Tuesday, September 29, 2015

SEP 29, 2015- LENR INFO


The worst walls are never the ones you find in your way. The worst walls are the ones you put there—you build yourself. Those are the high ones, the thick ones, the ones with no doors in. (Ursula K. Le Guin)


Much to read today- preparing the next issue.
Today it was a pleasure to see the wise, realist paper by my Australian friend Doug Marker. See please 5) below

Not wise at all, IMHO, the super-anti-Rossi trolls - like honey badgers have attacked
in comments at the Fortune Magazine interview of Tom Darden. Guess who?


1) Climate Denial Crock of the Week Is low energy fusion real?

2) Lotta anti-FF Il epilogo: The epilogue of the anti-CF fight

4) EDDIT discussions on Darden interview

5) Is a Theory Needed Before We Exploit a New Phenomenon? (Doug Marker)

6) Final announcement of the Terni Meeting Program


7) Biological Transmutations: Historical Perspective (Jean-Paul Biberian)
8) Jean Paul Biberian announces the publication of the volume No 17, October 2015 of  the Journal of Condensed Matter Nuclear Science:
Excellent papers!

9) In German: Swedish scientists- new source of energy discovered
mainly about the Goteorg U. work
Schwedische Forscher: Neue Energiequelle entdeckt?


  1. Have just read the comments section of the Fortune magazine interview of Tom Darden. And what a sorry set of interactions !.

    Within just a few posts it has degenerated into ridicule and personal attack. Sadly, consistent with an obsessive desire on the part of a few well known activists to 'poison' the value and wisdom conveyed in the Tom Darden interview.

    IMHO there can be no better words to describe the behaviour of those attackers than to call them 'pathologically obsessive'. Much of the flow has turned into Nobel laureat Brian Josephson (a very kindly well spoken and gentle person) defending himself from personal attack by Steven Krivit and Mary Yugo (aka George Hody and multiple other net aliases).

    One has a right to ask why these antagonists and friends chose to 'pollute' what was a very good interview that was timely honest and expressed in well presented points. A resonable conclusion is that these critics are not interested in reasoned points of view but in poisoning the topic in any way they can.

    The implication from them is that no one can make a reasonable value judgement about exploring such interesting new science as LENR represents without undergoing vilification and personal attack of the highest order no matter the credentials of the person showing a positive perspective on the promise of LENR.

    It is very intimidating to be on the end of ridicule when one is seeking reasoned debate and opinion.

    The bottom line for myself, is that the people involved in poisoning the Fortune interview are either 'pathological obsessives' (I give this a high probability) or are people with a paid vested interest in sabotage (some may see this as the higher probability). For myself, it is hard to see any other posibilities.


  2. This back and forth recrimination seems to be the same process that happens a while ago when Brian Josephson posted a response to an article.

    Brian Josephson seems to be plagued by a swarm of blood-sucking gadflies intent on keeping him silent.