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SEP 30, 2015 LENR INFO


 LENR investments- increasing interest.
Edmund Storms publishes Report No 6  see please No 3, below
He writes:

"Here is Progress Report #6. This report extends the insights described in Report #5 and shows that several common conclusions about LENR are wrong.  These errors have handicapped efforts to achieve reproducibility and have lead several theories in the wrong direction.

Temperature plays a significant role in affecting the amount of power produced by LENR. The activation energy for power production is very similar to the activation energy for diffusion of D in PdD.  This behavior is consistent with my theory in which temperature is described as helping D reach the NAE by diffusion through the surrounding lattice."

This fine experimental study will continue

No direct news from the Russian Conference at Sochi,  yet


1) Updating the LENR research activity of the Francesco Celani working team (Live Open Science) Aggiornamenti sull'attività di ricerca LENR del gruppo di lavoro di Francesco CELANI all'INFN (Live Open Science)

2) The patent of Andrea Rossi about thermo-electric generator
older patent(s)

3) Edmund Storms Progress Report No. 6
Additional Behaviour of pure PdD

4) Andrea Rossi says
September 29th, 2015 at 2:53 PM

Hank Mills:
We will make the analysis of the charges also with the SIMS, obviously after the end of the tests. Before such analysis I can’t say anything.
About the E-Cat X: we will give data after the due tests and what is interesting for us are mainly 2 things:
1- COP
2- Safety and absence of radiations outside the E-Cat.
Warm Regards,

Andrea Rossi
September 29th, 2015 at 8:19 PM

Steven N. Karels:
To detect He after opening the reactor is close to impossible and during the operation we cannot insert any probe ( who tried replications knows how difficult is to seal the reactor against leaks). Besides, when you get a hint of He traces, it is impossible to know if it just comes from the atmosphere.
Anyway, we’ll see. We certainly will search for it.
Warm Regards,

%) In Swedish: “"Energy Revolution nearby for Swedish research success"

6) Further to that cold fusion piece that I reported a couple of days ago I’m loving this.
Submitted by IWB, on September 30th, 2015

7) Woodford Equity Income Fund Invested in Industrial Heat after 2.5 Years of Due Diligence

'Doug says:
Have just read the comments section of the Fortune magazine interview of Tom Darden. And what a sorry set of interactions !.

Within just a few posts it has degenerated into ridicule and personal attack. Sadly, consistent with an obsessive desire on the part of a few well known activists to 'poison' the value and wisdom conveyed in the Tom Darden interview.

IMHO there can be no better words to describe the behaviour of those attackers than to call them 'pathologically obsessive'. Much of the flow has turned into Nobel laureat Brian Josephson (a very kindly well spoken and gentle person) defending himself from personal attack by Steven Krivit and Mary Yugo (aka George Hody and multiple other net aliases).

One has a right to ask why these antagonists and friends chose to 'pollute' what was a very good interview that was timely honest and expressed in well presented points. A resonable conclusion is that these critics are not interested in reasoned points of view but in poisoning the topic in any way they can.

The implication from them is that no one can make a reasonable value judgement about exploring such interesting new science as LENR represents without undergoing vilification and personal attack of the highest order no matter the credentials of the person showing a positive perspective on the promise of LENR.

It is very intimidating to be on the end of ridicule when one is seeking reasoned debate and opinion.

The bottom line for myself, is that the people involved in poisoning the Fortune interview are either 'pathological obsessives' (I give this a high probability) or are people with a paid vested interest in sabotage (some may see this as the higher probability). For myself, it is hard to see any other posibilities. 

AXIL has added:

This back and forth recrimination seems to be the same process that happens a while ago when Brian Josephson posted a response to an article. 
Brian Josephson seems to be plagued by a swarm of blood-sucking gadflies intent on keeping him silent.


From Bob Greenyer- thanks:
Li and LiH growth on Nickel
Possibly useful for the LiNiH opera composed by Andrea Rossi

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SEP 29, 2015- LENR INFO


The worst walls are never the ones you find in your way. The worst walls are the ones you put there—you build yourself. Those are the high ones, the thick ones, the ones with no doors in. (Ursula K. Le Guin)


Much to read today- preparing the next issue.
Today it was a pleasure to see the wise, realist paper by my Australian friend Doug Marker. See please 5) below

Not wise at all, IMHO, the super-anti-Rossi trolls - like honey badgers have attacked
in comments at the Fortune Magazine interview of Tom Darden. Guess who?


1) Climate Denial Crock of the Week Is low energy fusion real?

