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Genius is initiative on fire. - Holbrook JacksonImage result for initiative quotations

Image result for initiative quotations

The way to immortality is paved with good initiatives (Unknown)


a) Celebrating today- a great LENR initiative.

It is a great joy and privilege of having a new start every morning,  still being present of expressing in more modes my sincere and direct "LENR-mon amour!" Credo, trying to do something in the favor of LENR in accordance and harmony with my own ideas about LENR.
The essence of human nature is discontent, creative and active discontent that manifests itself by INITIATIVE. Based on my life experience I can state ith certainty that having initiatives or not- is the real differentiator between the people- however the nature and quality of the initiatives is determinant- execution ability and surviving failures are also essential.
It seems the ancient Greeks have missed to nominate a goddess of initiative- I have different opinion, that goddess and Her cult are necessary.
The first name of choice will be Startia- but there is already a Startia.Inc; if trademark problems appear- the name of the Godess can be START- followed by any feminizing suffix- as -ilia, -alia whatever;  Startitta if I want to use my wife's name in Italian or Startonia - if I prefer my daughter's name. The cult is more important than the name.

  This week (May 31- June 6) will take place a very interesting test performed by Andrea Rossi who sends in battle his newest bonsai  very hot E-Cat called QuarkX- 
a pen-size gen, works at 1400rator of energy- both thermal and electric , perhaps light too,
It has a nominal power of 100W works at 1400 C - it is said. The test is for a Swedish customer and if anything goes well production of these devices will start in Sweden.
A positive test means a lot more taking in account the complex geopolitical sitaution of LENR and especial of LENR+.
A decisive: has goddess Startia made QuarkX really "antifragile"? See N.N. Taleb's second book not less important than Black Swan.
Rossi says 3 devices go in the battle let's wish them to survive and win as gloriously
as this is possible in technology!

b) Please let's try to help RICHARD HILL

Our Australian reader friend Richard Hill has sent us a very difficult question (the answer is so not the question) 

Are Diesel Injectors Destroyed by Low Nuclear Energy Reactions (LENR)?

Actually it is about the water content of the fuels- very high temperature (up to 1000C) water vapors are in explosive contact with the metal parts- OK, can such an
environment stimulate- deep metal-hydrogen interactions, i.e. LENR?

The complete text of Richard is here, please read it:

What do you think?

1) Energetics of the low energy processes by A.I. Laptukhov
Энергетика низкоэнергетических процессов А.И. Лаптухов

(Google translatable, it has a dispute with Bazhutov's Erzion theory).

2) What says Andrea Rossi about the test of E-Cat QuarkX- started today

Hank Mills
May 30, 2016 at 8:55 PM

Dear Andrea,

1) Will there be an ERV or third party involved with the one week test of the Quark?

2) Are there specific goals or benchmarks that need to be met by this test? If so, what are they?

3) Will there be a comprehensive test report generated either by you, the customer, or the third party (if there is one)?

4) If a comprehensive test report is produced, when will it be shared with the public?

5) How many Quarks will be utilized in the one week test?

6) Will photographs or videos be taken during the test? If so, will they be shared with the public?

7) How will the heat produced by the Quarks be measured?

8) How will the electricity produced by the Quarks be measured?

9) If the test is a complete and total success, what are your next steps forward in the near future?

10) Will the Quark be ran in self sustain mode during the test for significant periods of time — for example a half hour or longer?

Thank you.

Hank Mills

Andrea Rossi
May 31, 2016 at 7:54 AM

Hank Mills:
1- no
2- reliability, performance, safety
3- yes, obviously, but it will not be public
4- eventually, after an official certification-validation which will be also the “GO” to the manufacturing (F8)
5- three
6- no
7- putting on the hot surface the finger of somebody and see how loudly he cries ( audiometric measurement, a new patent of mine)
8- same as above ( disconnecting the earth cable)
9- see point 4
10- yes
Warm Regards,

This is discussed here too - and updated:
Rossi: 1 Week E-Cat QuarkX Test to Start at End of May with Potential Cutomer/Partner (Update: More Q&A about the Testing)

Not all problems are settled in nuclear physics!
Radii and binding energies in oxygen isotopes: a puzzle for nuclear forces 

