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The crocodile cannot turn its head, Like all science it must go forward with all-devouring jaws. (Pyotr Lenidovich Kapitsa)

Theory is a good thing, but a good experiment lasts forever. (Pyotr Leonidovich Kapitsa) 

From these, I think we have to learn that  'Science" actually means "scientific progress."



It starts today- so dear Colleagues at that splendid location at Dagomys-Sochi, may I wish you a total success, a very pleasant staying and many mutually illuminating scientific LENR and BL discussions!
Thanks and congratulations to the Organizers, I cannot think otherwise about your meeting as a wise and select ICCF- No. nineteen-and-half.
The smart, agile and fast ХТЯ и ШМ site has furnished to the entire LENR world community all the basic information about this Conference here.

So we could build a vision about what will happen in the frame of the Program. we could choose the papers of special interest, see trends in experiments and in theory and so on- the known part. However for me it is an axiom that the  unknown part of a meeting, the ad-hoc discussions, the surprises, the initiatives, the creative and generative questions can contribute more to the new information- and go even higher on the DIKW scale- new elements of knowledge, wisdom and prediction can appear. And surely will.

It is a really essential and fundamental thing that most probably will be a leit-motif of the Conference: the All-Russian Global Research plan I have translated it

A great, very necessary, potentially useful idea; discussing it leads to the very 
basics: explanation of LENR, also known as theories and the experimental methods that will convert LENR in the energy sources Mankind is waiting.On my blog I have just published yesterday  sketch of such an Global LENR Research Plan based on my ideas and i am learning how extremely difficult this task is.The resources are always limited and you will be forced to use the explosive word NO for some directions =
great risk! The diversity of opinions is overwhelming, some memes are indestructible. However I know how skilled you are and I hope you will be bold enough (as super-team and leaders) to not make too sharp distinctions between possible and impossible tasks.
I believe in LENR solutions, but not in simple solution, not in an unique solution. Please search for and find the best ways, there is no royal way to LENR energy and Andrea Rossi's monopoly is a challenge for us, LENR-ists,all.
I hope your Global Plan will now become better structured, having a pragmatic taxonomy and generating a vision for the future.
I will not tell you about my Plan- it is based on heretic principles as the Six Pillars of LENR and the slogan "engineering is the key of LENR+" but I want to tell that my thinking line has started with the Russian book "Kataliz blagorodnami metallami. Dinamicheskie osobennosti" by V.M. Gryaznov and N.V. Orekhova, Nauka, Moscow 1989.
May I suggest/ask you to include the followings in your inter-presentations discussions/in the Plan;
a) Special materials for the high temperature LENR tests/generators materials of extreme, refractarity and resistance to HT corrosion. to hydrogen diffusion- we will need them- see Rossi's problems with E-Cat X. Other high tech and smart materials.

b) Nano-plasmonics for LENR- I think this is a must.

c) I am asking your experimentalists to try my old idea of an wireless Parkhomov reactor- do not use electrical resistances that are in danger of breaking at 1200-1400C
but molten metals for heat transfer; inspired from the float glass technology where tin is. Not simple but feasible.

Благодарю вас и желаю вам огромный успех!



1) Second stage of the LENR-Cities Project:\
Michel Vanderberghe says:

LENR-Cities is implementing an disruptive offering where all companies and people willing to develop their own ecosystem are finding mutual self-interests in a market-centric ecosystem, addressing both their own ecosystem requirement but in a way to reduce their risks and monetize their assets' value that is to say develop their own business and activities.
Only companies with a mutual self-interest with LENR-Cities are invited to join this ecosystem. The company has successfully executed the first stage of its plan, from October 2014 to June 2015.

After our successful first year of operations, LENR-Cities team is now engaging in the second stage of our plan and is adapting its model based to address identified weaknesses during the first stage.

Key for this second stage is to get funding to implement the second stage of our plan and get enough resources to create an Multi-Corporate investment fund for LENR. technologies. Investors, this is the right time to talk to LENR-Cities.

2) Is Jet Energy preparing to Market its NANOR LENR Device?


4) Near term Commercial Fusion Power Possible -

5) Fulvio Fabiani on Andrea Rossi

6) Andrea Rossi says
September 27th, 2015 at 12:01 AM

Frank Acland:
Please remind that until the R&D on course will not have been completed we do not know precise data related to our market strategy.
This said, if the results will be positive I think we will have models of 10 an 20 kW for the domestic versions, while the industrial plants will be initially of at least 1 MW, made by modules of 250 kW. Eventually is possible that the modules of 250 kW will be sold separately and is possible that a module of 100 kW will be made. These are just projections of virtualities. Somebody wrote somewhere that as soon as the tests will have been completed we will start the distribution of the E-Cats, but this is impossible. Provided the results will be positive, it is unthinkable that we put for sale the E-Cats before reaching an economy scale able to make our products impossible to be conveniently reproduced; we have to set up robotized production lines, make big investments…nobody can seriously think that we will be ready to distribute the E-Cats in months! Certainly, we are already working on it: for example right now, tonight, I will spend my time- if She lets me in peace- studying the robotized lines, that are very important.
Warm Regards,

Andrea Rossi
September 26th, 2015 at 5:13 PM

Frederic Maillard:
The E-Cats will be encased inside the apparatuses they will have to supply the heat to. Such apparatuses will respect all the requirements of the safety certifications.
Warm Regards,

This has lead to:
7) Rossi on Production: ‘Unthinkable’ to Sell E-Cats Until Economy of Scale Reached

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