2) Lotta anti-FF Il epilogo: The epilogue of the anti-CF fight

4) EDDIT discussions on Darden interview

5) Is a Theory Needed Before We Exploit a New Phenomenon? (Doug Marker)

6) Final announcement of the Terni Meeting Program

7) Biological Transmutations: Historical Perspective (Jean-Paul Biberian)
8) Jean Paul Biberian announces the publication of the volume No 17, October 2015 of  the Journal of Condensed Matter Nuclear Science:
Excellent papers!

9) In German: Swedish scientists- new source of energy discovered
mainly about the Goteorg U. work
Schwedische Forscher: Neue Energiequelle entdeckt?

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Neophobia, cainotophobia or cainophobia is the fear of anything new,
This is a serious problem to some people, in the sense that they fear trying new things.
In Nigeria, they will say that the devil you know is better than the angel you don't know. This is a wrong notion. 


I have repeatedly claimed to be a rational neophiliac, however my psychiatrist, my family and my LENR comrades would probably disagree.
Neophobia, neophilia - the problem with such concepts is that they are radicalized- fear of everything new, love of all new things... not true. Actually multiple, a bit split, fragmented personalities with quite strong internal contradictions are perfectly normal for both people and concepts Existence is rich and interesting not schematic black and white- in most real cases. I think this is true for LENR too.You can be neophobic regarding music (everything composed after 1750 has no value) but maniacally chasing new foods exploring systematically different ethnic foods etc.
Conservative and conformist in religion but open minded in science- yes it is possible. 
However in science and especially in the case of LENR neophobia is quite damaging
because, believe or not believe it, LENR is something really new.
An example: the paper du jour is Tom Darden's interview published in the Fortune Magazine. Very well done/told and with a clear positive impact for the LENR field and a huge echo just now starting....
A big step forward, thank you, Tom Darden!
But even he is very cautious and remarks: "Low temperature fusion could be consistent with existing theories, we just don’t know how." Andrea Rossi is also on the same side of the dispute trying to explain his LENR processes by classic physics. Old- good, new- bad this is the impression we get.What catastrophe would it be iF LENR needs new processes and new laws, theories- not only of physics but of more scientific and technological disciplines? 
However Tom Darden formulates this in a very wise manner. Actually what we know with certainty is that we still don't know so many essential things about LENR that Iy would be
very difficult to explain it on the basis of what we know- about a single LENR system; who can guarantee that all the systems- at low and at high temperature, wet and gas phase are the same= as topology- where they happen, how and why?
Richard Feynman has told that when experiment contradicts theory, theory has to go; and a new theory will replace it.  Is Nature neophobic or neophiliac as wee discover it? When we invent something we are fighting for the New and boldness is a must.


Chapelborough Cold Fusion Part III: Conclusion and Implications

Climate Clarity: Low Energy Nuclear Reactions

Rossi: Studying Use of ABB Collaborative Robots for E-Cat Production Line

Not Just Nickel, but Palladium and Platinum on the Table for the E-Cat

HOAX Here is the new Italian system for heating your house for 20 Euro
BUFALA Ecco il nuovo sistema ITALIANO per riscaldare la casa con soli 20 euro –
An aggressive anti-Rossi, anti-Cold Fusion paper in Italian -Googletranslatable

See please what says Rossi (again) about Theories:
Andrea Rossi
September 28th, 2015 at 8:24 AM

I prefer to base theories on solid experiments. This is why I am very shy to propose a theory and continue to work and study on it with Prof. Norman Cook: I do respect the Standard Model and I cannot accept absurdities that have no mathematical bases. I’d suggest to some theorists to take advice of the average halflives of e.p. and make some math about it. Without a rigorous mathematical process and without experimental confirmations you can say anything you want and sell it for good to an audience that has not the bases to understand what you are saying.
Warm Regards,

Here is the Darden interview in Russian- fast translalted~

last minute Info:
More on LENR and Fusion from Fortune Magazine


A really good paper about this ecological tragedy-scandal:
Gerry McGovern
NEW THINKING: Volkswagen and the decline of trust

The Tyranny of Mathematics by Tsvi Bisk

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The crocodile cannot turn its head, Like all science it must go forward with all-devouring jaws. (Pyotr Lenidovich Kapitsa)

Theory is a good thing, but a good experiment lasts forever. (Pyotr Leonidovich Kapitsa) 

From these, I think we have to learn that  'Science" actually means "scientific progress."



It starts today- so dear Colleagues at that splendid location at Dagomys-Sochi, may I wish you a total success, a very pleasant staying and many mutually illuminating scientific LENR and BL discussions!
Thanks and congratulations to the Organizers, I cannot think otherwise about your meeting as a wise and select ICCF- No. nineteen-and-half.
The smart, agile and fast ХТЯ и ШМ site has furnished to the entire LENR world community all the basic information about this Conference here.

