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It is my privilege to offer now to my readers a very recent paper by Francesco Celani et al attesting the fast progress their research is making these days. This one is a preprint submitted to the ICCF19 Proceedings


Observation of macroscopic current and thermal anomalies, at high temperature, by hetero-structures on thin and long Constantan wires under H2 gas

Francesco Celani1,2 , G.Vassallo2,3 , E. Purchi2 , F. Santandrea2 , S. Fiorilla2 , A. Nuvoli2 , M. Nakamura2 , P. Cirilli2 , A. Spallone1,2, B. Ortenzi1 , S. Pella1 , P. Boccanera2 , L. Notargiacomo(2,4) . 
1 INFN-LNF, Via E. Fermi 40, 00044 Frascati-Italy 
2 ISCMNS, Latium#1 Group, Via Cavour 26, 03013 Ferentino-Italy 
3 DICGIM-Eng, Universit√† di Palermo, Viale delle Scienze Edificio 6, 90128 Palermo-Italy 
4 Dip. Chimica Universit√† “La Sapienza”, Pz. A. Moro 5, 00185-Roma-Italy 


Since 2011, we introduced in LENR Research field the use of a Constantan alloy to absorb and adsorb proper amounts of H2 or D2 (concentrated and/or mixed with noble gases of low thermal conductivity) and to generate thermal anomalies even at low temperatures (>200°C wire temperature). Based on this idea, we developed a reactor with a core of sub-micrometric layered Constantan wires that produced measurable excess power and showed result with some reproducibility. During the years, we modified this base configuration with the purpose of improving both the reproducibility and the Anomalous Heat Effect (AHE). We used fiberglass sheaths for ensuring electrical insulation and found out, by chance, that this material even improves the performance of the reactor. In the most recent configuration, we studied the effects of the addition of Fe nanolayers to Constantan wires and of several small knots along their extension, resulting in a larger excess power growing with wire temperature increasing. Finally, we detected a new anomalous electric effect, consisting in the generation of a spontaneous voltage between the ends of a floating wire in the reactor, enhanced and stabilized by Fe presence. At the end we added some speculations/similarities about Rydberg matter, as developed by Leif Holmlid (Univ. Goteborg-SE) and Collaborators, with some of our results.

Keywords: calorimeter, Constantan, sub-micrometric surfaces, H2 adsorption/absorption, iron, second law of thermodynamics, LENR.

Please read the entire paper here:


1) LENR flies to France thanks to Airbus
Le LENR volano in Francia grazie ad Airbus

2) 1 MW E-Cat Plant Watch Thread [UPDATE #27: Test so far ‘Positive

3) Andrea Rossi about his thinking/philosophy
September 18th, 2015 at 7:54 PM

I like your good faith and the candor with which you consider Marx, but History has given evidence that the Stalins have been produced by Marx and that no communist Country exited positively from that experience. History for Phylosophy is like experimental Physics for theoretical Physics. You can write all the theories you want, but only experiments can prove if a theory is right or wrong. History is experienced philosophy and the historical experience of the philosophy related to the Marxism ( which implies the communism) has been catastrophic. It is too easy, and without any experiental proof, to say that should Trotzky have prevailed upon Stalin ( as you appear to suggest) the “real communism” generated by the “permanent revolution” would have been better. You know, Orsobubu: should I have 6 balls I could be a pin ball, but, as a matter of fact, it is not so.
Obviously, your ideas are welcome, because purported with sincere enthusiasm, but I had to say that I do not agree with this part of your comment. This said, we must also put in evidence that also the capitalistic philosophy has made disasters, but at least it leaves individuals free to apply their will to give their contribution IF THEY REALLY WANT. Not so in a communist dictatorship: remember that communism implies the dictatorship of the working class, which is an oxymoron ( or, in laylanguage, a ball) because by definition a dictatorship can only be exercised by one or several individuals, not by hundred millions persons.
Our Pope Francis is working in a direction that I share: make capitalism more responsible toward People. To make this is necessary a capitalism mediated by the control of the State. This is very difficult, but is the aim we have to point to, I think. For example, I dream a world with less finance and more industries, and the E-Cat ( F9) has also this goal to pursue. Finance produces richness for few, but not jobs, industries produce really shared richness, through good jobs. It is not a case that the Romans ( they were not stupid) associated to the finance the word “speculation” which derives from “speculum” ( mirror), referring to two mirrors that produce fake images if they look each other: industry produces real things and real work. Work in harmony in a state that controls the distribution of the richness made by the work of everybody, stimulated by the competition: this is possible, because reconciliates the natural greed of humans with their social needs.
I return in the plant,
Warm Regards,


5) A paper about LENR's relative
Virtual experiment of pyroelectric fusion
Mohammad Mehdi Nasseri
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B: Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms
Volume 362, 1 November 2015, Pages 45–48

The virtual experiment of pyroelectric fusion was conducted by Geant4 simulator. Despite the limitations of the code for simulating the pyroelectric fusion experiment precisely, the following interesting results were obtained. Two crystals were separated by a certain distance. A constant electric field with varying intensities was applied between the crystals. As initial particles, deuterium ions were emitted to deuterated polypropylene (CD2). This virtual experiment showed that the number of ions that hit the target, for different distances between the crystals, increases with the increase of the intensity of the electric field; however, further increase of the electric field results in the reduction of the number of hit ions, which attains a constant value of about 57% of the initial number of ions. For a (D, D) fusion reaction to occur, the distance between the two crystals should be <1.5 cm and for a (D, T) fusion reaction to occur, this distance could be up to 2 cm. The energy spectra of ions for low and high electric fields were narrow and long and wide and short, respectively.


LENR has at least two faces, a high energy component and a low energy component. I predict that the presentation of J-F Geneste's theory will only cover the high energy component since his reactor at AIRBUS is designing produces a large amount of energy.

A LENR theory that is true to how LENR works through out its entire range must cover this complete energy production range as observed in all LENR experiments that have been performed to date. This range includes biological transmutation through to the AIRBUS reactor and the E-Cat. It should also include an explanation of how Muons and other subatomic particles are produced in Rydberg matter based LENR. 

All this is a tall order for a valid and all encompassing theory of LENR to explain. I am interested in how this explanation by Geneste will unfold.


The triumph of Taxonomy!
Tree of life' for 2.3 million species released
Large, open-access resource aims to be 'Wikipedia' for evolutionary history


  1. Francesco Celani has missed the critical component of the Holmlid LENR based rydberg matter insight. For optimum LENR performance, the iron must be doped with a alkali metal such as potassium. This alkali metal provides a template for the growth of hydrogen based Rydberg matter through a process called Rydberg blockade. Lithium will also serve the same function. This quantum entanglement based crystal growth process is similar to how carbon nanotubes are produced. I recommend a carbon based potassium compound like potassium carbide as a rydberg matter based “secret sauce” amplifier of the LENR reaction.


  2. I did like AR's response to someone about communism. You Peter knows much better first hand about its problem than both me and Rossi together. However, I think his nice but firm response to this matter indicates that he is a person like most of us. We have our sides, bad and good. He is an entrepreneur and all the bad critic of him should die from this response, which I think he does not even have any responsibility to give.
    One need to understand that this is a real issue for an Italian. I think that Italy has the biggest communist party in western Europe. I suppose they have changed name nowadays but they are still that red party. (In Sweden the call themselves 'The Left' today.) Thanks for publishing this.

  3. Unfortunately images and diagrams are missing in the Celani paper.