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Ideas are, in truth, force, (Henry James)


See below at No.1 for the chronology but actually the list of papers is this;
Some things can change +/-, next up-date Monday

0- J-F Geneste Welcome address

1- J-F Geneste Airbus and LENR

 2- F-H Couanier From dark gravity to LENR

3- S. Neuville Quantum Electronic Atomic Rearrangement in Solids by H2 recombination energy release on DD nuclear syntheses under irradiation of deuterium

4- J-L Paillet Electron Deep Orbits of the Hydrogen Atom

5- F. David Hydrogen isotopes in alloys: hypotheses and experiments

6- XZ Li Lithium 6: an important fuel in condensed matter physics

7- Kurilenkov DD nuclear syntheses under irradiation of deuterium loaded Pd anode by auto electron beams at pulse vacuum discharge

8- J-F Geneste Energy creation

9- Jacques Dufour Unconventional heat observation in the hydrogen/iron/sodium system

10- R. Lundin Power generation by resonant isotope transmutation of nuclides

11- Rusetskii Investigation of heat release during irradiation by ion .

12- Biberian Replication attempts of the Parkhomov experiment 12:00

13- Filippov D.V. and Urutskoev L.I.:" The phenomenological model of collective LERN (Transformation)". (communicated by Leonid)

14-A. Korshunov Calorimetric investigation of anomalous heat production in Ni-H systems

15-J.Ruer Can craters and hot spots be explained by Erzions or exotic particles

16- J. Ruer Analysis of the potential behaviour of the energy catalyzer in the patent US 9,115,913 B1

17- J-F Geneste LENR from experiment to theory 


FIRST of all it is a great pleasure to meet here old friends as Jacques Dufour,  Xing Zhong Li, Jean Paul Biberian, Fabrice David and also the new friends as Leonid Urutskoev and Jean-Francois Geneste- the creator of this meeting.

The Program is interesting and it is a Pareto rule at play, what the Organizer says is 80% as importance and especially, impact. See Jean-Francois' 3 papers:

First Airbus and LENR- what he will say and what he will NOT say (but do) about the research strategy, extent, aims, team, ideology, science-technology harmony- starting REAL competition with Rossi.

Second- Essential- how he will present his  Theory Breakthrough in Energy Creation and LENR, it is a very high level opus, paradigm changing (transforming)

 Third: From Experiment to Theory- is also an important theoretical contribution of Jean-Francois; next to come is From Theory to Technology, I hope! 

Re. the Filippov-Urutskoev paper that was anticipated in:
Leonid says:
"I will try to convey to the participants of the Workshop a simple idea: as long as you are trying to treat LENR as reactions between individual particles, they will obtain nothing new compared to what we already know from the traditional nuclear physics.
The answer is simply that no such low energy nuclear reactions can take place due t the laws of conservation.
ONLY if we consider collective nuclear processes, we will be able to understand LENR. The paper will give a phenomenological model and its mathematical basis. I will send you the text when ready" Thanks, dear Leonid!

The other papers

Good expectations, new results  from:

J.P. Biberian Replication Attempts of the Parkhomov Experiment

A. Korshunov Calorimetric Investigation of Anomalous Heat Production in Ni-H Systems

J. Ruer Analysis of the Potential Behavior of the Energy Catalyzer as Described in the Patent US 9,115,913 B1

Jacques Dufour Unconventional Heat Observation in the Hydrogen/Iron/Sodium System (some surprise, dear Jacques?)

F. David Hydrogen Isotopes in Alloys: Hypotheses and Experiments

XZ Li Lithium 6: An Important Fuel in Condensed Matter Physics

Possibly very interesting!:

R. Lundin Power Generation by Resonant Isotope Transmutation of Nucleides

Have no idea about the other papers, however I am sure (ir)radiation in LENR has to be excluded as far as possible in all energy focused applications. Not in research, obviously! The nuclear nature of LENR must remain hidden and silent, this is one of its raison d'etre-s.


1) 11th International Workshop on Anomalies in Hydrogen Loaded Metals 
Preliminary program

2) Hydrogen

3) Andrea Rossi
September 17th, 2015 at 3:27 PM

Frederic Maillard:
One of the goals of the R&D here is also to analyse the behavior of the charge in the one-year term. At the end of the test we’ll have final ideas.
Warm Regards,

4) A discussion
How nano materials are beneficial in Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) based power generation?



  1. LENR has at least two faces, a high energy component and a low energy component. I predict that the presentation of J-F Geneste's theory will only cover the high energy component since his reactor at AIRBUS is designing produces a large amount of energy.

    A LENR theory that is true to how LENR works through out its entire range must cover this complete energy production range as observed in all LENR experiments that have been performed to date. This range includes biological transmutation through to the AIRBUS reactor and the E-Cat. It should also include an explanation of how Muons and other subatomic particles are produced in Rydberg matter based LENR.

    All this is a tall order for a valid and all encompassing theory of LENR to explain. I am interested in how this explanation by Geneste will unfold.

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    1. My font is Arial, I am impaired visually but I can read my Blog.
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