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Transformation prescribes vision and Change subscribes to vision
(Harlina Sodhi) - borrowed from Tanmay Vora's blog-see below) 

Most of the change we think we see in life is due to truths being in and out of favor. (Robert Frost)

The following truth is still not in favor of our LENR community:
"Cold Fusion was/is a misunderstood miscovery. Fleischmann and Pons were like zoologist discovering a larva not a mature insect- their process has to be transformed by a deep metamorphosis in order to become manageable, up scalable and usable. This happens today...just a bit slowly.

1) Comparison among Rossi', Piantelli's Patents and Open Power Pat.Application


3) Andrea Rossi
September 16th, 2015 at 7:18 AM

Ray Russell on the frontline
Now, at 08.16 a.m. of Wednesday Sept 16 the 1 MW E-Cat is stable; the E-Cat X is resisting at very promising levels, but we have to wait to know if we reached the necessary reliability. I am enthusiast of it and it is the most pere application of my US Patent, which is important.
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4) Biological Transmutations

5) The defects of the masses of lithium and nickel in the E-cat Andrea Rossi
in Russian

6) Interesting information about the catalyst and energy source of Andrea Rossi
and replication of the experiment of Alexander Parkhomov


Essential teaching(s) by Tanmay Vora;
Change and Transformation – How Are They Related?

Chemical engineers outline new approach to materials design

We will use this too in LENR technologies- we need a lot of special materials

Artificial leaf: New efficiency record for solar hydrogen production is 14 percent
Competition but inspiration too


  1. Tunneling is an effect and not a cause. What causes tunneling is quantum teleportation(QT). QT is only caused by black holes and a special kind of entanglement called multiparticle entanglement. If anybody is interested in this subject, here is an article.

    This article explains how a worm hole can move energy or, in general, quantum properties through the coulomb barrier or, in general, any barrier including an event horizon of a black hole. The worm hole ( ER = EPR entanglement) is quantum tunneling in LENR, but is only applicable when a black hole is causing the worm hole to form.

    This worm hole effect proves that the SPP (an EMF black hole) is the cause of LENR.

    1. Axil, yet another intriguing link. I had been through the Suskind lectures on entanglement where he explains the math and was impressed by him. This article is a very interesting read very helpful - I had not quite made the connection between ER (worm holes) and Einstein so this has really caught my attention.

      Thanks !


    2. Axil, I now see where you are coming from in tying wormholes and entanglement together. I had wondered if it was stretching logic but, I just read this which is clearly the source ...

      " Maldacena, Susskind: any entanglement is a wormhole of a sort
      ...more precisely, EPR is equivalent to ER..."


      Again, thanks for the links and the opportunity to expand helpful understanding of an otherwise complex environment.


      This site explained in simple terms the ER part of the story.

    3. Here is the course that connects black holes and multiparticle entanglement. This is new physics. This explains how stuff can get inside a black hole.

      "ER = EPR", or "What's Behind the Horizons of Black Holes?"

      Part 1:
      Part: 2

    4. Thanks - working through these.



    U.S. Army Mobility Equipment Research & Development Command, Ft. Belvoir, VA
    Report 2247 (May 1978)

    Abstract ~ The purpose of the study was to determine whether recent disclosures of elemental transmutations occurring in biological entities have revealed new possible sources of energy. The works of Kervran, Komaki, and others were surveyed; and it was concluded that, granted the existence of such transmutations (Na to Mg, K to Ca, and Mn to Fe), then a net surplus of energy was also produced. A proposed mechanism was described in which Mg-Adenosine Triphosphate (MgATP), located in the mitochondrion of the cell, played a double role as an energy producer. In addition to the widely accepted biochemical role of MgATP in which it produces energy as it disintegrated part by part, MgATP can also be considered to be a cyclotron on a molecular scale. The MgATP when placed in layers one atop the other has all the attributes of a cyclotron in accordance with the requirements set forth by E.O. Lawrence, inventor of the cyclotron.

    It was concluded that elemental transmutations were indeed occurring in life organisms and were probably accompanied by a net energy gain.


    I like this explanation of the mechanism for transmutation. Whenever there is a vortex motion of electrons underway, an polariton or plasmoid process will occur. A EMF black hole will form that will induce transmutation via worm hole tunneling as I explained above in a post.

  3. Comment on quantum entanglerment: Just what is meant by this?
    The basic Quantum is "h/c," about 2.2 x10^-37 g-cm. How doee thts work function get entangled?
    Additionally, Black Holes are a misinterpretation of data referring to the regions around the centers of mass of such things as galaxies.
    So, just what is "quantum Entanglement" other than a convenient "Catch Phrase?"

    1. Entanglement is fundamental and arises from quantum information .

      “If you probe geometry at scales comparable to the Planck scale” — the shortest possible distance — “it looks less and less like space-time,” said Preskill. “It’s not really geometry anymore. It’s something else, an emergent thing [that arises] from something more fundamental.”

      Physicists continue to wrestle with the knotty problem of what this more fundamental picture might be, but they strongly suspect that it is related to quantum information. “When we talk about information being encoded, [we mean that] we can split a system into parts, and there is some correlation among the parts so I can learn something about one part by observing another part,” said Preskill. This is the essence of entanglement.


      The Quantum Fabric of Space-Time