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Six blindmen touching an elephant.

The Blind Men and the Elephant
John Godfrey Saxe (1816-1887)

 a well known story: 
ends with:
"And so these men of Indostan
Disputed loud and long,
Each in his own opinion
Exceeding stiff and strong,
Though each was partly in the right,
And all were in the wrong!"

The Emperor who has ordered this investigation angry like hell with the unusable contradictory non-combinable results has instantly dissolved this committee and has founded an Academy for Integrative Elephantology with people able to see the Whole great animal using he most modern (it happened 3010 years ago) instruments of that Age. So was HOLISTICS born!


It is not the  first time that I am tell you how scared and contrariated I am that there is no Academy for Integrative LENR. Nobody, no person no institution, no society no anything else is concerned and focused on, seriously professionally on the Whole LENR, the Biggest Picture. Who (what) has developed the superior illuminating (satori like) holistic and holographic vision of this field with an unhappy history and a turbulent present dominated by divisive factors and extreme fragmentation?
Is there somebody with an all-round interest in LENR? Old snd new territories are in conflict and in part, in mutual denial.
My blog is just a sketch of a faint, pale shadow of what has to be done to integrate LENR in a self-consistent scientific and technological assembly...
Unfortunately nobody accepts my "6 Pillars of LENR+"  http://egooutpeters.blogspot.ro/2014/12/the-six-pillars-of-lenr-text-peter.html
idea and global solution are searched locally. Usually in the realm of the Simple..

However this integration of LENR MUST be done and I think there is somewhere
a great leader in management of science-technology, a genius in the art of taxonomy  who will take the initiative, will organize a trans-disciplinar Team And perform the great Synthesis of LENR.

Andrea Rossi calls our attention to the fact that this will not be the  ultimate integration or the unique one concerning LENR, there is also an external, or upward integration that has to be done:

"LENR are integral part of the global energetic system. It cannot be evaluated if not considering the whole world of the energy sources and utilizations, their environmental legacies, their economical and industrial issues.
In this sense the development of any new energy source must be integrated in this general system, otherwise the system will oppose, to defend itself, and the development process will be slowed down."



1) Clean Nuclear Energy-in Hungary:
Lakatos Erno
Microwave induced nuclear transmutations
Erno Lakatos
2484 Ag´ ard, Hungary e-mail: lakatos.erno@t-online.hu 

Low energy nuclear transmutation reactions were found in microwave induced plasma states created from solids irradiated by an intense microwave field. A modified commercial microwave owen was applied as a source of the intense electromagnetic field. Samples were fabricated from solid Pb placed on ceramic substrate which construction absorbed microwave power efficiently resulting arc discharge and producing plasma state. Possible nuclear transmutations originated form K and Si of the components of the ceramic substrate were observed resulting Cl and S in such quantity that was not present before microwave irradiation. A possible qualitative theoretical explanation of the experienced nuclear transmutation is also suggested

I have started a constructive discussion with  Erno Lakatos

2) Digging Deep Into the Dunghill of Dewey Weaver Deceptions and Lies!

3) A statement by Brillouin Corporation'

4) Xian Zhang Hang : nickel-hydrogen cold fusion experiment now quite reproducible

5) Uwe Doms:
The potential of making  economies at the cost of electric current on the example of the German industry with the LENR technology
Stromkosten Einsparungspotential am Beispiel der deutschen Industrie durch LENR Technologie

6) An optimistic message on Rossi's JONP:
Janice Bender
Dear Andrea Rossi:
The more I read the critics of your foes, the more I am convinced you are going to win in the market and in Court. After a bombastic beginning to attack you, now they have lost all their credibility and I appreciate a lot the fact that you are basically turning a blind eye on them, ignoring most of their comments in your blog and continuing to focus on your great work.

Gerard Mortier
May 23, 2016 at 9:58 PM

Dr Rossi,

Congratulations on your new Top Level domain acquisition.


Andrea Rossi
May 24, 2016 at 7:47 AM

Gerard Mortier:
The Swedish branch of our great Team is making a fantastic job.
Warm Regards,

7) IH & Darden Seemed Pretty F***ing Sure of COP 3-20 when Selling ECats in China 


Activation cross sections of proton induced nuclear reactions on palladium up to 80 MeV

Proton induced reactions on natural palladium up to 80 MeV•

Stacked foil irradiation including monitor and energy degrader foils•

Comparison of experimental results with the TENDL-2014 and −2015 libraries•

Calculation and comparison of thick target integral yields•

Discussion of application fields

ITER  on the ropes:


New on LLRX – Journalism Resources on the Internet 2016


  1. I am always a bit amused when some posters publish critiques of Rossi, that many jump and accuse them of being "IH paid shills" and "APCO PR trolls" etc.
    I wonder how much Rossi is paying sifferkoll to be his paid shill and troll? The amount of posts he makes is quite impressive and so absolute in conviction! He really earns his pay! :) (Of course this is absolute non-sense just as is all the accusations of Weaver being a IH shill! IH could care less what the few people on these blogs think!)

    It seems like the accusations are always one sided. A critique of Rossi is fair game for accusations of a managed conspiracy to destroy LENR and Rossi in particular, but the huge volume of obvious hero worship of Rossi is seen as nothing but righteous evangelizing!

    Why cannot people simply remain calm and logical.
    IH / Darden is innocent until proven guilty!
    Rossi is not a fraudster until proven so!

    This "Armageddon" painted by the church of Rossi is simply ridiculous and gives no credence to them what so ever.
    The implied language of his post gives a very clear picture of his mindset as well! Very sad.