We present a systematic study of both nuclear radii and binding energies in (even) oxygen isotopes from the valley of stability to the neutron drip line. Both charge and matter radii are compared to state-of-the-art ab initio calculations along with binding energy systematics. Experimental matter radii are obtained through a complete evaluation of the available elastic proton scattering data of oxygen isotopes. We show that, in spite of a good reproduction of binding energies, ab initio calculations with conventional nuclear interactions derived within chiral effective field theory fail to provide a realistic description of charge and matter radii. A novel version of two- and three-nucleon forces leads to considerable improvement of the simultaneous description of the three observables for stable isotopes, but shows deficiencies for the most neutron-rich systems. Thus, crucial challenges related to the development of nuclear interactions remain.


It was published  in the Gurteen Knowlrdge Letter 191- excellent Knowkledge management newsletter:

TitleFUD is a good thing
WeblogGurteen Knowledge Log
Knowledge LetterGurteen Knowledge Letter
Posted DateTuesday 31 May 2016 09:29 GDT
Posted ByDavid Gurteen

FUD – fear uncertainty and doubt. No, not the marketing sort of FUD but the kind of stuff in your head whenever change takes place.

It is OK to fear and question things. Having doubts and reservations is OK. It is a natural part of the thinking, reflection and commitment process.

Every new endeavour starts this way. If it doesn't then, the chances are that something is terribly wrong.

The last thing we should do is to stifle these thoughts. It is essential they are expressed openly. They should be actively solicited.

Coercing people to agree or to commit is one of the many destructive things we do to each other.

Expressing our true feelings is the start of a conversation that leads to ownership and commitment.

If we cannot say "no" then "yes" has no meaning. 
Credit: Peter Block

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The signal is the truth. The noise is what distracts us from the truth. (Nate Silver)

Distinguishing the signal from the noise requires both scientific knowledge and self-knowledge: the serenity to accept the things we cannot predict, the courage to predict the things we can, and the wisdom to know the difference. (Nate Silver)

When catastrophe strikes, we look for a signal in the noise - anything that might explain the chaos that we see all around us and bring order to the world again. (Nate Silver

Until you remove the noise you are going to miss a lot of the signal (Seth Godin)

In formal logic, a contradiction is the signal of defeat, but in the evolution of real knowledge it marks the first step in progress toward a victory. (Alfred North Whitehead)


a) Thinking about signal, noise-in LENR.

This seems to be a must read book...and I have not. Shame on me!
Back to study!

Surely I have understood long ago the definitions and met signal and noise myriads of times in my professional and in my personal life:

Signal vs Noise  
Signal and noise are two terms used in electrical engineering and communications. Signal is a time or space varying quantity carrying some information, and noise is an unwanted effect on signal which reduces the visibility of that information. Signal to noise (S/N) ratio is a widely used parameter to measure the quality of signals. The higher the S/N ratio, better the signal in quality.
Seriousness- see please:                                                         http://egooutpeters.blogspot.ro/2011/01/other-definition-by-mihail-ralea.html 
can also be defined as the ability to focus on the signal and to filter out and ignore the noise. Think about the capacity of attention and concentration in a noisy enevironment
Noise is grease or dirty lubricant spilled over the DIKW scaleSignal is relevance, noise is worse than irrelevance it is negative relevance to be subtracted from the genuine one.

As a moderately senile blogger I usually want to insert here the story of a personal meeting with signal noise.
In April-May 1972 when my wife was at her parents in Cluj with our newborn daughter Antonia, I was working very intensively at a research project- the manufacture of the raw material for vinyl phonograph discs- at OLTCHIM.
The material was a co polymer 85% vinyl chloride 15% vinyl acetate with rather strict quality requirements- for the technology of using it see e.g.:

I have participated at the testing of our stuff at the ELECTRECORD disc house in Bucharest. I phonically well insulated cabins, you could clearly distinguish the signal- music and the background noise called "potato frying"
Eventually- after studying the audio characteristics and fine-adjusting the
properties as hardness, elasticity and relaxation of the co-polymer we solved the problem and our product was used for manufacturing the Romanian vinyl discs
till these till replaced disruptively by CDs and DVD's.