So we could build a vision about what will happen in the frame of the Program. we could choose the papers of special interest, see trends in experiments and in theory and so on- the known part. However for me it is an axiom that the  unknown part of a meeting, the ad-hoc discussions, the surprises, the initiatives, the creative and generative questions can contribute more to the new information- and go even higher on the DIKW scale- new elements of knowledge, wisdom and prediction can appear. And surely will.

It is a really essential and fundamental thing that most probably will be a leit-motif of the Conference: the All-Russian Global Research plan I have translated it

A great, very necessary, potentially useful idea; discussing it leads to the very 
basics: explanation of LENR, also known as theories and the experimental methods that will convert LENR in the energy sources Mankind is waiting.On my blog I have just published yesterday  sketch of such an Global LENR Research Plan based on my ideas and i am learning how extremely difficult this task is.The resources are always limited and you will be forced to use the explosive word NO for some directions =
great risk! The diversity of opinions is overwhelming, some memes are indestructible. However I know how skilled you are and I hope you will be bold enough (as super-team and leaders) to not make too sharp distinctions between possible and impossible tasks.
I believe in LENR solutions, but not in simple solution, not in an unique solution. Please search for and find the best ways, there is no royal way to LENR energy and Andrea Rossi's monopoly is a challenge for us, LENR-ists,all.
I hope your Global Plan will now become better structured, having a pragmatic taxonomy and generating a vision for the future.
I will not tell you about my Plan- it is based on heretic principles as the Six Pillars of LENR and the slogan "engineering is the key of LENR+" but I want to tell that my thinking line has started with the Russian book "Kataliz blagorodnami metallami. Dinamicheskie osobennosti" by V.M. Gryaznov and N.V. Orekhova, Nauka, Moscow 1989.
May I suggest/ask you to include the followings in your inter-presentations discussions/in the Plan;
a) Special materials for the high temperature LENR tests/generators materials of extreme, refractarity and resistance to HT corrosion. to hydrogen diffusion- we will need them- see Rossi's problems with E-Cat X. Other high tech and smart materials.

b) Nano-plasmonics for LENR- I think this is a must.

c) I am asking your experimentalists to try my old idea of an wireless Parkhomov reactor- do not use electrical resistances that are in danger of breaking at 1200-1400C
but molten metals for heat transfer; inspired from the float glass technology where tin is. Not simple but feasible.

Благодарю вас и желаю вам огромный успех!



1) Second stage of the LENR-Cities Project:\
Michel Vanderberghe says:

LENR-Cities is implementing an disruptive offering where all companies and people willing to develop their own ecosystem are finding mutual self-interests in a market-centric ecosystem, addressing both their own ecosystem requirement but in a way to reduce their risks and monetize their assets' value that is to say develop their own business and activities.
Only companies with a mutual self-interest with LENR-Cities are invited to join this ecosystem. The company has successfully executed the first stage of its plan, from October 2014 to June 2015.

After our successful first year of operations, LENR-Cities team is now engaging in the second stage of our plan and is adapting its model based to address identified weaknesses during the first stage.

Key for this second stage is to get funding to implement the second stage of our plan and get enough resources to create an Multi-Corporate investment fund for LENR. technologies. Investors, this is the right time to talk to LENR-Cities.

2) Is Jet Energy preparing to Market its NANOR LENR Device?


4) Near term Commercial Fusion Power Possible -

5) Fulvio Fabiani on Andrea Rossi

6) Andrea Rossi says
September 27th, 2015 at 12:01 AM

Frank Acland:
Please remind that until the R&D on course will not have been completed we do not know precise data related to our market strategy.
This said, if the results will be positive I think we will have models of 10 an 20 kW for the domestic versions, while the industrial plants will be initially of at least 1 MW, made by modules of 250 kW. Eventually is possible that the modules of 250 kW will be sold separately and is possible that a module of 100 kW will be made. These are just projections of virtualities. Somebody wrote somewhere that as soon as the tests will have been completed we will start the distribution of the E-Cats, but this is impossible. Provided the results will be positive, it is unthinkable that we put for sale the E-Cats before reaching an economy scale able to make our products impossible to be conveniently reproduced; we have to set up robotized production lines, make big investments…nobody can seriously think that we will be ready to distribute the E-Cats in months! Certainly, we are already working on it: for example right now, tonight, I will spend my time- if She lets me in peace- studying the robotized lines, that are very important.
Warm Regards,

