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Neophobia, cainotophobia or cainophobia is the fear of anything new,
This is a serious problem to some people, in the sense that they fear trying new things.
In Nigeria, they will say that the devil you know is better than the angel you don't know. This is a wrong notion. 


I have repeatedly claimed to be a rational neophiliac, however my psychiatrist, my family and my LENR comrades would probably disagree.
Neophobia, neophilia - the problem with such concepts is that they are radicalized- fear of everything new, love of all new things... not true. Actually multiple, a bit split, fragmented personalities with quite strong internal contradictions are perfectly normal for both people and concepts Existence is rich and interesting not schematic black and white- in most real cases. I think this is true for LENR too.You can be neophobic regarding music (everything composed after 1750 has no value) but maniacally chasing new foods exploring systematically different ethnic foods etc.
Conservative and conformist in religion but open minded in science- yes it is possible. 
However in science and especially in the case of LENR neophobia is quite damaging
because, believe or not believe it, LENR is something really new.
An example: the paper du jour is Tom Darden's interview published in the Fortune Magazine. Very well done/told and with a clear positive impact for the LENR field and a huge echo just now starting....
A big step forward, thank you, Tom Darden!
But even he is very cautious and remarks: "Low temperature fusion could be consistent with existing theories, we just don’t know how." Andrea Rossi is also on the same side of the dispute trying to explain his LENR processes by classic physics. Old- good, new- bad this is the impression we get.What catastrophe would it be iF LENR needs new processes and new laws, theories- not only of physics but of more scientific and technological disciplines? 
However Tom Darden formulates this in a very wise manner. Actually what we know with certainty is that we still don't know so many essential things about LENR that Iy would be
very difficult to explain it on the basis of what we know- about a single LENR system; who can guarantee that all the systems- at low and at high temperature, wet and gas phase are the same= as topology- where they happen, how and why?
Richard Feynman has told that when experiment contradicts theory, theory has to go; and a new theory will replace it.  Is Nature neophobic or neophiliac as wee discover it? When we invent something we are fighting for the New and boldness is a must.


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See please what says Rossi (again) about Theories:
Andrea Rossi
September 28th, 2015 at 8:24 AM

I prefer to base theories on solid experiments. This is why I am very shy to propose a theory and continue to work and study on it with Prof. Norman Cook: I do respect the Standard Model and I cannot accept absurdities that have no mathematical bases. I’d suggest to some theorists to take advice of the average halflives of e.p. and make some math about it. Without a rigorous mathematical process and without experimental confirmations you can say anything you want and sell it for good to an audience that has not the bases to understand what you are saying.
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Here is the Darden interview in Russian- fast translalted~

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  1. The issue of needing a sound theory before LENR can be called real really doesn't mean it doesn't exist and doesn't deliver non-chemical anomalous heat through a new not understood nuclear process.

    What LENR suffers from is that it is a significant threat to some industries and existing fusion projects where investment and effort run into the billions of dollars.

    If we compare LENR to Quantum Computing we have the remarkable situation where quantum computing devices are being built and sold (DWave Quantum Computers) that work in ways that no scientist can adequately explain. BUT, the big difference is that QIP (Quantum Information Processing) is not a threat to anyone, on the contrary it is embraced and encouraged and regarded by many as the next big leap forward in computing power.

    The principles that QIP work on are based on exploiting Quantum Entanglement, the effect 1st outlined by Einstein, Podolsky & Rosen in their famous EPR Paradox paper. Einstein used EPR to try to prove that entanglement as it would be explained by Nils Bohr ('Copenhagen Interpretation') was wrong and that the entanglement effect could only be explained by 'hidden variable' and that it violated his (Einsteins) conviction in the absolute need for 'locality'. Point here is Einstein & friends described entanglement but only to try to prove that Bohr & followers were wrong. The subsequent history of experiments (Bell's inequality) have shown Einstein to be wrong. Locality with 'hidden variables' is not involved in the entanglement effect.

    So now we have computers being built, and used, based on that 'wrong' entanglement and that still today no scientist can explain with any widely accepted or cohesive theory. It just works. The smart ones just exploited the pedants argue it shouldn't be used because there is no accepted theory or known science.

    So the situation we have is that QIP is accepted and in use despite lacking a good understanding of how & why it works, but LENR is widely attacked and blasted when there is plenty of evidence it is real, but we do know it poses multiple threats.

    Tom Darden really summed up his involvement well. What he has had to say and is doing (supporting Andrea Rossi when few others would) is what is needed. The hope is he triggers an avalanche of interest and support.