Or by the Web, the signal noise of this music recording that I have enjoyed this morning:

is far better than it was at any vinyl disc. Add to this that my audio abilities have NOT improved during the last 44 years.

b) The most relevant - available abstracts at the satellite Meeting:


An important meeting of the peak performers, the best men (plus a lady) of the classic LENR- plus New wave- Rydeberg matter research leader Sveinn Olafsson.
Global impression- from there earlier than 5 years there will not come some breakthrough in understanding LENR or something even vaguely correlated with technology. However- fine research! Most Interesting aspects highlighted in the abstracts

Pamela A. Mosier-Boss
Presentation : Pd/D Co-deposition and LENR
In the Pd/D co-deposition process, a platinum anode and a cathode, comprised of a material that does not absorb deuterium, are immersed in a solution of palladium chloride and lithium chloride in deuterated water. Palladium is then electrochemically reduced onto the surface of the cathode in the presence of evolving deuterium gas. The resultant cathode exhibits a highly expanded surface consisting of small spherical palladium nodules. Because of this high surface area and electroplating in the presence of deuterium gas, the incubation time to achieve high D/Pd loadings necessary to initiate LENR is orders of magnitude less than required for bulk electrodes. Besides our group, other researchers have used variations of the Pd/D co-deposition process to explore condensed matter nuclear reactions occurring within the palladium lattice. Reaction products that have been observed during Pd/D co-deposition include heat, transmutation, tritium, X-rays, energetic charged particles, and neutrons. The results of the work done by our group and these other researchers will be discussed.
Vittorio Violante

Presentation : Material Science for Understanding the Fleischmann and Pons Effect
The study of the Fleischmann and Pons Effect (FPE) i.e. the production of excess power production during electrochemical loading of deuterium in palladium has a multidisciplinary character.
Correlations between the material status and the occurrence of the effect as well as some changing of the electrochemical interface status have been observed .
During the last two decades the phenomenon was observed, well above the measurement uncertainties, in several calorimetric experiments.
The lack of reproducibility has been so far responsible for the absence of a clear explanation of the phenomenon but measurement chains have been conceived to enhance the spectrum of information required to define the effect.
Recently a specific study has been carried out in order to investigate if the excess power was produced concurrently with the emission of radio frequency from the active cathode. The preliminary results and the features of the electrochemical interface of active samples are highlighting the importance of performing studies on such a specific aspect of the FPE.
Yasuhiro Iwamura 

Presentation:Transmutation reactions induced by deuterium permeation through nano-structured multilayer thin film
Low energy nuclear transmutation reactions have been observed in nano-structured Pd multilayer thin film which is composed of Pd and CaO thin film and Pd substrate, induced by D2 gas permeation. Up to now we have observed transmutation reactions of Cs into Pr, Ba into Sm and W into Pt. Replication experiments have been successfully performed by some researchers. This new phenomenon would be used as an innovative nuclear transmutation method for radioactive waste or a new energy source if we could solve many problems for commercialization.

Graham Hubler

Presentation : Fundamental Physics Experiments to Microscopically Define the Anomalous Heat Effect
Recognizing the potential benefits to society and the environment of a new source of energy derived from the Anomalous Heat Effect (AHE), philanthropist Mr. Sidney Kimmel provided initial 5-year funding totaling $5.5 M to establish the Sidney Kimmel Institute for Nuclear Renaissance (SKINR) in April 2012 as an entity within the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Missouri (UM)[1].
The MISSION of SKINR is “to find the origin of the Anomalous Heat Effect (AHE) with a sound materials science approach and with no preconceptions as to the origin of the phenomenon. To publish findings in the open literature and to openly collaborate world-wide with researchers in the field and in cross disciplines.”
We will discuss progress and plans for in situ x-ray diffraction, in situ perturbed angular correlation (PAC) study at ISOLDE (CERN), in situ Mossbauer spectroscopy, in situ elastic and inelastic neutron scattering, all during electrolysis on a Pd cathode in 0.1M LiOD and while the cathode is producing heat. Another initiative is perform an experiment in vacuum using a high flux deuterium ion beam coupled to x-ray, particle and RF detectors.
The outcome of this program will be the knowledge of the electromagnetic environment experienced by the Pd and Deuterium atoms during excess heat events, knowledge of the emitted RF frequencies during excess heat events, determination of the lattice site dynamics of the Deuterium, and knowledge on how to trigger and sustain the AHE. These experiments will reveal crucial information required to formulate a model of the AHE.