Andrea Rossi
September 26th, 2015 at 5:13 PM

Frederic Maillard:
The E-Cats will be encased inside the apparatuses they will have to supply the heat to. Such apparatuses will respect all the requirements of the safety certifications.
Warm Regards,

This has lead to:
7) Rossi on Production: ‘Unthinkable’ to Sell E-Cats Until Economy of Scale Reached

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At every crossroads on the path that leads to the future, tradition has placed 10,000 men to guard the past. (Maurice Maeterlinck)

There are moments in our lives when we find ourselves at a crossroads; afraid, confused, without a road map. The choices we make in those moments will define us for the rest of our days.  (Lucas Scott)


LENR is at a crossroad. I would not repeat Woody Allen's classic saying about a dilemmatic crossroad see:

but now it is about a very asymmetric choice: it is between a multi-lane highway classic LENR described in many hundreds of publications vs. a narrow path with narrow chance, meandering and in part lost in haze or smoke. Very risky.I think it is the good path- so I am alone with my incredible SiX Pillars.
HOWEVER it is not only about me. It is something much more important: my Blog is affiliated, honorary and temporary to a powerful association, LENR Cities as questions generator and initiatives testers- they have a real great Global Plan that deserves worldwide attention and full support of the LENR community. My Global Plan is a kind of pilot for their one. Perhaps the ordeal of my heretic ideas will be instructive in some sense.Believe me it is the time for major decisions and for accelerating and reinforcing organized, well thought actions. Is a global plan the way? We think it is necessary and be a guide, however Jed Rothwell has expressed some guides: 

I have not heard of a scientific breakthrough that came about because of principles and plans. Such things cannot be planned. Things like the Manhattan Project are more engineering than science.
I suppose plans may be okay, but the last thing you want in science is organization, hierarchy, or putting anyone in charge. It has to be chaotic and unstructured, or people such as Watson and Andraka will never be given a chance.  (about this  young Andraka Jed has given:

I would respond that is about more than 1 breakthrough, it is about programs, collaborations, about systematic hard work, about Integration as opposed to the tragic fragmentation of this not very happy field, about some order discipline 
It is about a holistic vision of LENR

In my essays I have stated that LENR needs new ideas and smart approaches. Is this true? Jed says:
It remains to be seen whether we need new ideas or whether the ones we have already can explain and control the reaction.
This is also an old dispute with Ed Storms who thinks that the huge knowledge accumulated for the Pd D system can be also applied for the NiH system. He says:
You are right, most facts apply to the PdD system.  The first challenge is to apply the facts to an explanation for LENR operating in the PdD system.  I have done this. Next, we need to see if the explanation for the PdD system can also explain the facts in the NiH system. To do this, we need to first ASSUME the PdD and NiH systems both cause LENR by the same mechanism and see if this assumption fits the facts. 

My Six Pillars idea- a different, overly complex, extremely diversified, inherently dynamic LENR that needs deep transformations to become useful and critically depends on bright creativity- OK, it is not popular yet. Jed Rothwell says and asks in the same time:

In his most recent Blog posting, Peter Gluck makes a number of assertions about the nature of cold fusion: that it is complex, diverse, and that it will require new physics to explain, and so on. I do not think these assumptions are justified. No one knows the nature of cold fusion. Until a theory emerges and is shown to be correct, we will have no idea whether cold fusion is complex or simple, or whether old physics or new physics can explain it. Let's see who is right.

The greatest gain from this discussion is an idea of Ed Storms which has to be promoted by all means of communication:

We need a Copenhagen Conference.  We need to get the major players together and arrive at a common understanding and an explanation having features most people can accept.

Not an easy task but it has to be grafted on the Global Plan(s)


1) E--Cat X Reactor Down Again, Rossi Still Very Optimistic

Nuclear science and engines of the airplanes of the future. Elements of the theory of LENR with the analysis of their possible use as power sources for advanced airplanes
authors M.Ya. Ivanov, V.P. Kokorev- affiliations shown

 Рresents an overview of several missions that exploit the capabilities of a Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) aircraft propulsion system. LENR is a form of nuclear energy and potentially has over 4,000 times the energy density of chemical energy sources. It does not have any harmful emissions or radiation which makes it extremely appealing. The global reliance on crude oil for aircraft energy creates the opportunity for a revolutionary change with LENR. LENR will impact aircraft performance capabilities, military capabilities, the environment, the economy, and society. Although there is a lot of interest in LENR, there is no proven theory that explains it. Some of the technical challenges are thermal runaway and start up time. A non dimensional aircraft mass (NAM) ratio diagram is used to explore the aircraft system design space. К. Keywords: Low Energy Nuclear Reactions LENR, aircraft performance, aircraft power plant, non dimensional aircraft mass (NAM)

Ask questions to David Daggett of Phonon Energy

E-Cat the energy of the future: in Czech language

Small-scale nuclear fusion may be a new energy source

Not new but in the science news!

