Sunday, September 20, 2015



 Set your goals high and don't stop until you get there. (Bo Jackson)

As blogger, I am setting my goals to a accessible (with my means) height and I am trying to improve my activity. I am dependent on the raw information available and  I am trying to act as a catalyst and to stimulate the generation of new information but this is not an easy process. 

A bit more than an abstract

For example from September 23 to October 16 8 important LENR events/meeting will take place and I want to offer - prior the respective events- a few more ideas from the
respective authors about what can be called their LENR ideology; surely it will result
a broad diversity- but I am trying to build the frame  of comprehension of the  of the basics, of the real identities of LENR.

I am trying to send the following message request to all the speakers: 

Please consider this a mini-interview
I see you will present a paper entitled the..,LENR...meeting

In/with my Blog EGO OUT I want to inform well and fast my Readers
about the papers to be presented- their essence, your basic messsage to the LENR World. 
See please here
the Toulouse Workshop what Leonid Urutskoev says and how he says it as an example for all of you. 
I dare to ask you to do the same with your paper
and, please take this opportunity to send a personal message to the LENR world, e.g. your vision about its future In your native language if you wish.

This is very important for the Terni symposium and for the Toulouse Workshop and so I dare to ask the authors - whom I could not contact directly on CMNS, Vortex forums  and in other places where EGO OUT  is distributed to call the attention of the authors from Italy, France, 
Russia to help me and my readers- tell what you think about LENR, please!
Thank you

Surely this is for fastness not due to my lazyness I am using intensely LinkedIn and Research Gate.
For Jacques Dufour who is on CMNS. I have found this morning:

For Jean-Luc I remembered this ICCF-19 paper
Jean-Luc Paillet and Andrew Meulenberg
He will continue to speak about this. An opportunity to tell you about my worries for 
the hydrinos of Randy Mills- nothing new for long months from him.My dearest US LENR friend, Mike Carrrell has died being convinced that Randy will create and industrial hydrino-based energy technology-soon. Dum spiro, spero- but on what basis?
Asking your special help for these two papers/authors:

R. Lundin                     Power generation by resonant isotope transmutation of nuclides

A. Korshunov              Calorimetric investigation of anomalous heat production in Ni-H systems

As you know, I am focused on technology. So is LENR too.

Basic issues remain unresolved

This statement has appeared- again at one of our Forums and I thought with some sadness I have an original, heretic explanation for it but this is ignored. However if I am right, things change radically and new research strategies have to be applied.
 I have told this many times- in vain: LENR is very broad and has many forms.
PdD electrolytic cells is one of them and unfortunately it is a larvae, underdeveloped one. The reason is simple - a sine qua non condition for a LENR system to work is that the temperature has to be greater than the Debye temperature of the metal- for dynamics reasons- the normal mechanism of generation of the active sites in which
the heat release processes take place- starts only above this critical temperature.
Ed Storms' experiments can infirm this idea. He started at an power of 0,15 W/gram Pd. If he will scale up to 1.5, 15, W/gram and so on. I will officially accept defeat and will use this Blog only for your information. exiling my own LENR ideas . Promise!


LENR discusssions on Reddit- not much!


  1. Ed is unlikely to scale his work beyond a fraction of a watt as such prowess is beyond the scope of his interest and/or abilities. You can't expect and old dabbler to change his ways. With minimalist experiments comes minimalist risk. If he were psychologically or chemically able to make watts he would have decades ago. Instead he merely repeats his first minimalist experiments for more than 25 years.

    1. I would not risk any prediction re the level of energy.If Storms' Theory is right he can achieve high values with many good nano-cracks.
      If not then the fault is not his, the exprimental system is good, do not call it minimalist, please. It can be only the inherent weakness of the PdD system sporadic and unmanageable under the critical temperature. I appreciate highly what Ed tries to do, it is in accordance to his LENR ideology.


  2. IMHO you are doing a great job covering the progress and realize the importance of leadership and organizational matters being part of the equation.
    I Just wanted to add to the goal setting part that I think the driving force is your vision. Your vision of LENR providing energy in abundance. No, I have not invented that relation but I subscribe to the relation and it has shown to be accurate.
    There are similarities between goal setting and delegation. The most obvious being that both requires a base in a strong and convincing (for the visioner) vision. Delegation is just so much harder than personal goals as one need to convey the vision to the person you delegate to.
    Whoever is anonymous (above) are making the mistake to judge others vision. That I think is unfair. It has no value. It just sounds like sour grapes. I am not a Rotarian but I like the 4-way test. Anonymous should check with the 4-way test before judging.

    1. Thank you for your support. Technologists- and management thinkers, unite!
      I have told here many times what I think about anonymity.

  3. Hello Peter!

    "from September 23 to October 16 8 important LENR events/meeting will take place"

    It would be great if you could list all these events/meetings.

    Thank you for this blog.

    1. I have listed them more times.and a fine list is laos on Cold Fusion Now.
      The first two: Sep 23 Hagelstein De Chiaro IEE, Sep 24 CNT Seminar in Moscow.