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 A mainly gastronomic introduction- how I came upon PROSOPHOBIA- this morning

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For a decade the official name of my job at ISP companies  was "Content Editor" that means I had offer some ideas in writing, both quantitatively and qualitatively- to say something relevant. At my Blog I keep the same imperative, as much as it is possible.
Today it is now 16.00 not many news or publications have arrived  (this can change) so I have to write an editorial. If possible about a new and/or important subject connected to LENR, and very specifically with solving LENR's problems, useful for advancing our field. For today, I have arrived to:
PROSOPHOBIA- fear of progress. Can you deny that LENR is, in a sense,  victim of it? See please:

and many other good sites

The story of my revelation is connected to gastronomy- that is a very important part of Culture. In my web-search newsletter one regular column was FOOD & COOKING
see please the continuation (in English of the newsletter e.g. here)
So my readers and i have learnt a lot about condiments for example- a type of gastro-awakening or renaissance after the years of almost-hunger of the Ceausescu era.
It has happened that yesterday at dinner we had what the dictionary says in English is Wiener or Frankfurter sausages and our bottle of mustard ( a must for sausages) has emptied. It was a German sort Mittelscharfes Senf. (Today we were at the Billa hypermarket and i have bought just for fun French Mustard. Dijon Originale.,. 
The biochemistry and the botanics of the hot condiments (peppers, chili, mustard, curry, horseradish wasabi whatever is outstandingly interesting; surely you know the Scoville Scale too...
OK, to my surprise this morning very early one of the first papers I came upon- in today's edition of "Science" was: 

India nears putting GM mustard on the table

Actually, the paper shows how difficult it is to introduce genrtically modified crops on the market, even if it is clearly demonstrated that these dare not doing any harm- the wildest and most damaging for of fear of progress our outright progressocide manifests itself in agriculture and in alimentation, as well as in many diets.

Re prosophobia I just want to call your attention to its hidden but obvious correlation to some unjust aspects of the human societies at all levels of civilization
and political-social regimes: privileges are stronger than rights, certainties are stronger than truth, exceptions are stronger than rules, elites dominate the crowd, to know is more appreciated than to learn & to explore,

We ahve already discussed how prosophobia manifests itself in LENR. I have asked Andrea Rossi who is in the real front line of the confrontation between fear of progress and LENR and he says:

LENRs are a paradigmatic example of the fact that a systems defends itself against any revolution: like when Galileo to retract his statement that the Earth orbits around the Sun not vice-versa to not be burnt alive by the Inquisition.

We have no inquisition these days however there are many amateur inquisitors,including those hyper-active on the Web.

Asked what motivates and drives the inquisitors targeting him and the E-cats,
Andrea Rossi invites us to realism, pragmatism ...and materialism, the 3 antonyms of idealism:
"Don't go philosophically or too complex, the reason is very "groundy":cash.
Money from IH is rattling the puppets and competitors cannot accept that we did
what they did not, so they lost money."
They are motivated by more things "but cash is the first motor."


1) More Information on the New IH & Apco Agenda to Ditch LENR Completely!

2) In Dutch language:

Starting this revolutionary technology make us independent of oil and other fossil fuels?
Gaat deze revolutionaire technologie ons onafhankelijk maken van olie en andere fossiele brandstoffen?

3) Here are published the papers of the Seminar at PFUR May 26, 2016
1. A.A. Prosvirnov: News in LENR
2. N.V. Samsonenko Systems of particles and nuclei connected by magnetic interactions

NOTE  ХТЯ и ШМ found as intersting and has signalled these two papers:

Has a Hungarian physics lab found a fifth force of nature?
Radioactive decay anomaly could imply a new fundamental force, theorists say

E-Cat, fusion froide, magouilles et gros sous

4) Discussed here now:
A Fifth Force of Nature Discovered


 Not a reason for optimism:
Donald Trump’s “America-First Energy Plan” Shows He Knows Virtually Nothing About the Issue
Also here:
The Washington Post
Thursday, May 26, 2016


From Miki Saxon's fine site- a joke I liked:
If the Shoe Fits: the Perils of Auto-Correct


  1. Prosophobia. I think this is a misunderstanding. The fear is not of "progress." It is of change. Both of these are described as pathologies, i.e,. the fear of change is "The persistent, abnormal, and unwarranted." However, fear of change is *extremely common," and I could claim that it is commonly "unwarranted," in that, if dropped, the person benefits.