An original experimental idea:

Powder Flame : Mixing LiAlD4 and Pd - YouTube


a) To invest any hopes in the domain below Debye temperature for any metal'”

Besides nickel(450K), the other group 10 elements: palladium(274K) and platinum(240K) have a Debye temperature below the freezing point of water. Gold(225K) and silver(165K) have a Debye temperature close to the freeing point of CO2. Only Holmlid’s substrate of choice, Iridium(420K), has a Debye temperature on a par with nickel.

But there is something wrong with this assumption about Debye temperature. This assumption was violated with respect to Iridium since Holmlid got muons to appear under florescent light in his Lab at room temperature.

On the other hand, the muons could have been produced by potassium(91K) and/or solid hydrogen(?K).

AXIL is right, surface dynamics is much more than a single temperature value for  a metal and enters in action at higher tyemperatures when atoms are diffusing on the surface.


Do You Fall Prey to the Einstellung Effect in Problem Solving?
Instructive for LENR too.

A smart quote sent by Alain Coetmeur "No one understood better than Stalin that the true object of propaganda is neither to convince nor even to persuade, but to produce a uniform pattern of public utterance in which the first trace of unorthodox thought immediately reveals itself as a jarring dissonance." 
Allan Bullock
Six Pillas of LENR is disonant.

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In theory there is no difference between theory and practice. In practice there is.

by Yogi Berra (May 12, 1925 – September 22, 2015) RIP!


As told and illustrated with the Six Pillars of  LENR+ (the variant that can be converted in the game-changing energy technologies- we have to define the real identity of LENR- and we can do this not by precise scientific theories but by specifying the principles of LENR.
I think that we have to start with a departure of the past and it ideas, memes not exactly a tabula rasa but a rather deep re-thinking, creating of a new integrative vison.. Sooner or later you will be amazed to see how many things in LENR are not as we usually know and how many things we need to solving our problems are actually unknown.
First, the Six Pillars or principles have to be accepted, grafted on the LENR mode of thinking and applied- here the opposition will be very strong. In vain I predict it!

OTHERNESS - opposed by sameness- LENRs are very different from hot fusion and there are great differences between different forms and variants of LENR. You will see shocking differences, surprising degrees of otherness.

COMPLEXITY -opposed to simplicity in the Occam's Razor style- LENR is so complex that one theory cannot explain it; its most specific prefix is "multi"- multi- phase, multi-step, multi-form, multi-parameter- and so on,  a cascade of intertwined simultaneous and consecutive chains of phenomena
Its study is inter-and trans-disciplinary and it is not owned by nuclear physicists or physicists, beyond physics it is also materials science, chemistry, nanotechnology and nanoplasmonics, engineering and more. And not only fusion happens, but also nucleo-synthesis, fission, "forbidden" transmutations, clustering, collective nuclear phenomena and many kinds of non-nuclear phenomena.

DIVERSITY- opposed to a belief in the unicity of LENR - a very broad still unexplored variety by combining different active forms of hydrogen with almost all of the transition metals- nickel is only a pioneer- mixtures and alloys. Researchers have to find the optimum- the most productive, the most safe, the most ecological.

METAMORPHOSIS- as opposed to "one basic form of LENR overall, not changing much"in order to make LENR valuable commercially a real sourceof energy it has to be radically transformed . How? The principle was defined by Defkalion's Yiannis Hadjichristos and is: "MAKE HYDROGEN REACTIVE AND THE METAL RECEPTIVE" Problems having many alternative solutions. the Global Plan will comprise many programs for both aspects of this sine qua non (absolutely necessary) metamorphosis.

DYNAMICITY as opposed to a staticity is definitory for LENR as I have already shown in my 1992 paper about the Surfdyn effect. Till 2011 only Piantelli and his group have worked at temperatures above the Debye temperature , but Rossi and DGT have worked at increasingly high temperatures- where the dynamicity is very high, the genesis of active sites  is fast and the release of excess heat intense. The dichotomy LENR slow and unmanageable and LENR+ has to be recognized- the Global Plan refers to LENR+ not to research of LENR with new methods. As the results of more than 26 years of work show it, classic LENR is not well cognoscible, we still do not understand even the basics- with no proper dynamicity LENR cannot be understood.

