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1) E-Cat Commercial Rollout: Leonardo in Europe, Industrial Heat in the USA? 

2) Edmund Storms announces new results with palladiumSeptember 16, 2015 

3) Company Overview of LENR Cars SA 

4) Anthropocene Institute talking on LENR, and not tender for establishment...

5) A scientific paper: 
"The Dirac problem, part 3. Electromagnetic field and curvilinear motion by inertia. Application to atom model and cold nuclear fusion"Valentine Oleinik 
As is evident from the analysis of the Dirac problem, difficulties of electrodynamics are rooted in the incompleteness of classical mechanics. The elimination of incompleteness of mechanics by including curvilinear motions of classical particles by inertia in the Newtonian scheme of mechanics leads to the need to revise some of the fundamental propositions of theory. As it follows from the condition for stability of accelerated motions of particles by inertia in the transition from one inertial reference frame (IRF) to another, the mass of classical particle is not constant. The mass depends on the particle velocity and changes in passing from one IRF to another. This means that the IRF moving relative to each other are not physically equivalent. The cause of nonequivalence of the IRF is a special physical medium generated by the particle moving by inertia with acceleration. The energy of the medium is distributed differently between rotational and translational degrees of freedom in the IRF moving relative to each other. Nonequivalence of IRF can be registered by experiment. If the system of two particles is in the state of curvilinear motion by inertia, its reduced mass depends on the relative velocity of particles and on the velocity of the center of mass.
There are some additional fields , apart from the fields of inertial forces ( ), that act on particles of two-particle system being in the state of curvilinear motion by inertia. The equations of the field generated by the system of two particles moving with acceleration by inertia are obtained, which are similar to Maxwell's equations for electromagnetic field produced by electrically charged particles. On the basis of this analogy, it is natural to regard the fields and as components of a single electromagnetic field generated by particles moving with acceleration by inertia and to call them the electric and magnetic fields. Classical particles moving along curvilinear paths by inertia generate induced electric and magnetic charges. The induced electric charge is significantly different from the electric charge, which is considered in conventional formulation of electrodynamics as an immutable intrinsic property of classical particle inherent in it by the very nature of things.
A qualitatively new model of atom is built in which the bound state of classical particles is formed not by Coulomb forces but by inertia forces acting on particles in their accelerated motion by inertia. In the model, the splitting of bound state of two particles is due not to the leakage of one of the particles through the Coulomb potential barrier formed by another particle but to the redistribution of energy of the system between its rotational and translational degrees of freedom and can therefore occur without energy loss.
The mechanism of formation of bound state of two particles, caused by the curvilinear motion of particles by inertia, explains the phenomenon of cold nuclear fusion (CNF), which can not be explained within the framework of standard theory because of its incompleteness.
This paper is only a milestone in the research on the Dirac problem. The research, theoretical and experimental, is just beginning. It will lead to radical changes in all fields of physical science, giving a powerful impe-tus to the development of our civilization [1].

Full text is in Russian, needs subscription 

6) MFMP: New GS4 reheat 

7) A new LENR Event! (there are 8 events from Sep 23 to Oct 16 05, this is the second in chronological order)
All Russian physics seminar on "Cold Nuclear Fusion and Globular Lightnings takes place at the Russian University of People's Friendship (RUPF), Thursday Sept 24 2015 at 16:00 in the room No 1, Engineering Corpus (address, access instructions)

Daily Program
1. 16.00 – 16.15 N.V. Samsonenko, RUPF, Moscow: "Scientific news"
2. 16.15 – 16.45 Idhaio Fidel (Rwanda) RUPF: "About the mechanisms of intensification of the weak force"
3. 16.45 – 17.00 Yu.N. Bazhutov, IZMIRAN, Troitsk: "About the edition 22 of the All-Russian Conference in Dagomys (Sochi) Sep 27-Oct 4 2015
4. 17.00 – 17.15 A.A. Prosvirnov:"About the Russian Investment Program for research of Cold  Transmutations of Nuclei and Cold Fusion"
5. 17.15 – 17.30 Meeting of the redaction committee

8) The Suppression Of Medical Treatments & Alternative New Energy Technologies

9) Black Swan Innovation : interview with Ronny Korsberg (CEO).

10) Vicious attack against cold fusion, the Terni  meeting Andrea Rossi and Vessela Nikolova
Il quarto Segreto: ultime notizie dalla fusione fredda

11) Andrea Rossi about his plans
September 17th, 2015 at 7:55 AM

Hugh Lee:
About three billions, based on the supposed price of the domestic and the industrial E-Cats, but we did not accept and we will not accept a single cent from the potential Customers who made the pre-orders until the product will be ready for deliveries, which means until the tests on course will have been completed positively (F9), our manufacturing lines will be operative and, for the domestic E-Cats, the safety certification will have been achieved. As you see, an enormous work remains to be done, but we are already working on it.
Warm Regards,


Tunneling is an effect and not a cause. What causes tunneling is quantum teleportation(QT). QT is only caused by black holes and a special kind of entanglement called multiparticle entanglement. If anybody is interested in this subject, here is an article.

This article explains how a worm hole can move energy or, in general, quantum properties through the coulomb barrier or, in general, any barrier including an event horizon of a black hole. The worm hole ( ER = EPR entanglement) is quantum tunneling in LENR, but is only applicable when a black hole is causing the worm hole to form.
This worm hole effect proves that the SPP (an EMF black hole) is the cause of LENR. 


Catalysis is source of inspiration for LENR:
Platinum and iron oxide working together get the job doneScientists have figured out how a platinum catalyst works

 How to solve the world's biggest problems
Interdisciplinarity has become all the rage as scientists tackle climate change and other intractable issues. But there is still strong resistance to crossing borders.
LENR is a very tough problem, needs a lot of good interdisciplinarity

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