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If you hold a cat by the tail, you learn things that cannot be learned in
any other way. (Mark Twain)

(Inspired by David Gurteen's newsletter- that published this quotation ttoday)

a) Jed Rothwell is angry with me
You know damn well that IH has not said ANYTHING yet! Except in their press release, "industrial Heat has worked for over three years to substantiate the results claimed by Mr. Rossi from the E-Cat technology – all without success." 
They are preparing a response to the lawsuit. When you see that response, you will learn what they think. Give them a chance to make their case.
Why is that so difficult for you to understand?

I regret this, I know Jed from the days when Infinite Energy magazine was created. However I think his anger has a deeper cause- he is wanting or being pushed somehow to defend IH's very unnatural, surprising and implausible position so he has to tell difficultly believable things- he also does not know much about IH's real position , arguments and justifications. Do you agree, Jed?
 As for how the "war" has started I have never seen anybody happy to make a complaint in Court, and it is not IH, but Leonardo that has made the complaint that initiated the litigation. Why not IH, if they were so angry with Rossi, given his technology's total nothingness?

Dear readers-read the Motto please - or this:

Taking it metaphorically an infuriated E-Cat will also fiercely fight for its justice and life.

b) See please paper 3) 

I think it is a proof of my total lack of influence that my idea to use molten metals for
heat transfer in the Rossi Effect replication was not tried.I am just an old claustrophile blogger.


1) LENR ECAT – The Fog of British and American Energy Companies

2) It is all about Me356

3) LENR or not LENR? ((a review of all replication experiments)
LENR или не LENR? (обзор экспериментов по обнаружению LENR эффекта)
This is a very complete, well written Google-trasnslatable review of the many replication experiments of the Rossi Effect- starting with Alexander Parkhomov.
here are the CONCLUSIONS:

As fuel usually it was used a mixture of nickel powder and lithium aluminum hydride
used for release of hydrogen. The mass of fuel- 1 gram, exception the first Chinese experiment (20 grams) 

In the second Chinese experiment as well as in the experiments of Khrishchanovich and of Jeff Morriss it was used a wire (conductor)  of nickel in hydrogen atmosphere

Usually the fuel is placed in a small stainless steel or nickel container with thin walls put in a hermetically closed ceramic tube made of aluminum oxide. There were also performed experiments in which in the place of ceramic there was used quartz or stainless steel.

Electrical heating was made with wires of Fehral (Kanthal) or of Ni-chrome. These are not able to assure  a long duration functionality of the reactors. For feeding the resiatance it was used alternative, continuous or impulse current.

In alll experiments except those of China, of Khrishchanovich and of Jeff Moriis there was not used vacuum before the test. The pressure in the reactor usually does not rises above few bars at temperatures of 180-200 C and at continuing heating it remains at this level or decreases. In the majority of experiments there are used controllers for maintaining the desired temperatures. Heating up to the working temperature is made in a few hours.

 Four experiments for the evaluation of the heat release had specil calorimeters. In the others it was used a combination of reactors with and without fuel for comparison.
The released heat was greater then the used energy in the limits of COP from 1.2 to 2.7.

Thje work of reactors was interrupted either due to destruction of the reactors or due to the end of working day were shifts were not feasible.

The increase of radiation level was observed only in the experiment of Jeff Morriss
(Add to this paper this update, please: it is about Me356.

4) LENR Forum sends now Brian Albiston's new replication experiment - unfortunately with negative outcome:

5) From Gregory Goble
Andrea Rossi- existing LENR. Is it nuclear?


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  1. You wrote: "However I think his anger has a deeper cause- he is wanting or being pushed somehow to defend IH's very unnatural, surprising and implausible position so he has to tell difficultly believable things- he also does not know much about IH's real position , arguments and justifications. Do you agree, Jed?"

    No, this is completely wrong in every respect, as I have pointed out many times previously:

    No one is pushing me.

    There is nothing unnatural, implausible or unbelievable about I.H.'s claim. Any person who understands calorimetry and examines the data will agree with their analysis. If Rossi and Penon seriously believe there is 50 times output they are both certified idiots (not just Penon).

    As I said, several times, I have seen some the technical data from the calorimetry. Based on that, I am sure I.H. is correct, and Rossi is wrong. I have also seen independent verification of this data from sources outside of I.H., so I am sure it is real.