CREATIVITY- as opposed to standard scientific research. LENR is n unimaginably difficult research subject (many) Due to its complexity, the scientific method in its usual forms cannot be applied; LENR has many parameters but they are no actionable- only its metamorphosis to LENR+ can make the problem tractable.
This determines the structure and the functionality of the research teams able tgo 
mmake our global LENR plan a reality.

LENR Research Teams 
A really good leader necessarily good in system thinking; dedicated  workers with experience in physics, nanotechnology, materials science, chemistry, electric engineering. mechanical engineering- all dedicate problem solvers and learners. LENR is too complex to be let to the physicists alone.

Andrea Rossi as competitor and model
 Andrea Rossi's results have to be confirmed independently and thus the highest degree of certainty has to be attained, methods that are better than his have to be found. This is a great effort and creativity is decisive. However now he has a a monopoly and it seems he is progressing fast. Ergo, alternative, technical solutions have to be created.

a) To invest any hopes in the domain below Debye temperature for any metal'

b) To bet too much on the nuclear nature of LENR- the task is to create a perfectly ecological source of energy and therefore radiation is a 4-letter word in LENR

c) to sacrifice aims for means as being focused more on measurements as on intensification and optimization of the processes


To organize teams laboratories and pilot plants for testing the many possible variants of LENR processes based on a new paradigm we have to work out together.
(to be continued)


1) Where Next for Replicators? (Nigel Appleton)                                                       

2) Report from Mitchell Swartz on IEEE Meeting at Teradyne, NANOR                  

3) Leap Forward Lab Annual Report 2015, Parts 2 & 3 (Alan Smith)

4) On the LENR Front -Quo Vadis Canada


Книга: В.И. Высоцкий, А.А. Корнилова, "Ядерный синтез и трансмутация изотопов в биологических системах"


6) From Phonon Energy Com- thanks to Alain Coetmeurs
Consideration of LENR for Aircraft Propulsion (15ATC-0399) 
David L. Daggett, Ph.D., President 
John Patterson, Chief Electrical Engineer 
Katy Goloborodov, Engineering Intern

The key to successful LENR engineering is the ability for the system to produce alkali element based nanoparticles (Rydberg matter including hydrogen) continually to replace the particles that are destroyed by transmutation. 


New method to better understand atomic nuclei
a remarkable phrase  fom it:
"Underlying theory known, but too complicated"

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Vive la différence! (long live the difference, or otherness of  LENR - between the real one and the imagined one)

(first sketch, the first part)

TASK: to create a global LENR Research culture and infrastructure that works, is highly successful in creating energy sources able to replace the present ones

LENR is a special case and it is even much more special than "LENR" in strict sense. It is both more and less than nuclear reactions at low energy- I am using in my thinking UEHMDI- that is is Useful Energy fromHydrogen Metal Deep Interaction.

Frame of the Problem
Technologies are based on
Transport, Transfer and Transformation of
Information, Energy and Matter (Pierre Le Goff, Nancy University)
LENR refers to new improved (technically, economically, socially and ecologically) methods of transformation of energy- actually appearing as creation of energy.

Approach to solutions of the problems

Realistic, pragmatic, materialistic- that translates as creative, innovative, bold, radical.

Definition of the basic problem of LENR
The processes are not well understood, are not manageable. cannot be intensified and not scaled up, the field had and grosso modo still has a bad reputation. The cause? My own explanation (not shared by many in the present) is that the very unhappy birth of Cold Fusion- converted later in LENR and that due  the stubborn and "superior" denial of this disturbing reality by the opinion leaders; the identity of LENR  is not recognized and it is replaced with simplistic and scientifically idealistic - completely false primitive schematic models of the fragments of the real LENR.  LENR is broken scientifically  and broke technologically.

The stages of LENR history
1) Cold Fusion: misunderstood miscovery 
2) LENR- surviving science 

3) LENR+ triumphant technology

1) I have coined the word "miscovery" to describe an unhappy discovery made at the wrong time (too early) and in the wrong place (where it exists but in a suboptimal state). This was Fleischmann and Pons' really bright finding of excess heat in the Palladium Deuterium electrolytic cell.  In 1989 science was not prepared to understand Cold Fusion; it is not completely ready even today but a great mental synthesis can be built soon. Even worse the Pd D system is not predictable, not manageable, the heat release is weak but cannot be made more intense, cannot be scaled up. But the excess heat is real, undeniably real sometimes.
Also in 1989 Francesco Piantelli has discovered the nickel hydrogen LENR system however he was ignored by the scientist who invested everything in the classic PdD system, had no followers.
Why is PdD technologically hopeless and painfully lacking a  a theory accepted by all. missing even a consensus for the basics- as where the heat release takes places and what are the reactions, nuclear reaction that generate it.
In my opinion this situation has a simple but inexorable, inescapable, fatal explanation:
LENR is a dynamic phenomenon determined by the movement of the metal atoms on the very surface of cathodes and other generators and it functions properly, controlably only over a critical temperature of the metal- the so called Debye temperature. This essential rule was discovered by Francesco Piantelli.
For palladium the Debye temperature is 250 C therefore the Fleischmann Ponse cells
that can attain maximum 100C will produce only a larvar, underdeveloped, erratic and evanescent form of LENR perfect for science at the lab level if you tolerate high doses of bad reproducibility.
(If you do not agree or don't like this, please pray that the experiments of Edmund Storms should demonstrate the contrary) 