Peter Hagelstein

Presentation : A theoretical approach to modelling excess heat and other anomalies
Excess heat in the Fleischmann-Pons experiment is thought to be of nuclear origin, since there are no commensurate observable chemical products; however, there are also no energetic nuclear products observed in amounts commensurate with the energy produced. There has been observed He-4 in the gas phase, time-correlated with the excess power, and in amounts consistent with the mass difference between two deuterons and He-4. This provides a conundrum for theoretical modeling.
A Hamitonian formalism has evolved over the years that is capable of describing nuclei in a lattice,based on the notion of nuclei as composite quantum systems. This allows us to describe coupling between vibrations, as well as other condensed matter degrees of freedom, and internal states of the nuclei.
For many years we have studied coherent energy exchange between two-level systems and a highly excited oscillator. In the presence of loss mechanisms there can be an enhancement of the efficiency of energy exchange in the multi-phonon regime. Models for this suggest a mechanism for excess heat in the Fleischmann-Pons experiment, as well as provide an interpretation for a variety of other anomalies that have been observed over the years.
Sveinn Ólafsson

Presentation : Rydberg Phase of Hydrogen and Low Energy Nuclear Reactions
For over the last 26 years the science of cold fusion/LENR has been researched around the world with slow pace of progress. Modest quantity of excess heat and signatures of nuclear transmutation and helium production have been confirmed in experiments and theoretical work has only resulted in a large flora of inadequate theoretical scenarios. Here we review current state of research in Rydberg matter of Hydrogen that is showing strong signature of nuclear processes. In the presentation experimental behavior of Rydberg matter of hydrogen is described. An extensive collaboration effort of surface physics, catalysis, atomic physics, solid state physics, nuclear physics and quantum information is need to tackle the surprising experimental results that have so far been obtained. Rydberg matter of Hydrogen is the only known state of matter that is able to bring huge collection of protons to so short distances and for so long time that tunneling becomes a reasonable process for making low energy nuclear reactions. Nuclear quantum entanglement can also become realistic process at theses conditions.

1) Rossi: 1 Week E-CatQuarkX Test to Start at End of May with Potential Cutomer/Partner

2) Meet Fred Zoepfl – the Secret Weapon of IH/Apco or a “Physisist” Malfunctioning?

3) And Now: Let’s Have a Closer Look at a Real Apco Astroturfing Professional?
4) Rossilivecat.com stats and valuation

5) The ХТЯ и ШМ site gives a connection of its readers to the Satellite Meeting, re LENR June 4-8 at the European Conference for Plasma Physics- already discussed here including today

6) Interesting news, really: It started to work in the normal mode the new site of the Independent Laboratory MAUS dedicated to research of LENR.
It is concerned with the theory and prcatice of the revolutionary technology- in Rusian:"Metastabilno Atomnogo Upravleisanogo Sinteza" that is Metastable Atomic Controlled Fusion"- MAUS gives the possibility of controlled triggering and functioning of LENR.
During the coming days, on the site: http://technical-mouse.com/ you could find:
- about the improvement of the Ni/H reactor of Focardi based on the MAUS technology- the results of the first experiments,  video of the first successes in replication of the Vachaev plasmoids- starting of work in continuous regime of the device "Energoniv-2" use regime  of polymetallic powders


Researchers use strain to engineer first high-performance, two-way oxide catalyst

But the best for you is to read INNOVATION EXCELLENCE!

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The Thesis of Sergey Tsvetkov

At the present, cold nuclear fusion is disruptive for many energy technologies 
and it is also game -changing in fundamental physics, therefore so many affluent people on our Planet look at it with outright hostility. (Sergey Tsvetkov)

- a bit freely translated after the original
Холодный ядерный синтез является на данный момент закрывающей технологией для многих направлений энергетики и фундаментальной физики, поэтому к нему такое отвращение у благополучных людей планеты.

See more about the author's excellent cold fusion classic paper 2) at news


I have decided to dedicate this weekend issue to an every- and all-day subject: PRO LENR- that is what is in favor of LENR, what can we all do in order to support and help and contribute to the welfare of the field?