    Human reactions generally evolved to be protective. Change can represent a major survival threat, and we evolved to be relatively short-lived, without a lot of time to adapt to changed conditions.

    The skeptical rejection of cold fusion was not irrational, as to aspects of it. It was normal skepticism, combined with social phenomena that created a rejection cascade, which is not rational, but social in nature. As the rejection cascade ramped up, Rhabdophobia set in, fear of rejection. This phobia, again, is so common that it is not considered a phobia, even when it causes harm in terms of impairing the individual. Much of my life history can be seen in the light of active rhabdophobia. But, dammit! I was right! I was rejected for telling the truth! That is a story that I invented, without realizing just how made-up it was. I was actually rejected because I expected to be rejected, as part of the cause, but also because I simply failed to communicate effectively to the audience I was trying to reach. In hindsight it all became totally obvious.

    In coaching others, I work with the fear. The problem with these phobias is not actually that they are irrational, it is that they represent a fear response, which, then, generates survival responses -- including obsession -- that are often very visible, socially, and this then leads to poor communication.

    1. Re phobias I think a more shaded thinking is recommended
      There are milder forms and destructive forms.
      However prosophobia is clearly fear of progress and we meet it daily.

  2. You have
    1) "More Information on the New IH & Apco Agenda to Ditch LENR Completely!"

    In spite of your desire (which I trust) to simply present information about LENR (and "LENR+") your presentation often demonstrates apparent bias. That blog post by Sifferkol is not as described. The blog post itself is more neutrally titled! "More Indications of the agenda ..." However, both assume that such an agenda exists. In fact, what the Sifferkol blog post demonstrates is his radical ignorance of the American legal system. He assumes that the jury will "do some research in the history of LENR and Rossi when confronted with the complaint."

    No, they won't. If it could be shown that a juror did this, they could be disqualified. The jury is bound to examine the evidence in front of them, which will be vetted, generally, by the judge. The prejudicial crap from Krivit would never be shown to them.

    We do not know what the IH defense will be. Dewey Weaver, who has inside information, we believe, is nevertheless only presenting his opinions, in a forum where truth is almost irrelevant, it's mostly posturing by many participants.

    In the trial, the "laws of physics" may be completely irrelevant, and in a trial, if it came to pass, cold fusion researchers would win this one. The idea that cold fusion is completely rejected by science is essentially a colossal unverified rumor, not based on evidence that could be presented to a jury. Witnesses could be called, but this would be a losing tactic for IH, I don't expect it.
    No, all that might be relevant would be evidence about the testing, the contractual relationship and history of interaction.
    Dewey Weaver may be referring to a fraud claim. Remember that Rossi claimed fraud on the part of IH. Nothing that Rossi claimed rises to the level of commercial fraud, legal opinion about that lawsuit is that it will be very difficult to sustain a fraud claim against IH. My personal opinion is that the claim will damage Rossi if the jury sees it.

    That covers the other direction, as well, but ... Rossi may be vulnerable to a criminal fraud prosecution. That would be a separate prosecution, not a part of this civil trial, though if IH claims fraud, they may be able to recover damages (maybe triple damages), which could be considerable. It's not just the $11.5 million they have in.

    What I've been told by a lawyer is that predicting the outcome of this lawsuit without knowing, not only the defendant's response, which we don't have yet, but much more information that we also don't have is ... foolish. He won't do it!

    My own hope is that we learn the truth about the Rossi claims, and I don't know what that truth is, beyond "indications," which can be very misleading.

    1. Very well worded and cogent summary.


      Doug Marker

  3. Peter
    I think Trump is one hope LENR has.
    If the right person explains to him it's
    potential, he as a quick learn no nonsense President
    would allocate research monies for LENR.
    I hope someone with the know how to
    do this does.

    1. I don't know- but I hope the best for the US and for LENR.

  4. Peter
    When I think of it Trump if he knew of
    the Rossi I.H partnership and the potential
    of the Ecat.He just might take the risk and
    offer to buy out I.H share.
    The US was built on risk takers.


    Coulomb Crystals

    Solid matter can crystallize in a plasma as a consequence of an interplay and eventual stabilization between and attractive force and the repulsive coulomb force acting on an ion. The EMF based attractive force can be adjusted to change the character of the ion crystal. These ion crystals form the nuclear active sites that produces LENR in plasma based systems.

  6. Trump is the very best leader for LENR he will act quickly when coldfusion is confirmed.