2) Cold Fusion has survived in conditions of extreme hostility created mainly but not only by nuclear physicists due to the heroic efforts and exceptional creativity of many scientists who have the historical merit to show that LENR is real and who have discovered many vital aspects of the phenomena as its multitude of forms and many "relatives"- a great scientific treasure. However the very limits of the PdD system have resulted in a kind of stagnation, the same or very similar things were repeated many times and no surprise! the results were (and are) not markedly different.
From the very start theoretical explanations were thought for Cold Fusion- usually starting from the completely unfounded idea that it is about an unique phenomenon nuclear some trick permits to the deuterons to break the Coulomb barrier and so on,
Explanations post factum lacking predictive power not helping the brave experimenters of all. Admirable mental constructs  unable to solve the existential and developmental problems of LENR. It is a chasm between theories and experimental reality.

3) It is very difficult for the core LENR-ists to accept that an almost desperate situation was changed in 2011 by an outsider, Andrea Rossi who has invented an enhanced form of LENR, in his generators the power density was increased with 2-3 orders of magnitude. We will discuss about this game-changing achievement later at "Andrea Rossi and his E-Cats  as model and competition")

Leading ideas for the Global LENR Research plan
a) LENR needs combinations of theories coming from diverse disciplines - forming a theoretical whole;
b) Prior to theories we must speak about Principles of LENR, more general and more obvious ones
c) Usually we speak about Research and Development, R&D, in the case of LENR the order is Development and Research D&R because engineering=technology is the key to make LENR usable, let's say technologizable 
(I have to interrupt here it is time to launch this issue of Ego Out, I have to speak about LENR Principles, please read

(to be continued) 


1) Interview with Rossi… on the road: A preview The surprise promised for the Terni conference by Vessy

2) Small-scale nuclear fusion could become a new source of energy
Småskalig kärnfusion kan bli ny energikälla
3) What is LENR? (up-to-dated today, nice not like my Global Research Plan!)


Holmlid has seen muons produced inside his reactor when light from fluorescent bulbs in his lab lit the iridium metal that had iron oxide doped with potassium spread on its surface. This type of light has green, blue, and UV wave length components. Fluorescent lights are only 86% efficient in converting UV into visible light(1). Therefore, this type of light source produces UV. UV is reflected to a maximum extent by iridium. This refection efficiency is the key to plasmonic power generation. In this Holmlid LENR process, The nanoplasmonic reaction is therefore maximized in the UV wave lengths when iridium is used as the substrate metal. A key LENR design consideration is matching the substrate metal and its associated reflective light characteristics with the type of light used as a stimulator.

With these facts in mind, Holmlid does not need a laser to stimulate his reaction, he could just as well use a more cost effective high intensity UV LEDs to produce the UV light that can stimulate the generation of muons. His laser produces green light(532 nm). Otherwise, Holmlid could apply more photon power as input into his reaction by using a UV laser.



The world's nitrogen fixation, explained
Nitrogen fixation is also a a complex issue as LENR

In 100 Words: Invisible Chains
We LENR-ist must escape from our mental chains too!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015



"The problem with facts is they too often translate to fiction".
In other words: 
“The problem with objectivity begins, once we start believing that the latter actually exists” (GAPINGVOID, today;s issue)


a) Today takes place the first event- from a series of 6-  the Peter Hagelstein-Louis de Chiaro conference
Who/what can help us to get fast information about it?

b) There are modifications in the program of the AIRBUS program

My good friend Li Xing Zhong cannot join the conference so we will not see his presentationabout Li-6. I regret.

It was announced an other  paper- see what an interesting concept is discussed there:                                                                                                                      D.Fruchart, N.Skryabina Is Super Abundant Vacancy a singular state in the Hydrogen-in-Metal paradigm ?