    I know enough about I.H.'s "real position" regarding calorimetry to judge this matter, although I look forward to learning more. I know nothing about business arrangements or contracts.

    I know enough to judge these things with confidence. You, on the other hand, know nothing about them. All you have to go on are Rossi's assertions from his blog. These range from nonsense to impossible. The information he already released in the lawsuit rules out his claims. If the reactor were producing as much heat as he claims, he and the others in the building would be cooked. They would be dead. In fact, it is not producing any excess heat at all. If and when I.H. becomes free to publish the technical data, everyone will see this, and you will see that Rossi has been playing you for a fool.

    1. Jed make sure you keep that "technical DATA" you have recieved from IH, you will need it to make amends latter.

  2. Jed
    Do you know what is needed for the
    technical data to be published.

    1. Do you mean, what is needed in a legal or procedural sense? I have no idea. I am not a lawyer and I know little about lawsuits.

      Physically, it would be simple to upload the data.

      A lawyer outside of I.H. told me he expects some of the technical data will be included in the papers filed by I.H. in response to the lawsuit. But he said it might take years for the papers to be filed in I.H.'s "docket." If the two parties settle out of court, the data may never be made public. That might be part the agreement. So . . . you now know as much about dockets and lawsuits as I do. I have no clue, but that's what I have heard. Axil keeps making weird assertions about the lawsuit and how the power invested in Penon is irrevocable and blah, blah, blah. A lawyer told me that what Axil says is nonsense, but I wouldn't know.

      As I said many times, I heard some technical details long before the test ended. I knew there was a difference of opinion between I.H. and Rossi. I hoped the difference of opinion would be resolved before the test ended. I hoped the final report would be positive, which is why I signed up for Lewan's symposium. I never dreamed that Rossi would claim 50 times input. That is preposterous. Completely out of the question.

      The lawsuit came as a complete surprise to me. I have no idea why Rossi filed it. What he says and does makes no sense to me. I cannot imagine what he is thinking or what his strategy might be. I know for a fact that many of his claims in his blog about production lines and so on complete fabrications. I mean baseless, crazy fantasies. Reliable people outside of I.H. who have visited him or done business with him have confirmed that. Peter Gluck asks why I.H. did not initiate a lawsuit. Again, I haven't the slightest idea! None of it makes sense, and there is no point to trying to figure out what is going on based on the blather in Rossi's blog. I'll stick to calorimetry, where the rules are clear and Rossi's reality distortion field does not function.

      Let me repeat I have never discussed any aspect of their business or contracts with I.H. I would never ask any company such questions. We have only discussed some technical issues about Rossi and others, and the experiments Mallove and I conducted long ago.

    2. Isn't it interesting - you say yourself you have no idea about Rossis motives for filing the lawsuit, but somehow you are sure about the ECat not working at all... How is that possible? We all know that there are no reliable public info that ECat works, sure, but that is clearly not enough, it still may work in some sense, and the know-how can still be valuable, while not enough for commercial breakthrough (as Rossi claims).
      Btw, Rossi has claimed so many various fantastic things over the years, that it is surely impossible to "substantiate" most of them, that makes IH-s counterclaim rather toothless. But that is not the question what interests most of us, is there anything real about Rossi Effect or not, right?
      Focardi surely saw something, and he was an experienced experimental physicist, with specific experience in NiH systems, no doubt.

  3. IH might not have initiated a lawsuit because
    they did not want the court B.S.
    They said this has turned into a bad deal.
    We can't work with A.R. Let him have the
    12 million and along with being free from
    I.H might satisfy him.
    A.R should be happy because he has what
    he thinks is succesful technology and would
    get lots of investors.
    The only problem is A.R. thinks rightly or
    Wrongly I.H are using his technology for
    there own gain.
    So how can I.H convince A.R that they are not.

  4. Please do not invest too much hope in me356 before somebody has "replicated" his tech!
    Maybe he still has something, and I really hope so, but this kind of "heat" what he has demonstrated with recent video clip is rather useless - it does not make reactor body hotter and does not allow to reduce heater power (at constant temperature).... :) He stated it clearly - temperature is constant, heater power is constant too... while COP 2-3 additional heat source is active, go figure.
    I dont think it is a case of really bad comprehension of elementary physics, it looks more like some kind of joke or gullibility test of the observers.