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a) Andrea Rossi about IH's calorimetry discontent

IH is not contented with the calorimetry ???
The calorimetry has been made by a nuclear engineer who got the doctorate when he was 24 years old with 110/110 summa cum laude, at the State University of Bologna, then worked in a nuclear plant, then worked as certificator- validator of plants , collaborating with Bureau Veritas, CGS etc. He has been chosen in agreement between IH and Leonardo. Has been paid fifty-fifty by IH and Leonardo.
The calorimetry has been made along the protocol that has been agreed upon by contract with IH.

The same calorimetry has been used from February 2015 : IH received every 3 months the reports of the calorimetry by means of which Darden disseminated interviews and collected 150 millions. Never complained the calorimetry after the first 3 trimestral reports. They discovered that the calorimety was not good only with the 4th report, when it was time to pay....

For me this sound normal, logical, plausible. However Jed Rothwell insist to defend a position that is apparently missing these qualities- and I really do not envy him. He is considered an authority in LENR based on his work and merits that even his personal enemies must recognize. In the same time he is very, too direct- see what he says -with taking responsibility- about the ERV - and this is equally an insult to IH. (see what AXIL says below in "his" column. I see here based on my 51

b) Jed Rothwell's answer- yesterday more precise

You left out the context of my statement. You asked me: "Jed, when have you heard the first time from IH that the plant does not work- in which form was this expressed?"
My response: "I don't recall when. Many months ago. It was expressed in plain English. With unrefined Anglo-Saxon words . ."
You asked "how was it expressed?" My answer, "plain English" or "Anglo-Saxon" is an old fashioned way of saying "they were upset" or "they used rough language" or "they said it very clearly."

"But I have an answer too. You say that zero excess heat, ERV has also zero professional value, you heard the plant does not work many month ago but you cannot say exactly when and how just it was in plain Anglo-Saxon English- these are
distorted facts."
No, those facts are not distorted. I heard a long time ago; I do not recall when; and I am not free to tell you exactly why or what was said. The ERV, Penon, is an idiot, and he not qualified to evaluate calorimetry, as you see from his previously published evaluations.

"The text is there and anybody can decide if it is so."

Of course it is so. Do you think I am lying? Why would I? I have no motivation to lie about this. To use another old fashioned American idiom, I have no dog in this fight. (Meaning I have no personal stake in the matter.)

"I will not insist the idea of zero excess heat seems to be surrealistic to me."

Surrealistic or not, there is no excess heat. Facts are facts.

". . . however you are right, this is technical problem that will be solved but the difference between COP50 and COP 1 is indeed hyperbolic- one part is right the other not."


This interview, published surely after the ERV's 2nd Report was an other lots opportunity to complain about the non-functional 1MW Rossi technology plant:

This investor is chasing a new kind of fusion

c) My reaction and comments to that

First of all I am pleased that this Anglo-Saxon words are better for direct speech ahs to be taken a bit metaphorically to as"they were upset" Very ffine linguistically for me it is much easier to detect Latinized words and select the Anglo-Saxons by difference,
However this fact-they were upset- and have complained about it is a nasty problem indeed. See please the Motto. Complaining...something you are forced to do many times in life a, but and profession but you know it is f low efficacy and efficiency and the results critically depend on TO WHOM YOU COMPLAIN? An imaginary proverb says never lament to your mother-in-law about your toxic boss; she cannot help. What on the Earth could be the reason of IH to complain yto a leading member of the LENR community? Can he stimulate his colleagues already getting funds from IH to outrossi Rossi? Or to help with COP=1 plant to make it to have COP>6?

Just for my dear readers I want to remind here that I had to complain many times in my career against people sabotaging my research plans- see an extreme case here (please search for "Lomechusa) in this.
Lomechusas are kind of trolls in the nest of ants.
Complain did not help and I have divorced from a bad workplace- IH could do the same, really!

To whom else has IH sent these early complains and why to them? No idea!
It is fine to know from Jed that indeed there si no excess heat according to LENR
but it is very strange and offending to hear they have hired a totally incompetent person (according to Jed) as ERV.


Congress Directs Secretary of Defense to Provide LENR Briefing
Le Ministre de la defense Americain presentera LENR (Fusion Froide) le 22 Septembre
In Danish too:
Frygter Armed Services Committee et "LENR Gap"? 
In Norwegian

USA's forsvarsminister vil briefe forsvarskomiteen om LENR

2) #LENR #ECAT Saga: The Weaver Confirms Main Issue is IP Transfer – Not the COP~50 1MW Test!

3) Hank Mills
Introducing the F.R.I.E.N.D.S Protocol -- Are you a FRIEND of the replicator community?

4) Researchers from the Central Institue for Aviation Engines (Moscow) have praticipated at the 5th Innternational Confrence Space Propulsion (Rome, May 2016)
ЦИАМ принял участие в V Международной конференции Space Propulsion

The researchers have presented the paper "Theory of low energy nuclear reactions (LENR) and the use of LENR in aero-cosmic al devices authors M.Ya. Ivanov, V.K. Mamev)
The LENR system iks a special form of nuclear energy with an enrgy density up to 4000 times higher than the chemical sources of energy>

5) E.Н. Максимов "О механизме избыточного тепла в Е-Сат"
The article discusses aspects of the mechanism of excess heat in the combined reversible homogeneous and heterogeneous catalytic reactions on the example of operation of the device A. Rossi «Hot-Cat». Keywords: heterogeneous chemical catalysis, reversible chemical reaction.

I have put the text in a workable form and will try to translate it tomorrow.

