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From time to time we have to leave the battlefield dominated by details and humbly and serenely return to LENR's essence, roots, core, nucleus, to the fundamentals, it is an elementary duty of a LENR lover and thinker. And for a blogger who takes responsibility for what he writes. Seeking for truth not for approval and popularity.

This return to the most general and important facts and ideas was triggered this time by a simple question in document 5) at News:
"Is there a theory of LENR yet?"
My first reaction to the question was a painful remorse I have ignored stupidly and lazily to update the list of technologies with all those fine ones that have apperaed in the last years; it's true most of them were 3-days miracles jumping like a lion nad falling as a stone. Achieving popularity and supporters then slowly forgotten or staying in the background.And I have respect and admiration fror the inner logic of some of them- to mention here those of Urutskoev and Vysotskii.
And where is a tentative taxonomy of all the LENR theories? What a challenging task for somebody able to make reviews!
I think the set theory :

has to be used here, the great problem is that the sub-sets or objects in the great Set- theories are not additive not compatible are even not related sometimes. (I hope this will be discussed)- what can you do with mildly nuclear apples, oranges, bananas etc? 
 A relatively simple and straightforward dominant technology is that of Edmund Storms based on a fundamental axiom to which I pre-agree: prior to being nuclear reactions, LENR is genesis, creation of the very special topology or environment in which the nuclear reaction are possible. I agree with Ed in principle but not in detail, se his nano-cracks vs nano-structures, static vs dynamic NAE-genesis etc.
However accepting that LENR  has more stages : pre-nuclear (the decisive one bound directly to engineering and technology and know-how, nuclera, post-nuclear- does not change or make simpler the problem: what happens in the nuclear stage - how to choose smartly between so many, so different possibilities?
Regarding the support  and inspiration for theory coming from experiment I think - and take again the risk of telling it openly- the possibilities of the PdD system are exhausted; this system is incomplete because it is unable to sustain massive genesis of nuclearly active sites-NAE. while the high temperature NiH systems are not sufficiently well known- only Rossi is doing serious research there. Piantelli's results are ignored with hostility as it always happened and it seems there are more mechanism possible with NiH.
I think organizing today a meeting with the aim to discuss theories with a target of :Let's the best theory win!" is something that needs real boldness. It is predictable that the disputes between LENR theorists would be so intense that by comparison those en vogue now- regarding the conflict between Rossi and Industrial Heat will look so peaceful as a pleasant chat between nuns in a monastery before the evening prayer.
I dare not to participate even as journalist.

However being given the decisive importance of the pre-nuclear stages in LENR I think a complete LENR theory must be: productive  and reproductive, active  and pro-active, and also actionable and transformative.
Do NOT ask"what it is?" but "what must be done?"

It is obvious that the inventor Andrea Rossi who has revealed so many of these features of the productive LENR will speak only about the nuclear part per se.
Asked about what he thinks about Where do the reactions take place?
he answered: "In the surface!" "In is not bad English but healthy thinking.
He understands surface.

Please extract the quotations re SURFACE from my ancient paper:


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3) Vitali Uzikov thinks about the sudden interest of THE USA Congress for LENR
Виталий Узиков "Конгресс США внезапно заинтересовался холодным синтезом"

4) Andrea Rossi answers to a reader:
May 18, 2016 at 5:02 PM
IH has filed applications for patents putting as a co-inventor their engineer T.Barker, who invented absolutely nothing, also because these patent applications copy slavely my patents. Thomas Barker is the engineer to whom I teached many things. I knew of these patent applications only after their publication on the internet and I never authorized IH to make such applications, let alone to ” invent the co-inventor”. What is interesting is the fact that they give evidence in these applications of their replications.
Warm Regards,

To this, Uwe Doms comments and adds:
FYI: . the Industrial Heat patent application US2016/0051957A1 with the Pub.Date: Feb.25,2016 is more or less a full plagiarism of the Levi Lugano Report from October 6, 2014.

5) Back to the fundamentals or...we stay where we are?
ELI5 Current status of all LENR
I've been way on the sideline of the LENR world. Can someone please make an ELI5 or ELI8 [Explain Like I'm 5/8] about the current status, the drama of the trial and maybe the road ahead. Maybe with not to many abbreviations and internal references. 
Is there a theory of LENR yet? Do any reactors work? All information that would help sideliners or outsiders to get into the know. 

6) Lattice Energy LLC - LENR technology fits beautifully into Saudi Arabias Vision 2030 strategic plan - May 18 2016

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Философский штурм. Новости LENR и ХЯС.


Reaction models in nuclear astrophysics

Pierre Descouvemont Physique Nucl´eaire Th´eorique et Physique Math´ematique, C.P. 229, Universit´e Libre de Bruxelles (ULB), B 1050 Brussels, Belgium 
We present different reaction models commonly used in nuclear astrophysics, in particular for the nucleosynthesis of light elements. Pioneering works were performed within the potential model, where the internal structure of the colliding nuclei is completely ignored. Significant advances in microscopic cluster models provided the first microscopic description of the 3He(α, γ)7Be reaction more than thirty years ago. In this approach, the calculations are based on an effective nucleon-nucleon interaction, but the cluster approximation should be made to simplify the calculations. Nowadays, modern microscopic calculations are able to go beyond the cluster approximation, and aim at finding exact solutions of the Schr¨odinger equation with realistic nucleon-nucleon interactions. We discuss recent examples on the d + d reactions at low energies.

Milestone in solar cell efficiency achieved
New record for unfocused sunlight edges closer to theoretic limits


  1. Hey, people, Ni-H work probably does not have to be high temp. and the isotope pattern suggests a general patttern that could apply to other elements of othe transition serieses. See my previous posts. The stiuation may be far simpler than anyone realizes.

  2. Peter,
    Your "Surface" paper is very interesting!

    1. thank you...can we discuss this more in detail?

    2. Seems as if there are at least three surfaces to consider. the external surface of a physical unit the external surface of an atom or ion, determined by the electrons and the internal surface, the "skin of the nucleus," determined by the internal units of the nucleus It might be productive to consider the differ interactions at these different surfaces.....

    3. Seems as if there are at least three surfaces to consider. the external surface of a physical unit the external surface of an atom or ion, determined by the electrons and the internal surface, the "skin of the nucleus," determined by the internal units of the nucleus It might be productive to consider the differ interactions at these different surfaces.....