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Who is wise?
One who learns from everyone. (Simeon ben Zoma) 

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Skin is not only an envelope protecting the inner body, or a membrane that allows exchange between exterior and interior of the body. It also serves as a mingling point between the outer world and inner self, and between body and soul. (Miru Kim)  


See please the first Motto: To learn from everyone and everything is indeed a basic skill for a researcher. I have discovered and accepted that almost everyone is my superior in something and my primary feeling toward human beings are fundamentally positive, I hate only people who are doing intentionally evil bad things to other people. I could never tell about somebody he is an idiot - if he/she is not one clinically just because it happens we have different opinions about some issues.And sometimes I am quite good in discovering sense and significance or to discover remote/hidden correlations/bisociation between things.
A recent/present example: Wednesday afternoon I was at a dermatologist physician who examined my persistent ugly solar keratosis placed on the top of my skull. The keratosis was recently treated with liquid nitrogen- that unfortunately  acted as a fertilizer for it. The dermatologist looked at my keratosis and disliked it so we decided fast to remove it surgically. This was a new, not especially happy  opportunity for me to learn about the amazing profoundness of the sciences of the surface. The first was less personal- my love for cold fusion has pushed me toward electro-chemistry and so was for many years  collaborator and friend of the local expert in plating, Dr. Ernest Grunwald who had many publications in the German magazine Galvanotechnik- by the way also a talented painter and jazz pianist. Plating- there so many kinds of it is a TECHNOLOGY- and "plsting is at the surfacee but it deeply ennobles the plated material, it is bout quality leaps and about advantageous material/effects ratios. It is not superficial, in no sense. If I remember correctly, I took the introductory quotation for my first cold fusion paper from 1992 about Cold fusion reproducibility: 

Profoundness has to be concealed. Where? At the surface! (Hugo von Hoffmannstahl) 

The surface was created by the devil. (Wolfgang Pauli)

The dermatologist is young but has great achievements, lots of diplomas so I have discussed with him about improving his website and have arranged a meeting with my artist friend Adrian Grecu the winner of the Cold Fusion Now Prize 2012:
and perhaps inserting some specific nice quotations for this medical science of the surface in the text on the website:

"Dermatology is the best specialty. The patient never dies and never gets well." (unknown) 

“Dermatology ... this young daughter of medicine ( Paul Gerson Unna

The surgery has lasted 40 minutes, and as my cousin Gerda (RIP!) said about a more serious one- it was not exactly an orgasm. So I had time to compose ad-hoc, this one, not especially original:

"Dermatology the most superficial of the medical sciences is amazingly profound"

Anyway, Monday I will know if the root of the keratosis that was removed had a good or a bad character.

What can LENR learn from this too personal mini-story?
First that it is also a profound science that starts at the surface in special sites- now called NAE. I think these works as nano-material, nano-structures,  Ed Storms thinks they are more nano-cavities or cracks. (see please his opinion below)
Second a very important conclusion is that we have to remove fast and integrally 
evil things; what is the most evil in the case of LENR?
My answer is simple and radical: INERTIA, first of all inertia in thinking. Other opinions? Please help me to finish this essay.

I a very sad and worried LENR will become agile, however what about removing in time monsters as the truck driver from Nice who has used his vehicle as a weapon of mass murder?

Ed Storms more about what to do

Before speculating about how LENR might be applied, we first need to identify the NAE and determine how it can be best created.  Right now the NAE is created purely by chance without control or reliability. Also, the NAE can be expected to have a lifetime that grows shorter the greater the temperature.  

If the NAE were the nanocrack, then it could be made using nanomachining. This would allow heat sources to be made at any scale, from the size of a grain of sand to the size needed to power a warship.  How the energy is removed and how the temperature is controlled would depend on the application.  Once the process is understood and an application is identified, temperature control becomes an engineering problem.

This source of heat is different from any conventional method because the ambient temperature has such a strong effect on the heat producing rate. For this reason, methods need to be used to fix the temperature at a predetermined value.  A boiling liquid would do this. The required temperature would determine the choice of liquid. As Peter suggests, a liquid metal might be used, but such use gives no advantage at the present time.  Engineering problems do not have to be solved at the present time. Right now we have no application requiring a particular behavior.  