6) Steven Krivit's style:
Latest NRL Salvo Attacks Validity of Mitsubishi LENR Research

7) Rossi's Cold Fusion (in Finnish)

8) The Guardian : British Gas: alternative, cheaper energy suggestions - Cold Fusion LENR among


To Jed Rothwell

If you cannot understand why I say Penon is an idiot, I suppose that is because you have not seen as much of his work as I have.

Or, perhaps because you have looked at the same reports I have, but you think he is smart, whereas I think he is very, very stupid. It is possible I am wrong and he is actually smart. In that case, I am the stupid one.

See? That's not complicated.

I am sure you have encountered similar evaluations of people's intelligence and capabilities in the past. I think your dismay and your "more in sadness than in anger" act is fake. You sit up on your high horse pretending to be oh-so-fair minded and objective. It is bullshit. 

Who's the more foolish; the fool or the fool who empowers him? ... 

IH accepted Penon as a expert in the vision and construction of the test. They commented to Penon judgment in absolute terms without any direction or structure, pre-approval, or direction or feedback during his tenure of employment.

IH has demonstrated criminal incompetence to the interests of their shareholders. 

How can IH now claim any expertise or competence of the operability of the reactor if during the test of the reactor they gave Penon absolute discretion in the evaluation of the reactor? 

How could this knowledge spring to life so quickly? 

The legal case will not cover the merits or substance of the test, it will discover who gave absolute authority to the tester, how the tester was initially instructed, what feedback the tester received during the test, and the technical and managerial incompetence of the employer of the tester. 

When it comes to evaluating incompetence, the buck stops at the top. It was the responsiblity to setup a test to satisfy them if the reactor performes based on a specification.

IH passed that responsibility to the ERV and he became the duly authorised representative to administer the test of the Rossi reactor for IH.

The court will determine if the ERV findings are fully authorized by IH and binding on IH irrespective of what those finding resolved to be.

If IH contracted an idiot, where does the buck stop for the activities of that idiot? Clearly, IH is totally responsible and bound by what the ERV has done. 


A quasiparticle collider
Scientists prove that basic collider concepts from particle physics can be transferred to solid-state research


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  2. Your blog is a mess.

    You have mixed up comments made by me with comments made by Axil. You have mixed up comments that I directed to others with comments I directed to him.

  3. This is one thing Jed is right about
    .We need to wait and read I.H.'s response to the lawsuit before we take sides.

  4. Peter
    I wonder if some of these problems are
    from a different ways of thinking between
    Europeans and Americans.Doing deals for
    Example. The way of doing EVR reports
    would be Universal I guess.

  5. the british article is old and some say it is a joke...
    sorry... I'm tired.

  6. One thing I don't understand. Wouldn't it have been normal to establish a base line heat output measurement for any given amount of electrical input with non reactive (null or dummy) E-Cats installed in the 1MW plant. With working E-Cats reinstalled it would have been relatively easy to see if the output heat remained the same if there was no excess heat being produced as IH claims.

  7. It's looking more and more as ole Ged Rothwell got set up by IH.

  8. I liked Axil's comment.
    It is not a question about the quality of the ERV.
    I have made a choice and if they made a mistake. . . Well, it really is an IH problem. Quit complaining - do something - present the facts.
    If Jed talks for IH he does no favors to IH. On the contrary.
    Amazing that IH have no message about how they see the resolve.

  9. I liked Axil's comment.
    It is not a question about the quality of the ERV.
    I have made a choice and if they made a mistake. . . Well, it really is an IH problem. Quit complaining - do something - present the facts.
    If Jed talks for IH he does no favors to IH. On the contrary.
    Amazing that IH have no message about how they see the resolve.

    1. I.H. does have a message. They have not published it yet. They can't. It has to be presented to the court in formal papers carefully vetted by their lawyers.

      I.H. told me that if the lawsuit had not been filed, they would have published technical information about the test and explained their point of view to the public already.

      Lawyers outside of I.H. have told me this kind of lawsuit may drag on for years, and the evidence for or against the claim may not be made public for years. If the suit is settled out of court, the evidence may never be published. In that case, you will never see I.H.'s point of view.

  10. People,
    We do not know the story. We have "Rossi says" and one brief news release from IH. We do not know under what situation that IH approved Penon. Rossi has always refused to let known, qualified, independent parties test his eCat. Rossi says IH signed off on Penon, did they have a choice? We do not know. Rossi says IH did not find a customer, but it very well could be that Rossi turned down all the ones they presented. We do not know.
    We need to wait.. both sides of the argument need to wait and quit bashing each other. Penon may or may not have been signed off by IH. His report may very well be valid and again it may not. Jed stated that Levi's first test was "pretty good". That does not automatically make his second test "good", nor was it. Penon's first eCat "validation" apparently was bad. That does not automatically make his second one as such! People can learn for their mistakes and they can do worse that the first time.
    Without seeing things, we simply do no know and should approach it that way. No matter how bad we want it to be true or if we feel we have unconfirmed evidence countering.
    I do believe however, that overall, most people are not giving IH enough credit. These guys are not some kindergarten bunch of rookies. They have a proven, long history. Other people doing business with them give them high marks. Rossi on the other hand has a long history too. Much of what we are seeing now, we have seen before. We need to keep this all in mind.... WHILE WAITING for IH's response. Because Rossi blogs continuously and IH, professionally does not air "the dirty laundry" every day, does not mean they are guilty or stupid because they do not answer the less than 20 bloggers on some relatively unknown blog site!.