Today's thanks go to Jean-Luc Paillet who tells us about his Electron Deep Orbits of the Hydrogen Atom (EDO)

Jean Luc remarks:
In fact, Special Relativity seems determining to obtain EDO as solutions of these equations. 
For example, the non-relativistic Schrödinger equation for atom H has "anomalous" solutions (usually rejected), but no EDO solutions.
Moreover the EDO are obtained only when the angular Q number k for Dirac (or lfor K-G) is equal to the radial number n'.

Now, what's new since our ICCF19 paper ? 
    - Concerning the principal arguments against EDO, already analyzed previously, it appears more clearly a great difference between the K-G (so-called "relativistic Schrödinger equation") and Dirac equation.
To summarize, K-G EDO solutions can be accepted even with a pure Coulomb potential,  while Dirac EDO ones (rather named DDL) need special treatment, on account of the singularity of pure Cb potential.
    - As we focus on the Dirac case (on account of specific properties of the equation, which takes into account the spin
and also, e.g., spin-orbit interaction), we have verified, by means of a computation software, 
the results published in the works of Maly & Vav'ra. 
Here, this essentially concerns the DDL solutions obtained with a modified potential, 
by considering that the nucleus is not a point and that the nuclear potential is finite.
By using a different method (another ansatz), we can confirm the numerical results of M&V, especially the values
of the mean orbit radius <r> as a function of the angular Q number k
This value is very important for the LENR, because
it's related to the "repulsive" radius of the atom: if <r> is small enough, two femto-atoms can approach at distance where
strong nuclear forces are sufficiently high for acting.
We explicitly show a particular feature of the DDLs: when k increases, <r>decreases and tends to a not-null limit.
We can also see that, for given k, the value of <r> is relatively stable while changing some parameters.

Let's wish success to Jean-Luc with his approach to the problem and with his Toulouse presentation.


1)E-Cat test to conclude in February

2) Andrea Rossi With Trademarks Approved for Leonardo Corp. (Photo)

3)Rossi: If Test Successful, E-Cat Commercialization to Start March 2016

4)Small-scale nuclear fusion could become a new source of energy - Press release from the University of Gothenburg. (Leif Holmlid and Sveinn Ólafsson)

5) Leap Forward Lab Annual Report Pt. 1 — The HHO Story (Alan Smith)

6) Links to Edmund Storm's new experimental results:

7) From the ХТЯ и ШМ site:

Published the Proceedings of the Russian Conference for CVold Nuclear Transmutations and Ball Lightnings no. 21  224 pages, abstracts in English

There are here also more older papers by Russian authors,published originally in English now translated in Russian plus an announcement re an exhibition of fuel-less magnetic generators.

8) Andrea Rossi about his coming patents
September 23rd, 2015 at 7:34 AM

Sarah Huskey:
Yes: 64 patents are pending, but I think we will arrive to about 150 patents pending within one year, due to the ones I am working upon, obviously all related to the E-Cat.
Warm Regards,


Regarding:the problems with the Parkhomov method:

"2- The heater wire is a delicate issue. In order to reach 1200°C for days. I have tried tungsten, nichrome, platinum and Khantal. None of them is satisfactory for 1200°C and long durations."

To get around the wire heater problem, try Yttria-stabilized zirconia (YSZ) (Melting point 2,715 °C (4,919 °F; 2,988 K))

This idea is now open source.

This compound is a ceramic in which the crystal structure of zirconium dioxide is made stable at room temperature by an addition of yttrium oxide. These oxides are commonly called "zirconia" (ZrO2) and "yttria" (Y2O3), hence the name.

It is difficult to solve the heater material problem because most heater elements will oxidize at high temperatures. This is not true for YSZ. After the reactor gets up to conductive temperature, the YSZ tube could be heated to very high temperature (above 1200C) directly.

Electroceramics is a class of ceramic materials used primarily for their electrical properties. YSZ is an Electroceramic; it conducts electricity well as an fast ion conductor ceramic that has been used historically for the glowing rods in Nernst lamps.

The Nernst lamp was an early form of incandescent lamp. Nernst lamps did not use a glowing tungsten filament. Instead, they used a ceramic rod that was heated to incandescence. Because the rod (unlike tungsten wire) would not further oxidize when exposed to air, there was no need to enclose it within a vacuum or noble gas environment; the burners in Nernst lamps could operate exposed to the air and were only enclosed in glass to isolate the hot incandescent emitter from its environment. A ceramic of zirconium oxide - yttrium oxide was used as the glowing rod.


Ray Dalio Principles
For LENR also, as I said more times, principles come before theories

From Tanmay Vora:
Building a Business Culture That Works for Everyone: An Interview with Diane K. Adams