    (I post under Anonymous, but my real name is Bob.)

    1. Mostly fair comment, but very cheeky in the way Sifferkoll is 1st 'painted' as a possible Rossi shill ?, then in a poorly positioned and worded flow on, there is a confused retraction. The dame is done. The imputation, with no evidence to back it, is laid on the table.
      Playing this kind of word game with such an imputation (even if posited as 'wondering') are distinctly unhelpful to everyone including yourself.


      Doug Marker

    2. OK dear Bob Who?
      in your opinion IH's reactions are logical? Till Rossi has asked for money it was peace after that they have discovered Rossi has nothing, the process is impossible, Rossi is scammer. But the made a lot of busineses and a patent with the nonexistaent technology - isn't this behavior a bit surprisng for you? They say the ERV is incompetent but only now thre reports were OK.
      Many things to explain calmly and withouut invectives.

    3. Peter,
      Here lies the base of the argument. Is IH's reactions logical? I say yes! Why, because the only thing I fact any facts of is that they have made two public announcements...

      1) Do not believe anything you read concerning us unless it comes from us. (paraphrased)

      Meaning that they fully expect things to be published that are not a)fully true b)completely
      false c)may be true but the whole story not told.

      2) That the could not substantiate Rossi's claims and that the lawsuit was without merit.

      I know of NOTHING else other than "Rossi says". What IH has done to day, is what any professional company would have done with a multimillion dollar lawsuit is brought against them. A professional company simply does not blog on posts every day.

      I have followed Rossi for the past 5 years. I really do hope he has what he says he has. I owe no allegiance to IH/Darden. With that said however, Darden does have a very positive long term track history. Rossi not so much.

      Truthfully, I do not take much of what Rossi says at face value anymore. Over the past 5 years, many things have been "talked about", but very little really proved. I have learned to expect very little from "Rossi says" as it has so far, always been disappointing.

      His track record shows he cannot get along with other organizations. Seimens, National Instruments, Nasa and now IH have all walked away from him. Why? There is something fundamental here. It could be that he is just hard to work with.

      So is IH logical? If I "throw out" all the "Rossi says", then yes, they are logical. If I believe that "Rossi says" = "Truth", then no, they are not logical. I do not believe that Rossi says = truth in all matters. Remember, we have only heard one side of the story.

      Here is what I fully believe will happen.... Rossi will settle out of court with NDA's in place as is EVERYTHING with Rossi. NDA's rule supreme. IH will not care about the NDA's, they will save face as well. 3 months from now, IH will continue with the other researchers and Rossi will still be blogging about secret customers, new tests and possibly new models of the ecat. Same as the past 5 years.

      I hope I am wrong.

      Thank you for your time and efforts keeping this blog!

  2. Peter,

    This quote from your today's blog gets to the heart of the problems you keep bringing attention to ...

    "It is not the first time that I am tell you how scared and contrariated I am that there is no Academy for Integrative LENR. Nobody, no person no institution, no society no anything else is concerned and focused on, seriously professionally on the Whole LENR, the Biggest Picture. "

    The question being Why ?

    - Only the blind choose to see that LENR has not been demonstrated even if just using the PhD form.

    - Only the blind claim the science doesn't permit LENR to take place

    This situation with LENR is in some respects like arguing with a classical physicist who says that ball lightening is only an illusion because science doesn't permit it (what ever 'it' is).

    Doug Marker

    1. Yes dear Doug it is chaos and VUCA in the field and a great excess of parallel monologs.
      LENR does not succeeded yet to get rid of its birtg defects. But hopefully it will


  3. Peter,
    I am posing the following question. "Is the shunning of Andrea Rossi just because of the extraordinary nature and speed of achievement of his many claims, or is he being isolated because he is not a US citizen"?.

    When reviewing the US Govt interest in LENR and Brillouin's presentation to them, it is made very clear about the importance of US researchers leading the field. If the US Govt is to promote LENR and further LENR research, especially its 'disruptive impact', then there is *no* plus to the US Govt to promote the claims or capabilities of non US inventors other than to know of them and where they are at in the LENR emergence cycle.

    Again, the above is only a question emerging from the body of material available to us such as the Brillouin report.

    Doug Marker

  4. A typical excerpt highlighting the importance of the need to specifically support US research efforts.

    QUOTE (from the Brillouin link in today's blog) ...

    With Japan, Italy, Russia, China, Israel, and India now devoting significant resources to research and development of LENR technologies, it is time to act to ensure our technology readiness. Our entrepreneurs and scientists working on new LENR designs should be supported with access to U.S. national laboratories and leading academic institutions to help the U.S. become the leader in the development and realization of LENR technologies. Taking such a step means supporting the emergence of an innovative U.S. industry capable of developing LENR to produce a new generation of low-cost, zero-carbon renewable energy products or devices. It is also a necessary next step in our efforts to cut America’s carbon emissions and avert a pending climate collapse.

    - See more at: http://brillouinenergy.com/blog/u-s-house-armed-services-committee/#sthash.EpTDYMaf.dpuf

    1. Dear Doug,
      it would be useful to understand better what has things does and is actually the Brillouin technology, what are its limitsznd/or possibilities of progress, is ita Rossi competitoran alt5ernative.

      As an aside I have no idea about LENR actiity in Israel NOW. It was when ENERGETICS were there but now? No idea...


  5. Peter
    I think what LENR needs is a bunch of
    Scientists meeting up with a good army drill
    Sargent every morning before work in Lenr.

    1. A good idea dear Sam...but where is rhe Sargent?


  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Peter
    We will try this one