First let's see which somewhat external events, news are acting in favor of LENR.
Simple to discuss- the section LENR IN CONTEXT-1 discusses about science and technology. LENR's enemies being regressives suffering of prosophobia but also from arrogance and self-sufficiency it is obvious that news showing science is
open and in development- are GOOD! while claims of science is finished and closed- are BAD! Special attention to nuclear physics - it is indeed a main part of LENR but due to the necessity of genesis of active sites, LENR is first material science catalysis and nanotechnology. Any revelation of this reality is working for LENR.
I think you understand how complex taxonomies are in "our favor"
- reality is too complex to  be completely described by the present level Physics.
Therefore, to take  recent example, Neuglu the newly discovered boson speaks LENRese.

Similarly for LENR IN CONTEXT-2 targeted on management and business 
the development of LENR is one of the beneficiaries of progress in problem solving, modes of thinking up to design thinking and systems thinking- in innovation and in leadership etc.
I have told you about my credo that management is now a source of philosophy; for me W. Edwards Deming, Peter Drucker, Jim Roh and Nicholas Nassim Taleb and many others- are real thinkers of the highest value.

We can support LENR by promoting it and just now this is awfully difficult due to some negative, destructive events- in a sense a repeat of what has happened to Cold Fusion in 1989.

Tempering the activity of the fifth column in LENR

Actions have to be started by removing first the major obstacles and now it is difficult to promote LENR due a hiper-noisy and aggressive Fifth column that has developed during the , say last two months starting abruptly and unexpectedly when Andrea Rossi after announcing a successful 1 year 1MW test with his generators- has claimed the due sum of money, 89 million US$ from Industrial Heat.
About the 5th column- La Quinta Columna- in original Spanish see please
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fifth_column It is a meme, mainly political.

The 5th column inside the LENR community was formed quasi instantly by grafting of corrupted elements on the pre-existing Rossi haters and science-purists. Only who has not lived in a deeply corrupt society thinks corruption is only financial. Actually corruption for money is a poor sort, there exists genuine idealistic corruption too- that can be confounded with conformism.
OK, the 5th columnists have to confronted directly, with dignity and efficiently 

Please do not look further than paper 1) below- how can it be put in accordance with what IH says about the Rossi technology?
I have remarked something really uniquely strange - the attacker are slowly replacing a simple binary thinking with Yes and No with kind of zeronary thinking- without Yes and No just incessant repetition without proofs  that the technology is both non-existent and impossible. What is truly impossible is -dialog.


1) Industrial Heat Amends E-Cat Patent (May 5, 2016)

2) Received directly from the author:
S.A. TsvetkoV, D.S. Tsvetkova
The Encyclopedia of the Engineer-Chemist- in Russian, no 5/2009
Paper translated in English is here:


3) Uwe Doms is a fine exampleof  creative activity in favor of LENr's future:
LENR- the solution for Mankind's all problems? 
in an interview re "The World in 100 years?"
LENR – Die Lösung für alle Probleme der Menschheit?
In einem Interview zur Frage, “Die Welt in 100 Jahren”
https://thenewfire.wordpress.com/lenr-die-losung-fur-alle-probleme-der-menschheit/Uwe writesThe Background:
Harald Lesch is the most famous  German physicist, astronomer, natural philosopher, author, television presenter, professor of physics at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, and an open minded nice guy.
If I can get him evolved in the LENR topic and if he would present LENR in one of his TV Casts, than this would mean a breakthrough for LENR in the public domain in Germany.
Let's wish him success- Germany can contribute a lot to LENR!

Wild West new-energy scene is just a stage:

Artificial-Leaf Inventor Slams New Energy Finance, Blames Universities


True for real-life (not mathematics) problems too:
Who was the most genius mathematician that you had ever worked with,and what was the situation that made you think so?

Craig Aaron Tovey, Prof. at Ga. Tech. I know some math, probability, complexity, optimization algs
25.5k Views • Upvoted by Tom McFarlane, graduate degree in mathematics and Ben Golub,Majored in math at Caltech

Paul Erdos. Other mathematicians I have known could, like Erdos, solve problems instantly. Erdos could do more. He would instantly alter your problem to make it a good research question. The first time I talked with him, I asked him two questions. The first was about prime numbers of a certain form. As soon as I finished speaking he answered that my guess was correct and followed as a corollary from a theorem proved 20 years previously. He immediately continued by proposing a generalization that might be true and would be worth exploring. My second question was about Ramsey numbers (part of graph theory). I had conjectured that R(k,m) <= R(k-1,m+1) for k>m, which intuitively seemed very plausible to me. Erdos immediately said ``That is too hard. Try to prove R(3k,k)<= R(2k,2k). That would be very interesting.”