Instead, we need to discover how the process works using the most convenient method.  Right now, we need to study the effect on a small scale using the tools required to detect the NAE. Right now we have a scientific problem to solve.

Getting this simple idea accepted is the problem.  People can not agree about how the process works, how to discover how it works, or even if such information is required.  The emphasis is on engineering, as if the heat source will magically function if the right conditions were created. This is rather like expecting to make fire by rubbing two sticks together while not realizing the fuel needs to be dry.  Please think about this analogy because it describes exactly the present situation.  

Although this concept is simple, interest in understanding the concept is so limited, I see very little hope for progress.  People just keep rubbing the sticks and argue about why fire is not produced.

Thanks, dear Ed!


1)Some answers from Ad ulRahman Lomax:
Discussion with Engineer 48;

2) Now discussed at E-CatWorld;
Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Cold Fusion, But Were Afraid to Ask’ (Olafsson & Holmlid Slideshow, July 2016


The boiling point of lithium is 1603 K ​(1330 °C). the Rossi reactor must be hot enough to produce lithium vapor from which lithium nanoparticles will form. ​Changing the pressure of the cell rapidly will generate lithium nanoparticles through supersaturation relaxation. These nanoparticles are central to the LENR reaction. 


only the abstract is available
Energy facilities in nanotechnology
by Ayhan Demirbas

Nanotechnology is required to renew and define the classical concept of force and energy. It has the potential for applications in areas such as medicine, electronics, and energy production in biotechnology. Photosynthesis is the basis of biotechnology. Photosynthesis is an electrochemical event, but rather an event that takes place in nano-scale. Photosynthesis in nano-electrochemical cells formed by transforming of light energy into chemical energy.

The Representation of the Chemical Elements’ Isotopes by the Neutron Excess 

Faustino Menegus Faustino Menegus V. Europa, Bussero, Italy 
Received 15 April 2016; accepted 8 July 2016; published 11 July 2016 
Copyright © 2016 by author and Scientific Research Publishing Inc. 
This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution International License (CC BY). 
A more compact representation of the Segré chart of nuclides can be obtained replacing the isotopic neutron with the corresponding neutron excess number; a first sight inspection of all the natural isotopes is produced. The resulting representation shows a built-inorder in the organization of the nuclear components into the nuclei of the natural isotopes, sustained by the relevant role of the magic numbers. The interpretation, on the identical foot, of the nuclear instability of Tc, Pm and of the elements following Bi is suggested. The present representation reminds the spheron model of the nuclear structure suggested by L. Pauling. The alpha decay paths of radioactive isotopes are shown, side by side to the low energy nuclear transmutations (LENR). Representations of the artificial isotopes of the chemical elements and of the stellar nucleosynthesis processes are also proposed.


Artists are problem solvers:


  1. Art is not what you see, but what you make
    you make others see.
    Edgar Degas

    1. Dear Sam,

      The very best source of Art Quotation is Cnadian as you
      the collection of the great Painter ROBERT GENN- "The Painter's Key"
      Robert's byweekly art letters are continued by his daughter Sara after the death of her Father.
      If you do not know these please try to discover the admirable richness of RG's world plus his paintings. But I think you already know him


  2. Dear Peter,
    I am sure your skin is on scrutiny right now and causing some stress with you and your wife and family this weekend. I hope there is no need for any worry. As Ed says LENR reactions are surface related and the nano cracks are the cause. I am sure that skin reactions running out of control are time related and maybe LENR reactions too? A few years ago I had the similar surgery and it was in time: the reaction had not yet ran out of control. I am sure that in due time we will be able to control both types reactions when we understand how they work.
    Good health! Marc

    1. Very nice, dear Marc!
      My problem seems to evolve well.
      To be sincere the greatest problem of my blog now is
      few publications and events lack of information flowing.
      The dispute is no substitute for papers and new ideas.

      C'est la vie!

  3. Peter, I am sure you saw this:,%20oil%20and%20uranium.pdf
    The interesting thing is that it assumes two type of reactions: Ni-Li and 62Ni-H. I just wonder if that has been discussed with Andrea and he gave the authors his concent.
    Regards, Marc


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