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Asked about the Soul of the Rossi Effect, Andrea Rossi says:

" The soul of the Rossi Effect: the search of a man of the justification of the existence God gave him to do something worth a life."

It s interesting how my exchange with Freeman Dyson repeats, I think identically however on a more secular basis- Human Duties imposed by the uniqueness of a life.
Even small improvements of the world are of value- see what I wrote about definition, the soul of Ego Out.


a) Answering to a lost comment of Felix Rends.

 Felix has written this comment re the Babel Tower in LENR idea, I got it as e-mail but it is not at the comments. I have told you that I had more problems with Blogger.

I notice for myself that I can express myself much better and more differentiated and more specific in my mother tongue German as in English. Even if I have luck to be a proficient user (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, CEFR) with fairly good skills, often just one word is missing that has a powerful meaning in my own language, but has no real counterpart in the foreign language, so that I am forced to paraphrase and transliterate, which diluted the meaning and makes it difficult to be exact and precise. Additionally in German the very popular nested sentences and the difficult grammar are making it very difficult for translation programs, if not impossible, to translate correct. The sense may be visible, but even this is not guaranteed with complex content.

I think there is always a lost potential and in the case of LENR it leads to an imbalance, not only in the discussion culture, but also in the spread of information for the economy. 

I have experienced it myself as consultant of a German company, in which actually only Germans are working. The fear in the future not being able to compete with the world market leads the executive level of the management to the absurd idea to hold internal meetings in English. There something went completely wrong, because language is more than just information exchange, language is power and if I do not have the control over the language you use, then you will be ruled by those which are the proficient. That is generally the case, but it can (right at this moment) perfectly be observed at the LENR Forum and other communities, which are dedicated to the LENR topic.
Best regards

Dear Felix 

My experience is different, I spent my childhood years in Timisoara (Temeswar) in a clearly tetra-lingvistic environment; at home and with Feri and Gyuri we spoke Hungarian, with Doru and Puiu Romanian, with Sandy and Horst-  German witth Bato, Batice and Vladimir -Serbian. Empirical learning but we enjoyed it. Then after the war we started to learn intensively Russian at the school. Liked it and later it was of enormous benefit for my professional career the Russian books being very good and they also translated a lot. I started to learn English at home very early. My mother had a fine collection of French, German and English books - however when my father was arrested from no known reasons we had to sell a great part of our library in order to survive. To also mention Italian learnt mainly from movies and from opera.
 I have concluded soon that each language has something very specific a soul- difficult to define but easy to grasp when you are spending a few days in a linguistic environment.
As regarding English I simply adore the language for its richness, flexibility, its many synonyms- it is a wonderful .I am constantly trying to learn, collecting words (see Wordsmith for example), idioms, stereotypes, quotations short stories, equivalating proverbs. etc.

 OK, it seems the sympathy is not exactly mutual I get many critics for my bad English and generous offers of help. All I can hope is that my messages are understandable.
Recently on a Facebook page for the E-cat a gentleman called Renzo Barbieri has said than my blog is unreadable,any sense is lost in translation. 
I find it is an interesting coincidence that Renzo ia from Voghera a town where I had
solved a strange management problem years ago.
See please
In a very unusual linguistic and musical environment

Anyway, dear Felix, from the Soul of a language I came to the idea of the Soul of LENR- we have to discuss it too.

A somewhat related idea is the Genie in Bottle. The Genie of LENR was captive in the electrolytic cell- more or less. Now it is free and ... see please the Motto.

b) I feel a smell of victorious replication and progress in the results of Me 356. 
See please first the analysis of Doug Marker!


1) Update from me356 on LENR Testing (Update: Some Pictures Posted)

2) Rossi: Public Demonstration of E-Cat QuarkX Planned for Europe

3) Ludwik Kowalski's new cold fusion essay
Voices from our Cold Fusion Forum

4) They said it couldn’t be done: Clean power to save the world
"Then, we take a detour into the strange world of cold fusion, the people who hate it, and the billionaires risking their money in the field because the rewards could be so large."

5) Sepp Hasslberger: Cold Fusion at Coefficient of Performance (COP) 50 — Ten Times Expectations

6) Bishop Hill: LENR evidence thread-a discusssion:




Rossi no matter what people may think, has triggered an enormous amount of interest worldwide, among people who would otherwise not know of LENR or its potential.  There are now far too many smart and honest people who have done enough due diligence to conclude personally that LENR is and has been real for a long time - the more multidisciplinary types of researchers and inventors that take up the interest, the faster it will be exploited and understood.
The recent stories about a researcher who posts with the id 'me356', offer the very inspiration we need in LENR. His work and his approach and also his willingness to share what he sees, is compelling. (see separate links to stories about me356 in EGO OUT)

The trend in Science in the past few decades has been for graduates of physics and science to become highly  specialized. This in part is driven by the explosion of new scientific work coming from the invention of the maser & laser. Particularly in the field called 'Photonics'.

The below information is a very good example of how science is directing new talent into teams with specialist skills.  This is now what LENR needs, and may soon get, once the anti LENR propagandists can be put rightly in their place which is to recognize them as dominantly propagandists with agendas.

The advances in LENR require multidisciplinary expertise from Physics (nano, quantum, plasmonics & advanced materials ), Chemistry and Engineering etc:, plus smart people with great drive, intuition and curiosity.  They are emerging in growing numbers but we need a lot more.

The Laser as an example of focusing graduates in specialized fields:

Just the laser alone has reshaped the scientific world tremendously in recent years as its use intrudes into so many areas of science and life from communications, entertainment (music and visual), laser printing, laser/polymer manufacturing etc: etc:. More recently are the discoveries in the areas of OAM (Orbital & Angular Momentum)  of light are stunning.  (see these links )

The research in this 'Photonics' field of research and development is 'racing' ahead and promises yet more 'quantum leap's in technology from use in quantum computers, use in storing petabytes of data on a device not much larger than a DVD, massive increases in bandwidth and efficiency of fibre optics and even how light is harnessed and analyzed from space for achieving greater Astrophysical research of distant stars. In addition there are already demonstration videos of scientists using low watt laser 'tweezers' to manipulate small micron size particles (i.e. 4 microns big) on glass slides. There are  other demos that use angular momentum of a laser beam to drive microscopic parts such as tiny wheels and pumps. These are working in labs today. The potential from these lines of research is wide open.

Photonics link:

Link about using OAM to create multiple quantum entangled photons - this capability has great significance to Quantum Computing and secure messaging.

This next link is about using OAM for vast improvements in fibre optic carrying capacity (it is already old news from 2013, old by current Photonics progress) ...


AXIL sends this,and says:
'Human intelligence has evolved to live in a state of illusion".
The Evolutionary Argument Against Reality


  1. Axil,
    Once again thanks for your links - it seems that so often the site you link to turns out to be a cornucopia of intriguing and interesting ideas and concepts.

    I ended up watching 3 long videos after watching the 1st Hoffman link. The ideas and thoughts are enticing.

    You are very good at backing up your comments :)


    Doug Marker

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  2. Peter
    An interesting article.
    New Mexico is going to have a billion-dollar ghost town for research


  3. This once I agree with Axil.

  4. This once I agree with Axil.

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