I visualize what Erdos could do as if what is known or readily proved in mathematics is the interior of a ball. Points on the ball’s boundary are the good research problems at the edge of the unknown. Points far from the ball are too difficult for us now. If you gave Erdos a problem inside the ball, he would project it outwards to get a harder version on the boundary that was worthy of research. If you gave Erdos a problem well outside the ball, he would project it inwards onto the ball to give a you a version that you might have a chance of solving. I have not worked with any other mathematician who could do that instantly.

We must stop worshipping the false God of the strong leader

Yes in politics, but I have some serious doubts regarding research projects and management of innovative technologies.

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Image result for "peak performance" quotations


I am an incurable optimist and even the rattling of weapons and the dirtiness of the present conflicts in LENR cannot distract my ever recurrent thoughts about the increasingly revealed and recognized beauty and harmony of this amazing scientific technological realm. Consciously and perhaps subliminally I discover associations of LENR with the great arts as architecture ("The Six Pillars of LENR+") painting, classic music, opera, songs, good quality rock music and so on... A source of inspiration- even for scientific ideas and kind of consolation for disappointments, failures, tragedies, blunders, sticky uncertainty and painful waiting of LENR's great final victory.
Now again, I was inspired to think and write about the potential peak performances of LENR - by the spectacular artistic peak performances show yesterday late evening
T the Hungarian Duna TV - the final contest of the virtuosi- young musicians, children and teenagers -it can be watched here:
A wonderful initiative classic European culture (and, alas! not only culture) is in great danger to be replaced with more closed and prohibitive systems due to politicians who misinterpret and mal-apply Human Rights. Classic music and opera are probably the most vulnerable. The virtuosi all were wonderful and the jury (the great soprano Miklosa Erika was here too, see: 
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wu6SSeqmTkQ) had an almost impossible task
to establish the winners for 3 categories- and they have chosen my favorites.

About the expected peak performances of LENR we are free to dream and some of them as COP infinite, thermal-electric-light energy generation at will, very high power densities, applications for rocket and airplane engines, absolute eco-friendliness, advancing Energy Revolution becoming more similar to the accomplished Information Revolution...these are natural...(let's hope) 
Andrea Rossi tells about a relatively near perspective: 
"My dream remains the one of the Eve of New Year midnight: towns illuminated, heated and powered by means of networks of QuarkX .
Maybe this dream will become true sooner than expected."

I definitely like this, it is possible I will see how this dream 'dawns'

Peak performances - belong to the 6th Pillar of LENR: Creativity


1) Team Weaver Threatening Sifferkoll with Legal Actions due to Uncovering IH Connections and Inconsistencies?

2) Looking for Heat- a source of Hydrogen for LENR experiments
3) Featured Meetup
Breakthrough Clean Energy: focus groups, guest speaker, next steps and weblinks.

Guest Speaker, David Firshein, is from Brillouin Energy Corp.: a clean-technology company located in Berkeley California, which is developing ultra-clean, low-cost, renewable energy technologies capable of producing commercially useful amounts of thermal energy (heat). Brillouin’s technologies are based on low energy nuclear reactions (“LENR”), which it generates on a controlled basis in its uniquely designed reactors. There is no(zero) pollution of any kind, generated in Brillouin’s LENR system of outputting its heat. 

4) CCNF-Controlled Cold Nuclear Fusion (in Russian):

5) HP Jet Fusion 3D Printer Could Signal New Stage in Manufacturing


Investment in energy storage vital if renewables to achieve full potential
True only if LENR will be killed or postponed!

In dramatic statement, European leaders call for ‘immediate’ open access to all scientific papers by 2020


7 daily habits of exceptionally successful people:
1. Plan each day with purpose and action.
2. Step outside their comfort zone.
3. Surround themselves with smart people.
4. Focus on the big picture.
5. Get the job done.
6. Refuse to take no for an answer.
7. Never stop learning.