fourth report ( equal to the former ones) because after the fourth report he had to pay !!! 
The matter of the fact is that Tom Darden, president and CEO of Cherokee Fund, has a well consolidated experience in making frauds, as you all can read in the following links, who show that the his financial tricks are well experienced since at least more than a decade, until very recently, independently from the IH, well reported also in the New York Times:
Fraud of the Pennsauken Project: see
See also on the same subject
Then we have two bankrupcies in February 2016 ! See below:
Then we have another bankrupcy by EnCap ( Owned by Cherokee Fund Partners) in 2008: here is the link
And this is just the top of the iceberg... 

Thank you, dear Observer, these are serious accusations couldn't you find n euphemism for "stolen?"
Anyway let's see if such accusations will help IH to find more convincing Counter-claims extended to Third Parties and realistic,verifiable Counter-accusations.
Please do not forget to also red DOUG MARKER's  comments below!----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

b) Francesco Celani about the Interview at the  Ancona Meeting.

The interview had as subject  the problems and the scientific progress in the LENR field that leads to the idea of founding a new Institution and a Scientific Methodology  in order to be able to develop LENR in more favorable conditions.
We need NEW IDEAS- theoretical and experimental regarding production of Energywith the lowest possible ecological impact. Contributing scientific disciplines are Physics, Chemistry, Engineering, Biology, Geology. 

The first two lines of research to be studied thoroughly are:
- The increasing of thermal anomalies in the systems Metal (pure or alloy)with Hydrogen and Deuterium; in principle the metals must be in conditions of nano-dimensionality;

- Following the above described, development of observations regarding the phenomena of TRANSMUTATIONS of some specific elements - all based ion some materials and procedures described at the first paragraph

One of the short term aims and based on transmutation- resulting in non dangerous products of the most insidious radioactive wastes as Strontium-90, Cesium-235 and Cesium-137.
In the present state of free information we know that the most advenced research presently is in Japan (coordinator Yasuhiro Iwamura working at the Laboratory of Advanced Research of Mitsubishi (Yokoham near to Tokyo) 

There also exists a more recent Report  (May 4, 2016) written under the aegis of the 
National Defence Authorization Act for FY 2017") della DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency)-USA. 
Francesco Celani, has now for 16 years continuously an excellent collaboration with the team of Iwamura.

The interview (see our issue of yesterday for the links)  can be freely distributed its author is obviously Claudio Pace


THREAD Alkali hydrides at high pressure.

About site E-Catworld:



Some comments In regard to the Rossi vs IH lawsuits.

1st the whole business is a sorry tale and one can only wonder (as so many of us have done openly) how it was allowed to happen at all. Why did IH not deal with this much earlier (assuming they had formed the opinion that Rossi's eCats did not work either before the start of the 1 year test or during it).

There is a gaping hole in IH's lack of early action on their 'concerns'.

The situation they appear to be in (as best I can read it) is that unless they can 'prove' to the court, that either Rossi and or Penon, can be shown to have doctored or falsified any aspect of the test, then IH are in trouble.

The difficulty IH have from what I see, is that they didn't raise any such objection nor challenge during the period of the test (that we know of).

The lawsuit it self centers on IH paying Andrea Rossi for a successful test. If as Rossi claims, both Rossi and IH approved of Penon as the ERV, and the test was run for the period required, then IH by refusing to pay, appear to be the ones in breech of the agreement.

If as they now claim, the Rossi eCats "do not work" (whatever that means) they have to be able to demonstrate fraud or deception. That may be very difficult allowing for the way the test was completed and the agreements were written.

I find it hard not to see IH as in difficulty irrespective of any opinion as to the capability of eCats. 

At best, one of IH's defense tactics could be to argue that the eCat is LENR and LENR is scientifically unproven irrespective of the ERV report. I can't really see any other way out for them.

NOTE In a comment on my Blog, Sam North calls the atttention of Doug and of us all to this analyis by David French


Something deep within: Nanocrystals grown in nanowires

Papers in Physics – free online peer reviewed journal

The journal is free not publication in it.


Who knows what?


  1. You wrote: "
    He forgets that the visitors, the only visitors we know about, had been accompanied to visit the plant from Tom Darden ! Such visitors were the officers of Woodford and the engineers sent by the Chinese Government: Darden told them that there all was perfect and after those visits Darden and Cherokee Fund, certainly not Rossi, received 150 million dollars from their visitors, turned investors after the visits !!!"

    You are confused. They visited the room with the reactor. Rossi did not allow them into the room next door, where the fluid from the reactor goes. He explained this in his interview with Lewan:

    "IH never had access to the customer’s area. At the end of the test, an expert hired by IH, insisted that it was important to know where the water came from and where it was used. The ERV explained that this had no importance."

    1. Hi Jed,

      I've read that Penon (the "ERV") has earlier worked with nuclear power plants. I assume that whenever doing so it was never standard praxis to visit every site, home and business where energy was distributed / delivered.

      Obviously, I'm not comparing an Apple with an Apple but as for Penon I think his job was to validate the plant in accordance to the written agreement and most probably I assume he was only following the instructions agreed upon.

      That is how I interpret the ERV's answer, just as it is written "this had no importance". If it had been written in the agreement that IH should have access to the customers area and decided upon that measurements should have been performed there, his answer probably would have sounded very different.

      I'll admit I agree with you that is sounds conspicuous with a secret customer and all that, as do many things, but as to my understanding, there was an agreement in place. If the plant works or not could have been measured in the plant itself, not outside it.

    2. you check if the secondary circuit goes well, and note thate there is no fear of fraud nor indirect evidence it canot work.

      please use rational comparison.

      future will say, but what is said is very coherent and painful, more coherent than Rossi's claims and observable facts.

      as I said earlier, what I cannot swallow, assuming that all which is not erified is unknown, is that the evident error on emissivity is not corrected, by Rossi himself.

      he cannot be ignorant that the temperature is wrong, as he made the reactor, started and stopped it.
      you can make mistakes

      but you are right that the F hypothesis is hard to accept as this demand high level of manipulation to make people behave stupidly, destroy their reputation, while not doing anything opposable yourself.

      but the it works hypothesis is even harder to swallow.

      and now the LENR supportes are battling like family and friends in a divorce. and all our enemies are rolling over the floor laughing out loud.
      This is what make me the most furious.

    3. You wrote: "I assume that whenever doing so it was never standard praxis to visit every site, home and business where energy was distributed / delivered."

      Penon's method of calorimetry was defective. As I.H. said in their Motion to Dismiss, he and Rossi "depart[ed] from the purported test plan, ignor[ed] inoperable reactors, relying on flawed measurements, and using unsuitable measuring devices. There was no way to measure the heat balance with Penon's set up. The only way to measure the heat was to examine the heat exchanger and ventilation in the customer site next door. That is why the I.H. expert "insisted" on getting access, as Rossi said. That is why Rossi refused to let him in. Rossi knows that anyone who glanced inside the room would see that he is committing fraud. There cannot be anything in the customer site but a small radiator. There was not 1 MW of heat released, or 120 kW (6 times input). That could easily be detected from outside the building. The I.H. experts looked for that, and found nothing.

      The data from Rossi is unclear. It shows a COP of 50. That is preposterous. There are gross errors in the data, and some of it has been erased and replaced with fake data. The pressure readings were all changed to 0.0 bar. It is difficult to estimate the real answer because the instruments and methods are flawed, but the most likely answer is that there is no excess heat.

      Fortunately, the I.H. experts were able to do valid calorimetry in the end, circumventing the problems with the setup. They measured the heat balance and determined with confidence that there is no excess heat.

    4. This is "IH says" and/or "Rothwell says". Which should I believe, "Rossi says", "Penon says", "IH says" or "Rothwell says". Rothwell's continous comments not withstanding, I'll wait for the court to decide.

  2. Brillouin Energy may be asked by the court to testify
    "under oath" direct questions regarding eCat technology.

    1. Great - obviously there would not be no conflict of interests at all. (sarcasm)

  3. Why if, as Weaver claims, IH never measured any excess heat, has he collected millions
    from his investors in Deep River Venture Capital, when only your IP was in the portfolio of
    his funds, as well as in the Cherokee fund of his partner Tom Darden ?

  4. Doug Marker's suggestion that IH should now say that it can't work because it is LENR seems to me a very odd claim. They have known from the start it is LENR, they have acquired interests in Brillouin and other LENR based companies and bought patents, invested a lot of money. Now they should take suddenly the official scientific stance: 'No it can't work, it's cold fusion that's nonsense, that doesn't work'. If I were a judge or a jury, I would say that this turn is very suspicious.